Tarasha Season 2 Episode 184


‘Omotara…’ Tarasha suddenly became more interested. ‘Do you know her real mother?’

‘Henrietta gave birth to Omotara, she is the biological mother of the Danjuma’s daughter.’

Tarasha’s mouth opened wide in shock. Her phone rang at that moment and she pulled it out. Cole was the one calling.

‘Hello Cole, where are you people?’

‘The flight has left already, I’m returning and I want to know if you still want me to stop at the mall.’

Tarasha’s mind went blank for a moment, her eyes were fixed on Mrs. Atinuke’s face but she wasn’t seeing anything. It appeared like she was in another world entirely and the only face she was seeing was madam Henrietta’s face. She couldn’t put it in her imagination. There was no iota of resemblance between her and madam Henrietta.

She came back to reality when her phone began to ring again. Cole had cut the call and was calling again. It was then she realized that Cole been asking her a question while she was mute. Cole must have thought the network was bad.

‘Cole, can you stop them?’ she said into the phone as she answered the call.

‘Stop who?’ Cole asked in a surprised tone.

‘Don’t bother,’ she said on realizing that she was making an impossible request. ‘For how long has the plane left?’

‘Close to thirty minutes now.’

She heaved a sigh. ‘Come back, don’t stop at the mall.’

‘Okay boss.’

Tarasha put the phone into her pocket and drew closer to Mrs. Atinuke. She sat beside her and held her hands. ‘Do you really mean Madam Henrietta is the biological mother the Omotara, the Danjuma’s daughter?’

‘Yes, Henrietta is.’

‘But how is that possible? The name of Omotara’s mother is Adunni and she died after giving birth to the baby,’ Tarasha argued.

‘Who told you all that?’ Mrs Atinuke questioned. ‘Henrietta is the same person as Adunni and she did not die after giving birth to her baby, she only ran away from the hospital.’

Tarasha looked confused. She tried to remember what she read in Mrs. Danjuma’s diary, whether it stated that Adunni died or ran away from the hospital.

She stared at Mrs. Atinuke’s face for a while, hoping that the woman was said all she said in the right frame of mind.

‘Come on, why are you looking at me that way, do you think I’m insane?’ the woman asked, as if she could read Tarasha’s thoughts.

‘No, sorry,’ Tarasha quickly looked away. It all still seemed impossible to her. How could it have been that Madam Henrietta gave birth to her? There had been no connection in anyway between the both of them while the woman was around.

‘So, do you know Omotara’s father?’ Tarasha asked, looking at the woman’s face again.

‘Yes, I know who he is.’

Tarasha’s phone rang at that moment. She took it out and wanted to place it on silence but she couldn’t on seeing the caller’s ID. Chief Gab was the one calling, and she knew it was about their scheduled meeting that morning. She knew it wasn’t right to miss the meeting with the excuse being a personal reason.

‘Excuse me for a minute please,’ Tarasha said and got up to receive the call. ‘Hello Mr Gabriel,’ she said into the phone.

‘Tarasha, morning. I’ll like for us to meet by 9am prompt at my house in Gravl avenue.’

‘Okay, I’ll be there.’ Tarasha replied after taking a look at the time.

The call ended and Tarasha opened the dial pad to make another call. She typed in Henry’s phone number and dialed.

‘Henry, I want you to start a check on the area about Gravl avenue and Chief Gab’s residence. I’ll be going there soon and I want to ensure the place is safe.’

‘Okay,’ Henry replied from the other end.

Tarasha cut the call and quickly returned to her seat beside Mrs. Atinuke.

‘Please, tell me who Omotara’s biological father is.’

The woman frowned for a moment. She widened her eyes and shook her head. ‘Sorry, I don’t know who her father is, I only have an idea. I know that he was a lecturer when he impregnated her and refused to take responsibility for the pregnancy. Danjuma also said he was a prominent Chief in the village as at then.’

‘Do you know his name?’

Mrs. Atinuke squinted, trying to remember the name of the Chief. ‘I don’t remember his name.’

Tarasha sighed. She thought of Madam Henrietta as her mother again, it appeared too unreal to her but Mrs Atinuke seemed to be very sure and also in her right frame of mind.

‘Do you know any way we can find out who the man is and if he is still alive?’ Tarasha asked.

‘I don’t know of any way,’ the woman replied and then squinted at Tarasha’s face. ‘Where did you get the information you have from? I mean, what you know about Adunni and who told you she died.’

‘I read from a diary,’ Tarasha replied. Then she realized that she could confirm what Mrs. Atinuke told her from the diary if Mrs. Danjuma did put every details in writing.

‘Maybe you should check the diary for the name,’ Mrs. Atinuke suggested.

