Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 39


I trained tirelessly as much as i could, everyday in here was thesame.
It was neither day nor dark, well i could tell for sure its been over
2days now.
Just when i paused abit to catch my breath. I saw a really bright light.
Me: its time!!! I yelled abit running out of the cave like an insane
person. I got to an open field, thanks to those scroll i knew exactly
what to do.
I shut my eyes tightly waiting for the power of the crystal to
weaken him. My friend(the dove) was right after all, i could feel a
great amount of energy flowing through him and yet he was just on his
kneels. Just then i saw a weak spot.
Me: hello dashiel i said with a smile.
Dashiel: get out of my head!! He yelled trying to shut me out.
Me: this is my head! Your place is down there!! I yelled back angrily.
His strength was drained bit by bit, i could feel it.
Dashiel: am never going back there!! He tried shutting me out with the
last strenght he could muster but i held unto him so tight.
The struggle continued when my strength was gradually drained off
too. I was getting weaker by the minute, i wasnt gonna let go just
Dashiel: you dont belong here! He said trying to break lose.
Me: you are dead! I own this body!!!
I guess dashiel grew weaker, we both fell back down on the
grassland. Our only access to our body was closing up by the minute.
We both got up at thesame time ran towards it like we were chased by a
flying dragon. Unfortunately neither of us could outrun each other we
both went through.
She walked to were dashiel laid, carressing his hair gently.
Lenora: my child she said slowly as she drifted her gaze to doza.
Doza: he raised his hands chanting some unknown words, and his armies
where fortified by stronger smokes. Kill everyone!!
Trix and isaiah where in for the toughest fight ever.
Isaiah: here he said handing over a sword to trix.
Trix: lets do this!!
Lenora walked towards them, as her arms sparkled with rays of
lightening. Electricuting anyone who dared stood in her part. It was
only a matter of time before she stood face to face with doza.
Doza: hmm i see you havent forgotten you gym! Neither have i! He
yelled as his arm emitted dark smoke and his eyes turned black.
She charge towards him striking him with lightening which he
countered by sending out dark smokes. Like a flash she gave him a
heavy blow sending him miles away. He teleported retaliating with a
hard kick sending her to the ground, not before a lightening struck
his left eye.
Doza: aaaaarrrghh!! He screamed sending sharp ice towards her, which
she froze in the air, sending them back to him.
He teleported imediately before the ice got to him. She looked
around for him, just then she saw dashiel standing behind her.
Lenora: you are alive she said with a smile she was about moving
closer when he flung a snake wipe to her face, she was quick enough to
dodge. Not after getting a bite on her arm.
Doza: he returned to his usual self with an evil grin on his face.
Lenora: it was only a matter of time before her left arm went numb.
She stared at doza angrily.
Doza: you’d never be able to defeat me. He said throwing ice balls
towards her, she teleported imediately and then he sent dark smokes
after her.
She grabbed a sword quickly cutting through them but they were
he looked around everyone was in a battle, trix and isaiah were out
numbered, linshiel was almost worn out in a fight against a dark
smoke. And katherine, he just dont get how she became so powerful. She
was tricked by doza, he could tell her left am was hurt. He stood
there thinking of the next rational thing to do rather than jumping
into a battle he’d always lose.
He rushed to were dashiel was, he tried so hard to wake him, his
body felt cold for a while like a dead person. He wasnt gonna give up
he kept calling and shaking his life body. Just then he sat up
forcefully, gasping for air like he was on a really long race.
Me: dad?? I said with a smile. Although a part of me was dying to be
in a real battle. I felt so angry at the sight of doza. All i wanted
to do was destroy him.
I jumped to my feet, i felt extremely powerful! I smile in
satisfaction as i made, copies of my self.
Aaaarrrgghhh they all unsheathed as they charged towards doza’s men.