Tarasha Season 2 Episode 12

March 12, 2031
The days rolled by slowly but smoothly, Tarasha spent very less time with Henry even though they now stayed in the same building, and when they met, they only talked about the structures which Tarasha was putting in place to ensure they had a smooth attack on the killers of her brother. Though, Henry still nurtured the idea of not killing them but handing them to the law after making sure they are disgraced, he was scared to talk to Omotara about it.
Tarasha had been busy setting up structures, she invested the monies she had gotten from hijacking some of her past victim’s account so that she’ll have something to present as the source of money for which she used to build those structures. She also decided to keep the name, Kimberly E. Alex and use it for official purposes. There was just four more days before the revenge mission starts.
The Vice President had long returned and was back to work, more security protocols had been set up around his residence and he had more officials guarding him closely and even much more from afar, same applied with the President and the new Senate President.
“Tara,” Henry called softly. He hated the silence between them, it was killing him deep inside but he decided to play along because Tara seemed not to be bothered about it or even look affected by it. She had turned suddenly cold towards him since the day he mentioned ‘God’ during their conversation. Since then, Henry had been wondering if things would ever be the same and if she would ever be able to live the kind of life she deserved, especially now that she had the fire of revenge burning inside her.
‘Henry,’ she called back softly, looking up from the dinning where she was seated.

‘You’ve not said anything to me since you returned,’ Henry got up from the sofa and faced the dinning.

‘I said good morning to you,’ she replied with a wry smile, her eyebrows gathering together.

‘I mean you’ve not said anything else,’ he said, approaching her slowly. ‘You’ve been avoiding me and you only answer me briefly whenever I ask about the progress of your plans.’
Tarasha drew in a breath and returned her gaze to the laptop on the dinning table, ‘What else do I need to tell you?’ She said without paying attention to him as he stepped into the dinning section.

‘Don’t you think I feel lonely with the way I’m being neglected?’ He asked, resting his hands on the backrest of a dinning chair.

‘Yes, I considered that fact and that’s the reason I’m here working at the dinning close to you. You’re aware that I prefer staying in the computer room,’ she replied and began to type with the laptop’s keyboard.

‘And you think that would suffice?’ Henry asked in a sad tone.

She stopped abruptly and let out a deep breath, then she turned her gaze to his face, she seemed tired of the conversation already. She wanted to say something more hurtful but her heart melted as she saw the look on his face. She sighed and took her gaze away, not liking the feeling of guilt that was building in her mind. ‘What else do you want me to do?’ She asked and continued typing.
‘Isn’t there a reason you brought me out?’

She paused again and took a glance at his face, ‘A reason like?’

‘Didn’t you say you need me out to get back to the killers of Uncle Jeffery?’
‘I didn’t say anything like that,’ she replied. She tried to harden her heart as she fixed her look to his face, she didn’t want to be broken by his pure and innocent looking face. ‘What I said was I needed to get you out, so that I can focus on killing everyone of them, I don’t need you for anything.’ She said coldly and turned her face back to the laptop.

Henry’s shoulder’s dropped at he pondered again on her words, he closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. ‘Then I think you should allow me go,’ he tried to speak boldly but his voice failed him.
‘Go where?’ She looked at him with a smirk.

‘Take me back to the prison where you took me from or better still, take my life; that’s something you’ve wanted to do for a long time.’
‘Oh, please Henry!’ She said, closing her laptop. ‘I don’t have time for this kind of conversation now.’ With that she walked away from his presence.


Inspector General Rikau could hear sounds of laughter erupting from the living room as he approached. He wondered who the Vice President’s visitors were. He had seen only one strange car in the garage, so he thought it would be only one visitor but he could hear more than two voices.
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‘So did you select him thinking that he’ll be more interested because his father had almost become a victim?’ Chief Elvis Richards asked. He was sitting comfortably in a settee, putting on a light shirt and the trouser of a track suit. The walking stick which he now used to support himself rested on a footstool close to him.

Seated opposite him was Agent Tim, dressed in a black suit and white inner shirt, he looked relaxed and jovial just like the vice President. James was also seated in the living room, dressed in the same manner as Agent Tim, he had a more serious look on.