Tarasha’s phone began to ring. ‘Please excuse me,’ she said as she checked the screen, Henry was calling. ‘Hey Henry,’ she said into the phone.

‘I just checked the place, there are no threats there for now. Are you on your way there already?’

‘No, I’m still in the house.’

‘Okay, tell me when you get there so I can do the monitoring for you.’

‘Sure,’ she said and ended the call. She looked at the time, it was the almost time for her to leave the house if she didn’t want to get late to the meeting with Chief Gab. She then glanced at Mrs Atinuke’s face and smiled, ‘Thanks for telling me all this this morning. I have to go out now, I’ll see you when I return.’

She got up to her feet.

‘I’ll be expecting you later in the day,’ Mrs. Atinuke said.

‘Alright, do make sure you have a nice day.’ Tarasha said as she walked out of the house.


Location: Chief Gab’s Residence, Gravl Avenue.

Time: 9:02am

Tarasha did not have a hard time locating the Chief’s residence as she had been there before. She walked into the house, opening all the doors for herself without waiting for anyone to respond to her. She remembered the exact place they had the last meeting they held and she walked straight to the place before calling Chief Gab that she had arrived.

‘Okay, I’ll tell the security to bring you in.’ Chief Gab said, thinking she was still waiting at the gate

‘I’m in the room we had the last meeting,’ Tarasha replied.

‘What room?’

‘The inner living room in your house,’ she answered.

‘Oh!’ the man did not sound too surprised. He already knew what she was capable of doing.

He joined her after five minutes and settled in the chair opposite hers.

‘Tarasha, I want to find out how long it would take you to finish the job I gave you.’

Tarasha was silent for a while. She only stared at his face, trying to read what his expression meant.

‘We would finish all in less than a month,’ she finally replied.

‘A month!’ Chief Gab exclaimed with his eyes widened in surprise.

‘Yes, a month.’

‘Why? That’s too long. You didn’t take so much time in killing the other targets like you are doing for this.’

‘Yes, the other targets were not expecting our attack but Elvis Richards knew we were coming and not only did he know, he got a well trained assassin to come after us and has brought more.’

‘Which well trained assassin are you talking about? As far as I’m concerned, there’s no assassin that’s as trained as you in this country.’

‘There are Chief, there are three other assassins in this country employed by Chief Elvis all trained in the Tiger Clan in Russia.’

Chief Gab was more than shocked on hearing the information, great fear overpowered him. He wondered why and how Elvis Richards got to bring in other assassins but then he remembered that Elvis Richards had always been the mastermind in all their dealings when they were together, so Elvis Richards had more connections with the clans than he had. And Elvis Richards was also more than times richer than he was, so he had the money to fund more than one international assassin.

Chief Gab heaved a sigh, now in doubts that the task was achievable for Tarasha. He looked at her and began to feel pity for her. Something else struck his mind as he looked at her face and he felt a sharp pain in his chest. He grabbed his chest and gave a sharp cry.

‘Is everything alright?’ Tarasha asked from where she was seated, without showing any signs of panic

‘Yes,’ the chief mumbled as he tried to calm himself. It took him some minutes to be calm.

Tarasha was still staring at him and willing to help him if there was need to.

‘Tarasha,’ Chief Gab called, after he was properly seated again. She didn’t give him a reply but just stared sternly at him. He coughed and cleared his throat after. ‘Do you remember your origin?’

Tarasha squinted. She didn’t know what answer to give him but she was interested in the subject.

‘What do you know about my origin?’ she replied with a question, her eyelids gathered together.

‘Nothing, I was just wondering if you know how you got to be an assassin in the Nefary Clan.’ Chief Gab replied.

‘What do you know about that?’ she asked in a more serious and determined tone.

Chief Gab stared at her face, he noticed that her expression had changed. He realized that he had pushed a button and he might not like the outcome. He had called to meet her just to ask her to hurry up with the task so that he could dismiss her and end the two years contract because he was already going broke and would soon be struggling for money to keep funding her.

‘Start talking Chief.’

He looked at her face again. ‘What Tarasha? I asked you a question about your personal life and you’re asking me back, how would I know your origin?’

‘Of course you do know a lot about my origin, you were one of the Chiefs who sponsored the insurgency and sold us to the Russian assassins.’

Chief Gab’s heart began to beat faster than usual. He never knew she was aware that he was a part of those who trafficked Nigerian children out of the country for millions of dollars.

‘What do you know about my parents and me?’

Chief Gab began to tremble. ‘Your pa…rents, I don’t know who you parents are,’ he replied truthfully.

She stared at him in silence for a moment. ‘Your group ordered for the death of Doctor Danjuma’s family, and you say you don’t know about them?’

