Sins Of My Parents Episode 7


Nora lay on the bed with her front down, as she watched her favorite series. she heard a soft knock on the door and answered, “come in!” without looking at the door her eyes still fixed on the TV, thinking it was one of the maids.

She turned to look at who had entered and she was startled to see a tall guy with a smooth brown skin standing by the door his clean white teeth exposed as he smiled at her,

” did i scare you?” Nathan asked her with a chuckle.

“um am sorry I didn’t expect to see you. I thought it was one of the house workers.” She responded.

” I see” Nathan responded. “I just came in, am Nathan he introduced himself.”

Ofcourse Nora could see the resemblance with Joe. “you must be Mr Miyoba’s son”

she smiled holding and shaking his hand.

Dr Miyoba ” she added. “am Nora am sure your father has told you about my coming here.” She smiled.

“Yes he has, ” Nathan told her. “but please call me Nathan, no need for the titles.

“sure” Nora nodded..

“Um if you don’t mind I would like to hear more about my dad’s condition?” he asked her after some seconds of silence.

Nora got the file and explained the details to Nathan. he nodded as he looked through the file in his hands.

“so what are the chances of him walking again?” He asked when she was done explaining..

” well.. we leave it to God but he has a 50 50 chance. I will have to take him back to the hospital for check ups every after 4 weeks. we are doing all we can to help your father Doctor,” she told him..

” Nathan” , he corrected her again.

“oh yeah sorry” she said.

“am glad you are here Nora, really i was worried about my father but having you around is surely good for him. just let me know if anything comes up okay..?” Nathan sighed.

” Sure I will Nathan” she said feeling a bit uncomfortable addressing him by his first name.

” let me not interupt you any further” Nathan told Nora. “I need to freshen up, am sure will chat some more am here for a week or so.”

” have a good night” Nora smilled.

Nathan walked out, he couldn’t help admire how beautiful Nora was, her soft jean and floral top she wore fitted her so well revealing her perfect shape. her light skin tone and round face were unresistable. But he had to put his head in order. she was here for work and not amuse him. besides she would soon leave and go back to wherever she came from.

He removed his clothes and walked to the gym in the room across the living room for some work outs in his shorts before going to take a bath..

As Nora walked to the kitchen to grab a cup of water 20 minute later she head some noise from the other room. she walked in and found Nathan facing the window working out headsets plugged in his ears. she watched him for a couple of minutes and silently closed the door not to disturb him.walking to Joe’s room she saw him reading a book.

“I thought you are sleeping” she told him as she went to him..

“oh I couldn’t sleep so I decided to buy some time from this book here.” Joe asnwered.

“I see “she said. “I just came to check on you and see if you needed anything.”

“am okey” Joe told her, “you can rest ease. By the the way have you met my son?” Joe asked before she left the room.

” I have sir, he looks like a good person and looks a lot like you too.”

Joe let a laugh. “right, but am sure he’s more handsome than I am right?” He teased..

“you are handsome too” Nora smiled ..” good nite.” Nora added as she closed the door..

Nathan had finished working out and he walked out meeting Nora by the passage with sweat all over his body.

” am sorry he apolgised, I didn’t know you are out here. I mean I could have covered up a bit” he said waving his hand across his body.

Nora smiled.. “it’s okey, it’s good to take some day’s stress off.”

“yeah” Nathan nodded as he walked passed her to his room…

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Back in Lusaka… Thabo walked in his bedroom, he smiled at his wife as she lay under the beddings reading a Bible.

” hey honey!” he called Racheal. “still awake. ”

“of course, How do I sleep when you were still out in the other room watching soccer..? ” she giggled.

“You know it was my favorite team playing.” he said while undressing and joined his wife..

“So have you talked to Nora..? ” He asked facing her.

” yeah” she called this afternoon that she has moved in with the patient.”

“I see” said Thabo ” I hope she will be fine, it’s just that I still look at her as our little girl.”

” don’t worry” Racheal sighed, “she’s a strong girl and she’s gonna be okay am sure.”

Thabo was quite for a while. his mind went back to the time at the hospital when Racheal was due to give birth. he had waited for a long time outside the Labour ward for his wife to give birth.The Doctor came out and told him she was having some complications. he however assured him he would do all he could to save both the baby and mother’s life.

Before he could think further , Racheal patted his cheek, “hey honey, what is it now?”

“Oh am sorry my mind went visit ing the past.”

” what about ? ” Racheal asked curiously.

“forget it Honey, now is time for you and me to enjoy our time.” he said pulling his wife and kissing her tenderly.

Racheal woke up with a start the following morning. she had a bad dream of her baby boy Nathan drowning. she had dreamed screaming for help as the boy struggled to swim in the pool. she then saw a man ran past her and dived in the water bringing the boy out. he lay him down and squished his chest as water sprout out of his mouth and he coughed. “thank you so much for saving my son’s life” Racheal told the man tears in her face. The man turned to smile at her and Racheal was shocked .

” Joe ! ” She shouted surprised. ” what are you doing here?” she asked standing up. he didn’t say anything. He just held and caressed her hand and walked away without saying a word and then she woke up..

Racheal cleared the sweat that had formed on her face as she sat up in the bed.

” What is Wrong ?” Thabo asked her concerned.

” I just had a strange dream honey and am…..well forget it” she stopped.

“i think its just a dream, let me prepare your breakfast” she said kissing him on the lips.

Thabo looked at her and wondered what kind of dream got his wife so sad. Even if she told him it was nothing her facial expression said it all.

He sighed as he stood and flipped through some business acounts records. it seemed like a tough month but he still had some money to get him some more orders. He had to travel to South Africa by the end of the week. he wished things where a bit different and that he would find a stable job and make this business part time. thankfully, he had two other shops in his country which were doing better than the one in Zambia. but he had to help fulfil his wife’s wish of staying in Zambia close to her relatives. He knew she loved her country. The the issues of Xenophobia in his country made her feel safer here. so he just had to agree to move to zambia with her…

He walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower before taking his breakfast as he explained to Racheal his plans of going for orders back in South Africa

To be continued…