Son Of The Orb. Episode 26


It was time for sports i’m not the sporty type. I love being a spectator, handball was my favorite.
I was enjoying the stunts and skill displayed by the players, frank’s team were being defeated by a lone goal. Suddenly the ball slammed my chest, i didn’t see it coming!
Me: oouuch! I groaned loudly.
Voice: hahahaha sorry.
The voice sounded familiar, i couldn’t place it. I turned. The dude was seating beside me. it was veeko!
Me: what the heck!
Veeko: i know you have alot of questions….
Me: no i don’t! What i want is for you to disappear!
Veeko: can we talk somewhere more deserted?
I’m kinda invisible, i don’t want people thinking your crazy.
I think he had a point there, besides dad said i should hear him out.
We walked out of the court, to our class, all the students were at the pitches.
Me: how come your invisible and can disappear? I asked after we were seated.
Veeko: i’m a ghost!
Me: what?! Why are you in the world world of the living?
Trix: gotcha! She said. Panting slowly. I’ve searched everywhere for you!
Me: uhmmm i need to rest. Me head aches!
Trix: #smile. Your lying, i can see it! She paused for seconds, looking at Veeko. Seems she could see ghosts too!
Trix: a ghost!!!
Me: how did you know that?
Trix:last i saw ghost was in a mission. I know one if i come across it.
Veeko: #smile. Seems you two are special. You have no idea how long i’ve searched for people who can listen when i speak.
Trix: you all right? Your spirit looks troubled. She wanted to tap him but realised it’ll have no effect.
Veeko: very troubled. The gatekeeper to the underground world let only ghosts with unsettled scores roam about.
Me: you’ve got scores to settle?
Veeko: not exactly. Uhmmm…i mean yes! Thing is, my step mum killed me, she’s pinning the murder on my dad. So she could get his properties, i must stop her somehow.
Trix: WTF!!! Why did you let her pin it on your dad?
Veeko: i have no powers of my own, it really hurt to watch my dad being dragged to the detention cell in cuffs. I tried speaking to defend him but my voice wasn’t heard.
Me: hmmm
veeko: #pleading eyes. Can you help?
Trix: whats weapon of murder? Gun? Knife?
Veeko: its a kitchen knife.
Me: well, we could tell the cops to perform finger prints test.
Veeko: #shaking his head. The old woman is a witch. A warlock!! She used her powers to control the knife, my dad removed the knife from my stomach. His finger prints are on it.
Trix: a witch? Geeez this is beyond humans.
Veeko: please, your my last hope. Don’t let my innocent dad go to jail?
Me: what can we do?
Veeko: i have no idea.
Trix: the logical thing to do is to rip her of her powers.
Me: what?!!!