The Chief opened his mouth in surprise. He remembered that she had asked about the Danjuma’s family once but he never thought that she could be related to them. All he knew was that she was a Nigerian and she was a part of the kids that were abducted by the insurgency and taken out of the country. He also remembered giving Tarasha a part of the book which contained his activities with Chief Gab and the rest of the Chiefs, he realized that she must have searched for more information using the one in the book as a base.

‘I don’t know about your parents death, the group was already going apart then and my side of the group opposed the murder of the Doctor’s Danjuma since the Doctors had left town already but he insisted that they should die.’

Tarasha heaved a sigh She remembered that Chief Gab had once explained it to her.

‘Are you related to the doctors or were you one of their kids?’

‘Do you still have anything else to tell me today?’ Tarasha asked, purposely ignoring his question.

Chief Gab knew that his question was ignored on purpose but he decided not to bother on getting an answer. ‘I wanted to tell you that I would like to end this contract once and for all next month.’

Tarasha squinted at him. ‘It’s supposed to be a two- years contract.’

‘Yes, I know.’ Chief Gab said tiredly. ‘But since you would finish the task next month, I believe that we can end our business together next month.’

‘So you would not need me anymore?’

‘I don’t think so,’ the Chief replied, looking down.

‘Is there something else you are not telling me?’ she asked him with a side look.

He looked up. ‘Tarasha, I’m broke and I cannot keep funding you. Even now, I’m owing a lot already.’ He confessed.

She let out a breath. ‘Is that all you have to say today?’

‘Yes, thats the main purpose of this meeting.’

‘Okay, I’ll like to take my leave then.’ She said as she got up to her feet.

‘You can leave but please, fulfil your promise, don’t let it drag beyond one month time.’ he pleaded.

Tarasha did not reply. She only stared at his face for some more seconds before proceeding towards the door.

As she walked out of the place, she was more convinced that the Chief was hiding something from her.

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Location : Presidential Quarters, Lagos.

Time: 10:12am

‘Elvis Richards,’ Dr Reuben mentioned under his breath as he saw the Vice President’s face.

Elvis Richards smiled scornfully as he saw the look on the Doctor’s face. He proceeded towards the seat in front of the one the doctor was tied to and sat on it. His PA walked into the room after him and handed the phone to him. The Chief asked for the PA to leave them alone.

Dr Reuben kept staring at his face. It was his second day there and he had been expecting someone to tell him why he was abducted but all that the men did was to untie him at meal times and serve him food. He didn’t eat at the first two occasions he was served but began to eat at the third time when he could no longer hold the hunger in. Now, seeing the Vice President before him got him more confused. He didn’t know what he could have done that would make the Vice President kidnap him, even though he knew he and the Vice President had never been friends after the Vice President’s wife had conceived her second child when he said the man could not impregnate a woman anymore.

‘What am I doing here?’ the doctor asked in anger.

The smile disappeared from Elvis Richards’ face, even he could not answer the question. He had only asked out of anger that they abduct the man even though he still had some clarifications to make from the man.

‘Be calm, I only want to ask you a question.’ Elvis Richards replied. ‘I’ll let you go once you tell me the truth.

The doctor remained silent.

‘The DNA test has been conducted for all my kids and I found out that none of them is mine,’ Chief Elvis said in a pitiful tone. ‘But the most confusing part is how James, the first child is not mine also, it was after his birth that I was involved in that accident.

The doctor just stared at him silently.

‘I want to know how James is also not my son.’

The doctor raised a brow. ‘If the DNA test shows that he isn’t yours too, it meant that your wife had him for someone else.’

‘But I was capable of giving birth then, I only had low sperm count but I was on drugs.’

‘It means your wife was playing you even before the accident,’ the doctor said boldly.

Chief Elvis felt like hitting the doctor on the face for his boldness but he knew the man was saying the plain truth.

He let it slide. ‘Is there any way we can find out medically who their real father is?’

‘That’s only if someone lays a claim on them, then we can confirm if the person is their father or not.’

Elvis Richards sighed.

The door opened at that moment and Ayo walked in. Chief Elvis Richards looked back.

‘We’ve got that Chima Bright here now,’ Ayo stopped behind the Vice President and whispered into his ear.

‘Okay, get him into a room. I’m coming to talk to him right away.’ Chief Elvis said aloud.

Ayo turned back and left the room immediately. Chief Elvis got up from his seat slowly. His stare lingered on the doctor’s face for a while before he proceeded towards the door.


‘Henry, where is Tarasha?’ Cole asked as he got out of the control room to meet Henry in the corridor.

