Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 40 Final


Everyone was stunned to see a large number of dashiel. There were so many of them, trix stood trying to find the real ethan. Just then her eyes found him, miles away from the crystal. She was so excited when he smiled back at her.
Just when she thought it was almost over now. She was caught of guard by a blue ray kid, who drove a sword through her. Dashiel was fast enough to kill him. But then the damage was done.
Trix: aaarrghh she groaned gasping for air as she fell into his arms.
Me: trix!! Come on trix!!
Trix: her eyes open abit with a smile on her face. Ethan she muttered.
Me: that right its me!
Trix: exhaled, you have no idea how much i missed you. Especially when you never recognized me. She said touching his check.
Me: sssshhh….save your strenght and say nothing am gonna get you out of here. Just then spencer rushed over.
Spencer: i’ll take it from here! He said to ethan who reluctantly stood.
Bit by bit doza’s army was destroyed. Ethan walked passed his look alikes, as they varnished one by one. He walked angrily towards doza, his eye glowed with lightening. Doza quickly
sent massive fireballs his direction, which he waved off like they
were nothing.
Spencer: i know you are strong trix, i cant stop the bleeding you have to find a way, to reduce your blood circulation.
Trix: she just nodded as she shut her eyes.
Spencer: he stared in anticipation, just then the bleeding stopped.
Yes!! You did it he said with a smile.
Trix: now what? She murmured in pain.
Spencer: you be fine once we meet a doctor he said assuringly.
Just when he was close enough he could see his dad, mum, and trix standing right in front of him. He walked towards the image when doza strucked him with the staff of raza and he fell to the ground.
Doza: i am deception he said with a smile.
Dashiel: i am illusion! He said piercing doza’s heart from behind.
Doza: groaned abit, i wouldnt do that if i were you he said smile.
Dashiel: he turned toward his right to see a dark smoke holding a dagger to his mum’s heart.
Lenora: kill him!!! She yelled!
Me: i’d rather die this time than lose her again he thought. Let her go! I said to doza.
Doza: take that thing out of my chest.
I drew the sword out of his chest, just when the smoke moved the dagger away abit, i set it ablaze.
Doza: he took a few step backward. I still have a card left he said with a smile as he tranformed into angry beast, just like the once in my dream.
I charged towards it angrily but then it teleported and then a
large number of four feeted beast appeared. I could tell doza was no
were in there midst. I quickly made copy of my self to battle with the illusions of the beast.
I scanned the whole place for doza, i raised my arm abit and all
illusion disappeared. Just then i heard a creaking sound behind me.
This was exactly how he killed the most powerful sorcerer, after
creating a illusion to keep them busy he give the final perfect strike from behind. Only lenora knew what he was upto, rather than warning dashiel she choose to cover him.
I was extremely angered, at the sight of her blood dripping
from the dagger, plunged deeply in her chest. I tightened my fist
taking a really high jump. With all the strength i could muster i gave
him a thunderous blow. Sending a huge amount of lightening through him. He screamed in horror before blowing up to dust.
Rushed to were mum laid, as she stared up in the sky with smiles on her face.
Me: mum why!!! I asked in total fustration.
Lenora: touching his cheek, it doesnt matter whether in sesium or on earth. You will always be my child and i’ll always do everything neccessary to keep you safe. She said with a weak smile.
Me: and then whats the point?? You end up dead and i get to live with guilt all my life. Just then linshiel walked to where they sat.
Lin: i know this aint a good time for an apology, he said kneeling,
but am sorry i tried to kill you.
Lenora: smiling, i was gonna kill you myself but then i realized,
somehow you found yourself in
the right path. Am proud of you lin, i know your mum is.
Dashiel: stay here lin he said walking back into the cave with the crystal in his hands. As he chanted thesame words loudly with his eyes shut.
Both dashiel and the crystal were suspended in the air. As a
white light formed a chain around them. The power he took was
returning back to the crystal. When all of it was taken there was a wave, just like the first one, but in a reversed direction. Tossing everyone to the ground
She exhaled so hard, as she groaned in pains, it felt like she broke a few bones. But then her wounds where completely healed. Just like trix, leaving spencer stunned.