‘No sir, he was the most qualified person for the job, Dakolo himself recomended him before he was kicked out.’ Agent Tim replied.
‘Its good Dakolo was kicked out, he was never cooperative…’ Chief Elvis was saying when the Inspector General walked in. ‘Oh! Here comes the boss himself,’ he smiled happily on seeing Chief Rikau. James and Agent Tim got up simultaneously and saluted the IG.

‘Good afternoon sir,’ they said in unison.
IG Rikau replied with a smile and a mock salute, proceeding towards the vice President. ‘Good afternoon your Excellency,’ he saluted.

‘Good afternoon Rikau,’ Chief Elvis replied. ‘Please take your seat.’
Chief Rikau settled into the sofa beside James, ‘How are you James?’ He asked as he unbuttoned his suit jacket.

‘Fine sir, thanks.’ James replied with a brief smile.
‘Okay, now that the Inspector General is here, I’ll leave him to do the talking. He knows some things that we don’t know, he has also been working with external forces on this case.’ Chief Elvis said.

‘Which external force?’ James asked with a frown.

‘What’s up girl?’ Cole asked Aisha as she strolled into his room. He was seated at the end of the bed, resting his back against the headboard. He had on a white singlet and brown shorts. He was focused on what was being showed on TV, it was the trailer of a new movie, The Airegin Mafias, a Romance and Action Thriller. Aisha was putting on a short top which stopped above the abdomen and a bumshort.
‘I just finished preparing lunch,’ she replied him and sat into the bed at the same side he was seated. She took off her slippers and laid on the bed, placing her head on his laps.
‘Did you say lunch?’ He asked, rubbing his belly but his eyes was still fixed to the television screen.
‘Yes, lunch.’

‘Oh Great! I’ve been expecting that,’ he said, taking his eyes off the TV, now that the trailer had finished airing. He rubbed his fingers on her lips, staring at her face with a questioning smile. ‘You’ve been frequenting my room these days, I hope I’m safe.’
She smiled and stared up at him, ‘Are you scared of what I could do to you?’

‘Scared? What can you do?’ He asked, trying to supress a smile.
‘You don’t know what I can do?’ She asked in a surprised tone.
‘I don’t know, please tell me.’
She ignored him and rolled fully into the bed. ‘What?’ She said in a scolding tone as she caught his eyes feasting on her exposed thighs. ‘You better go eat your food before it gets cold,’ she added.

‘Oh! You’re right,’ Cole got up as his stomach made a funny sound in reaction to Aisha’s mention of food. ‘I hope the boss and…’ He paused and reduced his volume, ‘and her boyfriend are not there anymore.’
‘Haha…’ Aisha burst into laughter. ‘They’ve left the living room but I’ll tell them you said they were lovers.’

‘Who said anything?’ He eyed her mockingly and put on his sandals, he was whistling a tone as he proceeded out of the room.
Aisha stared for some minutes at the TV, she wasn’t interested in the music show going on and began to search for the remote control. She found it beside his phone by the headboard but instead of taking the remote control, she took the phone. She tapped the power button and the lights came on, it was unlocked. He was previously browsing on his phone and was on one of her favourite websites , Nairacountry.com .

‘Hmm…’ She smiled to herself as she scrolled up to see his username on the website. Cole had always lied to her that he wasn’t a fan of the site, so it would feel good stalking with his username. He was sure he’ll be a notorious personality online especially at the sexuality section. She was disappointed when it got to the top and she discovered that he was browsing as a guest and the page had been loaded since 9:16am. She clicked on refresh button and scrolled down to see the new updates on the site.
The first topic was “Security Summit ends in Lagos”, she was uninterested, so she scrolled to the next. The topic below was ” Nairacountry user hangs out with writers on Youngicee”, she was about to open when her eyes met with the headline two topics below, “Who has seen Mr and Mrs Bello? (See Photos)”. One of those kidnapper’s works again, she thought as she saw it. She could have ignored but for her surname which the missing people shared. She clicked on the heading and the news displayed. The missing couple were her parents.

To be continued