Henry was dressed up and it appeared like he was going out to somewhere. ‘She went for a meeting, she’d be back soon.’ Henry replied as he buttoned his sleeves. ‘She asked that you track the new device you gave to Madam Henrietta once you return.’

‘Oh!’ Cole widened his eyes. He took out his phone and unlocked it. He clicked to see the list of apps running and opened the notepad application. He heaved a sigh on seeing that the IMEI numbers he had copied without remembering to save was still there.

‘Okay,’ he said to Henry and stepped back into the control room.

Henry proceeded to the living room. He picked the remote control of the TV and settled on the sofa directly opposite the television. As he crossed the leg and was about to change the channel, he heard the sound of the door opening. Tarasha stepped in.

‘Tara, welcome. I’ve been waiting for you,’ he said, looking at her face.

Tarasha squinted. ‘Why have you been waiting for me?’ she asked, noticing he was dressed to go out.

‘I want a disguise,’ Henry replied.

‘Where are you going to?’

‘To the hospital.’

Tarasha frowned.

‘You asked that I find out what the Vice Presidents kids were doing there.’

‘Okay,’ Tarasha nodded. She felt an urge to ask him what his plan was but decided not to. ‘Come with me,’ she said to him as she proceeded towards the dressing room.


Chief Elvis Richards kept pacing the floor angrily. Chima Bright was kneeling before him oblivious of what he was doing there and why the Vice President was looking so angry.

After a moment, the Vice President stopped pacing and stared at his face. He knew this man but he could not just remember where he had seen him before. He was sure he had seen him before, even though it was a long time ago.

He dragged the chair set aside for him closer and sat on it.

‘So, you were the one sleeping with my wife?’

Chima Bright stared at him, surprised at his allegation. Then he suddenly remembered that he used to drive the man’s wife in his boss’ car several years ago. He knew too much of what the man was talking about that he couldn’t deny or frame ignorance. He knew how Mrs. Elvis and his boss used to go out with each other and how the woman visited his boss at home frequently and spent several hours locked up especially when Chief Elvis Richards was out of town.

‘Can’t you answer my question?’ Chief Elvis Richards barked.

‘I never touched your wife sir,’ he responded in fear.

‘Then who was my wife cheating with?’

‘It was my boss, he and your wife had an affair.’

‘Your what?’ Elvis Richards opened his mouth wide in shock. He couldn’t believe his ears, his wife was sleeping with the person he least suspected.


Time: 11:56am

‘Have you started tracking the device I asked you to track?’ Tarasha asked as she walked into the control room.

‘Yes, boss.’ Cole answered and adjusted himself on the seat in front of the computer. He quickly minimized the app he was working on and switched to the tracking software. ‘It’ll start showing the location once she lands on earth.’

‘Okay,’ Tarasha replied as she sat in front of the main control computer system. ‘Why did you return late from the airport?’

‘I’m sorry boss, I should have told you. I saw some security officials at the airport and I overheard them saying something that concerns us. I had to go back to the airport to get more information when you instructed me not to stop at the mall anymore.’

Tarasha raised her brow. ‘What did you hear?’

‘Their words didn’t make sense to me, I didn’t understand clearly but I discovered that they had more information online. So, I hacked into their online database this afternoon and gained access to some of their secret emails and messages.’ Cole continued to explain.

Tarasha was staring at him, expecting him to get to the point.

‘The President has approved that the Inspector General should be moved secretly to the UK for safety and treatment.’

Tarasha’s eyes shone widely. There was no way she was going to allow the Inspector General escape his death.

‘What other secret information do you have?’

‘Twenty security officers have been approved to go to the airport with him and three to travel with him.’

‘What time is the flight?’

‘The flight is 10am from the international airport in Abuja.’

Tarasha checked the time on her phone, it was just past twelve. ‘Arrange a car to take me to Abuja right away.’

‘Okay boss,’ Cole replied and picked his phone immediately. He began to search for a contact.

‘And try to make sure that you cover up for the hack on their website, don’t let them find out you did.’ she said as she proceeded towards the door.

Cole stopped to listen to her. ‘Sure boss,’ he said as he continued to search for the contact while she went to prepare for the trip.

He located the number and called the transport service to arrange for the trip. He put the phone on the table after he was sure he had finished the necessary arrangement. A text message popped in just as he wanted to turn back to the computer. He picked the phone again.

‘Let none of our team members know about this, including Henry ‘ The message read. It was from Tarasha.

Cole heaved a sigh after reading the message. He felt some confidence and happiness with himself as Tarasha still showed some trust in him.


In less than a minute, Tarasha had stripped to her undies in her room. She had an empty traveling bag and a empty backpack on the bed. She then opened the lower part of the wardrobe and began to pull out guns and throw them on the bed.

To be continued