Tarasha Episode 18


The driver of the girl’s car was quick to react and he increased the car’s speed immediately, but unfortunately for them another jeep was driving slowly before them, navigating in preparation to take the u-turn centimetres away from them. Benny leveled up and had the chance to shoot again. He sent a bullet into the first girl’s arm and was about to deliver a bullet to the second girl when the car behind hit his car violently, that made the bullet fly in a different direction as his car swerved, narrowly missing a speeding motorcycle.

His target car had used the opportunity to speed off immediately. He thought of pursuing after them but changed his mind on hearing the sound of the police siren. He increased his speed drastically, taking the U-turn to the return lane, he headed for the hotel, causing commotion on the road as he drove crazily, the police were on his tail but far behind. He reduced his crazy speed to the barest minimum before he drove in through hotel gate, he parked quickly at the garage and proceeded into the building with his bag. He paused at the entrance to make himself calm, he didn’t want to attract attention to himself by rushing inside.

He smiled sheepishly in response to the receptionist’s greeting as he entered and headed for the elevator afterwards. Luckily for him, he was the only one using the elevator then so he wouldn’t have to silence anybody. He punched in the commands for the elevator to take him to the third floor. He searched around the elevator and found a camera which he destroyed with a bullet immediately. He didn’t get out at the third floor but punched in another command to take him to the tenth floor.

He pulled off his bag, brought out a white beard and stuck it to his chin after removing the black one there before, he rubbed a white liquid on his hair that turned it grey immediately. Using a hand towel from the bag to clean off the powder on his face that made him lighter than he was, he sprinkled a liquid on his face that made it rougher.

He then brought out a folded walking stick and a rumpled long jacket from the bag which he wore immediately; he finished just at the same time the elevator stopped. A couple and two young girls stepped into it, greeting the bent old man with the walking stick as the man smiled at them and walked to his room slowly, supporting himself with the stick. _


A group of ten policemen rushed into the hotel building, holding their guns in readiness for any attack. About other ten officers were also outside in the compound, watching for signs of the criminal. The policemen had already ransacked the red Benz drove into the compound by Benny, leaving the doors widely opened. Officer Dakolo walked to the receptionists’ stand and displayed his ID card.

‘A criminal just walked into your hotel, lock all your exits immediately’ He said in a command tone. One of the receptionists in response dialed a number on the landline and conveyed the message to the control room. Every movement in the hotel was stopped; those who were heading outside had to wait at the reception.

‘We heard a gunshot some minutes ago and we don’t know where it came from, what’s the matter?’ a man who was the manager of the hotel asked, looking alarmed as he approached them from the stairs.

‘They are looking for a man who just walked in now, he parked a red Benz outside and he was wearing a green shirt on blue jean, he had a black bag strapped to his back’ a security man described.

‘I saw him, he went up now’ the receptionist who greeted Benny spoke, she moved back and pressed some buttons on the computer keyboard.

‘Room 49, floor 3’ she announced to the waiting ears of the officers.

‘Hey! Come with me’ he commanded, pointing to four other officers, he turned to his assistant and gave an order.

‘No one should go out from here’ He surged up through the stairs with the four other officers to the third floor, they headed for room 49 hurriedly, positioning themselves strategically as they got to the door.

Dakolo landed a heavy kick on the door and it gave way, he poured in rains of bullets into the room but there was no response. He moved in tactically with two guys carefully following him searching everywhere in the room. Dakolo was the first to notice behind the curtains that the window was widely opened with the glass shattered carelessly on the floor, there was a rope tied to the bed and it passed through the window to the backyard of the hotel.

‘The criminal is outside the hotel building, everybody must be on guard’ Dakolo spoke into the walkie talkie as he rushed out of the room with his men

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Old man Benny heard the several gunshots but he didn’t panic, the plan of the operation already provided for their intrusion. Tarasha already taught him several tactics to use incase they did show up and he was carry out one successfully. He smiled at the old man facing him in the mirror as he added other things to his face to complete his disguise. He commended himself for a very good job, feeling proud as he heard the shouts and screams from the policemen looking for him in and outside the hotel building.

Greatly surprised at the development of his new skills, he praised Tarasha in his heart for teaching them some very dangerous new techniques. His smile changed into a frown when he remembered something, he picked out his phone and dialed Tarasha’s number to inform her of something very important. He gave up after the call was unanswered so many times. His happiness gradually turned to fear, not fear of the police but a fear of failure at his operation. He wasn’t sure if he had shot the right girl in the car. His research before the operation didn’t reveal to him that the girl had a twin and a very identical one at that.

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….to be continued