Tarasha Episode 17


**8.12.2030** – 8am-

Cole quietly compiled and arranged his tools and devices into the small bag. He looked around the floor to check if there was anything left, there was a microphone with the desert reporters’ badge on it. He picked it up, standing from his squatting position; he dropped it carefully into the opened bag. Tarasha walked briskly into the room in her ‘Gloria disguised form’, she took a glance at Cole.

‘Hope you’ve got everything ready?’

‘Yes Boss, I’m ready’ Cole answered, pinning the Desert Reporters’ chest tag to his front pocket.

‘You take Aisha along when you’re leaving the place’

‘Okay, is Benny coming to meet us?’ he fastened the bag to his back.

‘No, Benny is taking care of the other pilot, he’ll return on his own ’ she answered. She hung the ID card tag on her neck and adjusted her short skirt. ‘Don’t forget the instructions, your job as a journalist ends once you stick the needle to John Obiano’s collar’

‘Yes’ he affirmed, ‘and I’ll go to wait for you at Onne’ he said shaking his head funnily.

‘What?’ Tarasha asked, responding to his funny stare.

‘It’s just that I don’t know these places, what if you don’t drop at the place we speculated?’ he answered. Tarasha frowned,

‘isn’t that why I have a tracker on me? It’s your business to find me if I get lost’ She shook her head degradingly and walked out of the room, Cole followed after her feeling embarrassed, blaming himself for talking like an amateur.



Benny sat in a red Benz quietly, waiting for his target to come out of the house. He was properly disguised with a beard and his face was lighter than his normal skin, there was also a dark scar on his forehead to make himself look uglier.

He had lodged into a hotel close to the target’s house the day before, he booked two rooms on two different floors , at different times and as different persons. First as the young light skinned man with the dark scar, he took a room at the third floor and the second time as an old man with his normal chocolate skin, he took another room on the third floor. His target,

Lovina was the second final year student that was selected to copilot the plane with Jude. She had rich and influential parents, their connection plus her intelligence earned her the privilege of flying the plane though she was not the most qualified student. She lived off campus with her parents in their house located in the Port Harcourt GRA.

Benny glanced at his wristwatch from time to time, getting impatient already. The police might get attracted to him very soon if he wasted too much time parking his car illegally. His plan was to send in a bullet into the girl’s arm or leg if possible and flee back immediately to his hotel to escape the ever working policemen in the area.

The gate was opened at exactly fifteen minutes past eight; Benny started his car engine and got prepared to move. A black jeep was seen driving slowly outside, a guy who he presumed to be the driver was at the wheels and two girls at the back seat. He recognized the girl on the side visible to him to be Lovina. He drove slowly after them in order not to raise suspicion; it was after they had gone far enough from the house he began to level up with them. He smiled at the driver who replied him with a casual look. Still flashing his teeth, he brought out his revolver. He let their car move forward a little so he could be on the same line with the girls seated at the back. Ignoring the cars horning behind him, he raised up the revolver and pointed it at the girls . They let out a scream in horror but he missed his shot, he was taken aback by what he saw at the back seat.

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‘Hey Gloria’ Jude called, approaching her with two of his friends.

‘Hi’ she smiled happily at him.

‘I’m so glad you came’ he smiled back, his friends left him with her after waving in greeting to Gloria.

‘I wouldn’t dare miss it!’ she exclaimed.

‘Thanks, how are you doing this morning?’ He asked, extending his hand to her.

‘I’m fine, what about you?’ she replied, accepting his handshake.

‘I’m great’ he answered. He took a look at his wristwatch and touched his forehead with a handkerchief.

‘Hope you’ll be here for long?’

‘Yes, why?’

‘The Governor and Minister would be here anytime from now, the plane would fly by thirty minutes past ten’

‘Oh! I’ll still be here’

‘Good’ he chuckled.

They both turned and faced the transparent glass wall which showed the plane on the runway.

‘Don’t you think this is marvelous?’ Jude commented.

‘Yes, it is’ she answered, full of smiles once more. Their attention was drawn to somewhere else, journalists were gathering round someone walking by. John Obiano had arrived the airdrome, several news media rallied round him, pressing further even though they were resisted by guards.

Gloria smiled as she spotted two Desert reporters’ journalist, she signalled to Cole to carry out the Job quickly before he would get noticed.

‘John Obiano the genius’ Jude hailed loudly, John Obiano noticed him and stopped to greet. ‘Hey Jude, hope you’re ready?’ He asked cheerfully.

‘Yes Boss’ Jude replied in a friendly tone.

‘Good one’ John replied, taking a long stare at the girl beside him.

‘This is my friend Gloria’ Jude quickly introduced. Gloria smiled, she stared at his collar in search for the pin but it wasn’t there. She later found a thin line in his suit pocket, Cole had done a better job.

‘Okay, she’s the other pilot?’ John misinterpreted, unable to hear properly due to the noise around.

‘No, she’s just a friend’ Jude tried to clarify, but John had moved on already after being pressured by the guards to continue walking before the journalists number increased.

‘Do I really look like a pilot already?’ Gloria asked excitedly, both watching John as he moved on.

‘Yes, you do’ He answered with laughter, he glanced at his wristwatch again. ‘I have to go now, I need to meet Lovina’

‘Okay then’ Gloria waved reluctantly as she watched him go. …

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to be continued