Son Of The Orb. Episode 3


Me: smiles#
Lorrinda: you wouldn’t be starting grade-12 here in
starlet high, you
would study in Marian high.
Me: i don’t understand.
Lorrinda: our school is an affiliate of Marian high, they
are the
actual sponsors of this scholarship program. Your
performance there would determine whether or not your
scholarship is secured to college level.
Me: now i get it….marian high isn’t far away from my
house, i’ve
always dreamt of being a part of the school! I guess this
is my dream coming true, the
joy cooking on my inside i feared i was gonna jump out of
my own skin.
Lorrinda: here is your scholarship letter. She gave me a
long brown envelope, which housed a white piece of
Me: thanks ma’am…i’d be on my way now i said with a
huge smile.
Miss Lorrinda nodded in consention. I stood to leave
when she called me…
Lorrinda: Ethan…*scoff*
we would miss you….you’ar such a great kid, make us
She muttered as tears glisttered her silver eyes.
Me: you have no idea how much am gonna miss you
ma’am, to me you are the best in the world, starlet high
is so blessed to have
Lorrinda: come here!!.
We hugged for a while or should i say decades, before
finally disengaging. Uhmm i think she broke the 7th rule
in the school
code, never hug a student, ooops.
Me: ma’am as weird as it feels to say goodbye ma’am,
but i think the picture just got bigger. Thanks for being
there for me, if you
werent as good as you are i dont think i’d be this person.
I said with a smile
Lorrinda: take care of yourself, she said briefly.
clad in white apron and kitchen glooves, stood in front of
the ovum, she had earlier
arranged a dough of cookies
and fruitcakes on the steel tray and placed it in the ovum,
knew ethan was gonna walk in anytime soon.
She went ahead to prepare other sauces while the
cookies baked. Just then she heard ethan’s voice.
Me: mom!!!! I yelled happily as i hopped into the house
kate: a bit suprised, she took off the gloves and walked
into the
living room when she bumped into her son who was
already finding his way to the kitchen.
Me: smiling broadly guess what mum i said almost
immediately my eyes found her.
Kate: uhmm you passed?? She said smiling
Me: not exactly i said still smiling.
Kate: hmm what could have made him this happy she
pondered for a while staring at him. Hmm she’d never
know perhaps its time for the chase the deer and catch
wild goose. Parents active point with kid, easiest way to
get any information you want.
Me: come on mum try harder
kate: hmmm hope this isnt a new way of telling me, u
failed ethan!! she said with raised eye brows.
Me: shocked# no mum!! I said almost imediately, quickly
i reached for the envelope i carefully placed in my bag
handed it over to her.
Kate: smiling to herself still maintaining a straight face
like she was trying to prove a point. Omg!!!! A
scholarship!!! She exclaimed as
she bekoned on me for a hug.
Me: i hugged her happily i think i heard her heart say am
proud of you before her lipz did.
Mum: smiling# great now go upstairs and have a warm
shower, launch will be ready in a few she said smiling.
And am keeping this too, am gonna show it to your
dad when he gets back she said with even a bigger
Me: i just smiled and nodded like a puppy drooling over
a chicken bone. Alright mum!!
i quickly ascended the stairs up to my room.
She watched him run upstairs with a broad smile on her
face, each passing day there bond grew stronger, she
now sees him as a blessing. He was the happiness she
needed in her life and he seemed to fit in perfectly,
she snapped out of her thought and hurried into the
The cookie was finely baked just the way he’d it. In less
10minutes the launch was served just then i walked into
the dinning, the aroma filled my
nostrils and i recognized it immediately.
Me: fruit cakes!!! I yelled smiling, well before taking
launch i’d have to take cookies first. I ate
while mum just stared at me smiling, really her cooking
was the best.
Mum: its was just like yesterday, when you were a baby
she said still smiling as she kept her gaze on me.
Me: mum!! you really have a way of making me feel like
a kid in a
special way though. I said smiling