Linshiel: he stood there staring at her in amazement. What the hell
did you do dashiel!! He turned to see his lifeless body lying inside the cave.

Today marks the weirdest day of my life. I just realized there were
many possibility just beyond my
imaginations. Just because we dont believe in a thing doesnt mean its out of existence.
Those words played in his head as he watched trix stand like
nothing happened. As much as he wanted to believe it was one of their numerous tricks, he could see the hole on her top.
Spencer: am glad you are alright he finally said giving her a hug.
He just stood there staring at ethan knowing for sure he was dead. He could picture the times they spent together as kids. Just then katherine who was about standing, when she screamed in pain. She had a dislocated left limb.
He quickly carried her to were spencer and trix sat. It was a
relief to see they all survived.
Linshiel: its time to go he said with sad looks.
Katherine: were’s ethan?? She asked staring at linshiel.
Trix: what happened!!
Linshiel: you were gonna die, he said staring at katherine, he gave
his life to save you guys.
Like a flash spencer and trix ran into the cave while katherine
limped from behind. There eyes could not contain seeing ethan’s
lifeless body on the ice. They did all they could but his body was
stiff like the ice he laid on.
Katherine just couldnt come any closer she stood from afar
with tears in her eyes.
They all weeped until there was no tears left to shed. The more they realized they were gonna spend the rest of there life seperated. It did hurt so bad, but linshiel had to take them home before they froze to death.
That moment katherine lost her voice, they all sat still in
silence for a whole day. Just then there was a knock on the door,
which no one reacted to. And then the door flew open.
Everyone turned to see isaiah walking with broad smile on his face.
Isaiah: dont worry guys it aint the end of the world. I came with
someone you all want to see.
Me: hello everyone! I said with a smile.
Ethan!! They all ran hugging him so hard. Well he wasnt strong enough to hold them all, they all fell, chuckling like insane people.
Like a flash trix grabbed him giving him a really deep kiss which he responded imediately. While everyone stared with smiles on their faces.
They were in a battle when his guardian vision struck. This time with a direction to follow. That was when he wandered off. He got to a point where he found a scroll.
Scroll: its time for you to save dashiel!
Isaiah: he was lost, ethan was totally fine when he left.
The scroll lead him to a distant cave were it showed him the
histories of previous guardians.
Guardians were meant to protect only those with the ability to save
the world from doom. From time to time individual were chosen, with extremely unique ability. The lectures went for a really long time. All question and doubts he had, was cleared.
Just when he got back to the cave he saw the crystal orb glowing and ethan lying dead. He picked a dagger cuting the dragon symbol on his chest open as blood gushed out. He place the orb on that spot.
He was taken into dashiel’s world. He was suprised to see 2 ethan.
Ethan: isaiah!! He called out with a smile. While the other just
stared. Just then the orb spoke.
Orb: balance must be restored no matter what 2souls will never dwell in a body.
Dashiel: i dont care what happens to anyone, i just wanna see my mum!
Ethan: i wanna be with my family.
Orb: then i guess thats easy.
Lenora and dashiel was united on the other side while ethan
returned to his body. Although with all memories of himself.
1989. She was an average college girl with a normal family. Unknowing to her she was a look alike of someone far away from earth. She had a fatal accident that fateful day. She was placed on a life sustaining machine. Her friends and family were all
heartbroken. The night she
passed away was the same night lenora gave her life for dashiel.
Knowing lenora still has a part to play
Her life was given to katherine but then i linkage was formed.
That day katherine rose from the dead with no memories of her past life.
Her memory returned when lenora died for the last time.
they all had a wonderful dinner with happy
smile. Trix and ethan were
allowed to date. Katherine and spencer’s love grew stronger. Isaiah was back to new orleans, were he met the love of his life. And linshiel? He swore to wipe away all traces of evil from the earth surface.
Today i realized “Magic, is changing perceptions. But power is controlling perception”.