Tarasha Season 2 Episode 11

‘I’ve searched all the footages around the place, the only thing I keep identifying is the car stopping in front of the house but the cameras did not capture their faces.’ Cole said to Tarasha who was still visibly angry that she had been disturbed.
‘Do you still find only three people in the car?’ Tarasha asked, walking away from Henry to follow Cole. Henry let out a deep breath and sank into one of the sofas, he knew what they were doing is trying to identify some people with footages from the street cameras.

‘Could this be your boss?’ Tarasha asked Cole as she stared into the laptop screen. She stood behind the upright chair Cole was previously occupying and her hands were rested on the backrest.

Aisha was still seated on the next seat. The clip being played was one captured at night, three men were outside the gate of the house where tarasha lived previously, the same one in which her brother was killed.

‘I don’t know, the clothes all these men put on are far bigger than the ones Don Daniel uses.’ Cole replied.

‘He’s probably disguising with those clothes,’ Tarasha said thoughtfully. ‘I saw him that day with the Inspector General, the other two must be some of his new boys.’

‘One of them could be Stainless, his friend here in Abuja, the one whose warehouse was ransacked by the police when Don met you at Henry E.G’s house.’ Cole suggested.
‘You’re right, that must be one of the other guys.’ Tarasha agreed. They maintained a brief silence. ‘Where has the car been located again?’

‘Going out of town, we couldn’t ascertain where because of the absence of cameras around those areas but the transmission suddenly cuts sometimes when they are going to other places in asokoro.’

‘Hmm, I think we need to visit Gwagalada today, that must be where they were heading to out of town.’ she suggested. ‘And I think we can guess who the third man is now,’ Tarasha said thoughtfully, rubbing a finger on her lower lip.
‘Who do you think it is?’

‘If you observe well, Don has been acting more intelligent than he is. How else can you explain the cut in transmission of the security cameras? He can’t do that except someone had thought him how recently and the only persons capable of teaching him are those at the NSCC or anyone who has previously been with us.’

‘Ermm..’ A frown appeared on Cole’s face as he tried to comprehend. ‘Do you think Benny is the third person?’

‘Most likely he is…’ She said. Their discussion paused as the door opened softly and Henry walked in.

Their eyes moved towards him as he proceeded towards them, from the look on his face, they could deduce that he had been forced to come in after waiting without seeing Tarasha for long.
‘Is there anything I can help with?’ Henry blurted out, having nothing else to say.

‘Not for now,’ Tarasha replied him and turned back to face the laptop. ‘Anybody else apart from the NSCC officials found at the house?’ She asked Cole.

‘Non yet except for one chubby guy that lives in the next building.’ Cole answered.


‘Good afternoon Sir,’ James saluted Agent Tim.

‘Afternoon James,’ Agent Tim offered him a handshake and motioned him to the seat behind the table.

‘I can see you’re already getting yourself to know the new environment.’ Agent Tim said, adjusting his eyeglasses as he focused on a document.

‘Yes sir, I’m trying. I also met with Agent Dakolo earlier,’ James replied, purposely trying to bring in a discussion about Dakolo.

‘Inspector Dakolo,’ Agent Tim corrected consciously. ‘His case is such a pathetic one, he destroyed his reputation with his carelessness.’

‘But it could have happened to anyb…’

Agent Tim raised his hand to hush him, ‘Forget about Dakolo and let’s discuss the reason you’re here,’ he adjusted his eyeglasses again and rested his back in the chair, fixing his gaze on James face. ‘Inspector Dakolo actually recommended you in a meeting several weeks ago, that was when he was still handling the case.’ Agent Tim continued. ‘I read up your file and found it interesting, I also discovered that you have been previously involved in the case.’

‘Yes sir, I was the first to handle it in Lagos.’ James replied.

‘But you weren’t able to do much also, the only reason I think you’re still much qualified for this is because you had an encounter with Samantha Osman and I read about that gun battle.’ He paused and sat up right, resting his hands on the table. ‘How were you able to escape the same woman who killed Robin Kahn?’ He asked, looking straight into James’ eyes.

‘Sir, I didn’t do anything special. There was a gun battle between her and my team that day. My shots actually hit her body that day but she was well proofed.’

‘That’s encouraging, no other police officer or even Robin Kahn came so close to her.’ Agent Tim commended. He took a pause to note down some things in a jotter. ‘I know you should have read about the progres of the case…’ He paused and chuckled. ‘That’s if I can call it progress but I think you still need to hear it from me. So listen carefully as…’

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‘Have you installed the features of the woman?’ Mr Sylvester asked as he entered into Frank and Shola’s office.
‘The features are not new ones sir, Its exactly like one of the ladies out of the two we already have, even the face is only slightly different.’

‘So you mean we have the features already?’
‘Yes, we do.’ Frank replied briefly.

‘Okay, ‘ Mr Sylvester proceeded to take a seat behind Frank’s table. ‘I’ve been thinking about your suggestion and I think we should employ someone else. It’s very possible we get a good or even one who is better than Kimberly.’
‘Nice decision sir,’ Frank replied with a smile.
‘Yea,’ Mr Sylvester heaved a sigh. ‘I’ll draft out the vacancy announcement later.’

‘Omotara, how do you intend to get back to the killers of your brother?’ Henry asked, adjusting his face cap as he took a quick glance at her face. He was seated at the front seat with her while she drove the car.
‘Cover your face with the cap properly, anyone could see you through the window.’ She replied, consciously ignoring his question.

‘You didn’t answer my question,’ Henry said as he adjusted his cap.
‘You really want to know?’ She replied. There was no answer. ‘I plan to let them die the same way he died.’
‘No, I think we shouldn’t kill them ourselves. Let’s hand them over to the police.’
‘I knew this is where were we’ll disagree,’ Tarasha said in a sad tone.

‘But I just said what is right,’ Henry replied, giving her a surprise stare.
‘How can we hand over the police to the police? I already told you that the person who led them is the Inspector General himself.’

‘But there are still legal ways to handle it,’ Henry replied. ‘I’m sure Inspector Dakolo would help us if we explain things to him. That way, our revenge on them will happen legally.’
‘Legally?’ She chuckled mockingly. ‘You still talking about legality when everything about you, everything about us is illegal already.’

‘No Tara, I’ll make things right after this.’
‘What do you mean?’ She glanced at him with a frown.

‘I mean I won’t keep running from the police forever,’ he replied.
‘Hmm, so you still keep this crazy idea of you submitting yourself to the law?’

‘It’s the right thing to do, when we do things the right way, God can help us.’
‘Damn it!’ Henry had pushed a wrong button with his last words. Tarasha cursed in anger as she pushed the brakes all of a sudden. The car screeched and Henry hit his head against the airbag . The vehicle following behind would have hit them if not for the experience of the driver.

He quickly pulled his brakes and swerved the car to the pedestrian lane. A mini traffic jam was caused as cars began to line up behind them.

Henry turned to look at her face in a questioning manner but she looked less disturbed by what had happened, there was a terrible angry look on her face as she stared blankly through the windscreen.

‘What did you do that for?’

‘Where was that God when he was killed?’ Tarasha asked with a voice filled of rage, she stared thinly outside the car. ‘Those two bullet holes I saw on his forehead would be on the foreheads of all those that killed him, I’ll present their bodies as sacrifices to God with my hands.’

Some motorists had come out of their cars to see what was happening. One of them was already knocking the glass at the driver’s side. Without paying attention to the man knocking, Tarasha reversed the car and drove off.

To be continued


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