Son Of The Orb. Episode 2


Looking at the wall clock as he paced up and down the
living she has never been this late before, all he wanted
to do right now was
go insearch, he was back from the thinking world, when
the knob of the door made a snapping sound and kate
walked in.
spencer: quickly walking towards her feeling relieved,
welcome honey he said with a smile which slowly weared
off when he saw a baby in her arms.
Katherine: i know spencer but i just couldnt leave him out
there its not safe you know, she quickly replied seeing
the questioned
looks on his face. While she spoke ethan made babyish
gestures at him with smiles. He was
really adorable.
Spencer: smiling# his cute honey
katherine: i think he’s special too i found this with him
she said handing over the
scroll to him.
Spencer: what does this mean he asked in uttermost
Katherine: i have no idea, i found that after i heard a
voice, it
really didnt sound any human, and it seem to know us
Spencer: what did it say?? looking amused#
katherine: this child was gonna save the humanity, honey
i dont know how, there was no way i could have left him
there, its cold you know, even for an adult, let alone the
young child.
Spencer: smiling# you’ve always been a nice person, i do
understand, he said rubbing
her cheek with his palm, we could actually look after him
Days flew by and everything about ethan seemed so
normal, he was so lovable, learns pretty
fast and had this innocent smile. Having ethan around
made life even happier for them.
And now were he came from
doesnt matter anymore, because from now on his no
longer a kid they picked up by the roadside, he was now
part of them. All necessary papers were made for his
Seated in the class were all the students in grade-11.
No one want to ever miss a jiffy in Miss Lorrinda’s class,
she teaches
with great charisma, all my years in starlet high, i have
never seen
a frown play on those beautiful oval eyes of hers.
Miss Lorrinda was our math teacher, she gave math a
whole new face, in sharp contrast to the image painted
by most students.
Lorrinda: okay class we have come to the final lesson for
you all would go on a two weeks break before resuming
as high school seniors!
She said with a wide grin.
All students: yeeeeh.
Lorrinda: Ethan spencer?
Me: yes ma’am?
Lorrinda: see me in my office before the end of today.
Me: i will…
Lorrinda: have a swell time everybody. With that she
walked out of the class, leaving me in the pool of
thoughts, why did she want to see me?
Hope i haven’t failed her subject?
Many thoughts were running through my head. Soon it
was lunch time, i seized that
opportunity to meet miss
Lorrinda, my heartbeat increased two times over.
”calm down Ethan, miss lorrinda is an easy going lady”
i tried to comfort my self, as i stood at the entrance to
her office.
I held the door knob and snapped my hand
off it, it seemed to have
been heated with refiner furnance.
Lorrinda: who is at the door?
Me: (huh? I didn’t knock did i?) its
Lorrinda: come in please.
She showered me the courage i needed, i walked in
confidently and sat on a seat opposite her, a large
mahogany desk covered the distance between us.
I took in three gulps of air, very slowly, that
was my way of calming down.
Lorrinda: you know why i summoned you?
Me: i have no idea ma’am…
Lorrinda: its our tradition here to award scholarships to
grade-11 students, we do this annually.
Guess what! You are our awardee for this year.
Me: wooow! Thanks alot ma’am, am so happy, i feel
honoured …infact on top the moon.
Lorrinda: smile# you deserve it, Ethan. You see, you’ve
always maintained straight-A grades[/b]