Son Of The Orb Episode 25


A planet situated millions of kilometers away from the milky way. Far beyond the imaginations of human astronaunts. A war broke out shortly after the demise of great lord Domiac. Doza was power thirsty, no one liked him but he wanted the throne by force. He fought with his army against Gaian. A fierce feeding frenzy it was.! In the course of the battle, the power seal was broken, some splatters of powers invaded the earth as a thick, dark hail. Everyone who had contact with the liquid instantly possessed unusual powers.
Days passed by, i tried hard to understand the scroll as Boreas suggested. But i couldn’t! I think there is improvement though. ’cause the scroll was no longer blank, its writings however were indecipherable. It seemed to be written in an unknown language.
Today was like everyother day, i finished my study session in the library and was walking home with dux. Just then she started barking, running towards a huge rock. I followed her with keen interest. She was barking at a young lad, sitting on the rock.
Me: hi kid!
Kid: shocked# huuuu?! You can see me? #exhale.
Me: hahahahaha did you take invisibility potion?
Kid: not exactly….uhm…never mind. I’m veeko.
Hd stepped from the rock.
Me: They call me Ethan. #smile. Okay i’m off, i came for my dog. Dux? Lets go!
Dux: #bark.
Veeko: i’d love to hang out with you.
Me: a total stranger? Nah bro.
Veeko: pleeaaseee i,m not harmful. I swear. #baby face.
Me: well i am.
Veeko: i’m so bored, i promise i won’t be a nerd.
Me: #exhale. Your really unquitting. Fine you win.
Veeko: thanks!!
We continued walking and chatting. Veeko was a twelve years old kid, he was in NJ on vacation.
Uhhmmm thats what he told me!
Frank: Ethan! He screamed, jogging to us.
Me: uhmmm you weren’t in the library today.
You all right?
Frank: yup! Who were you talking to? He looked confused.
Me: ooh! A new small buddy. Veeko, meet frank. Frank, veeko.
Frank: #cleared his throat. Excuse me? Who is veeko and where the heck is he?
Me: i pointed to veeko.
Frank: Jesus christ! Your imagining things and pointing to the air?
Me: #frown. Before i could speak veeko disappeared. I was shocked.
Me: he…he…he just disappeared.
Frank: seriously Ethan, you need some rest.
Seems you’ve been thinking too much lately.
He laughed hysterically and walked away.
I arrived home feeling sad. Soon it was dawn, we were in the dinning room eating.
Me: mum. Dad. Do you believe in ghosts?
Dad: ghosts are myths, i hear of them. Why?
Me: i met this kid a while ago. Hd looked real but my friend couldn’t see him. Suddenly he disappeared.
Mum: can’t tell if what you raw was a ghost.
I’ve read ghosts feel insecure among those who can’t see them.
Dad: they are visible only to a minute fraction of people, who are always considered special.
Me: #exhale. What do i do if he shows up again?
Dad: ghosts appear for a purpose. Ask him his motive. But son, be very careful, things aren’t always what they seem.
Me: yes dad. I will #smile.
Mum: #smile lets eat.