Sins Of My Parents Episode 8


The 4 weeks that passed. He however felt good because of the presence of his son and the care from Nora. Even at his age Joe couldn’t help but notice the gentle spirit and her beauty. slowly he started developing feelings for her and he realised he felt this inner peace whenever she was around him. He had not felt that for a woman in a long time..

He looked at her as she massaged his legs with gentleness and passion. he could not feel his legs yet but his heart could feel her hands on him. He was lost in thoughts as he analysed the figure and parts of Nora that he didn’t notice his son who had come and was watching him from the door..

Over the period Nathan had noticed his father was developing some unfamiliar attachment to Nora. he swallowed hard as he felt a sting of jealousy in his throat. He was sure he too had strong feelings for Nora. She was what every sane man would desire, but he took his time.

Recalling the day he had taken her for shopping one weekend, they had driven in silence for minutes before he spoke up..

“Nora , I remember you told me about your father being from South Africa. when did you move here? ”

“Well” Nora responded “we came back about 4 years ago my mother is Zambian so she insisted we moved here.”

Nathan looked at her as she talked about her mother. He couldn’t help feel a bit of jealousy. He still missed his late mother and from the description of the mother Nora was giving. he could tell she was a good woman..

“I admire you” he told her honestly. “sometimes I wish my mom was still alive. there are things that I wish i would ask her.”

Nora let a laugh. “Mmmmm Doctor what else do you want to know? you are 27 am sure you have had some necessary lessons of life already. ”

” Oh no” Nathan looked at her as he looked away from the road the car moving at a moderate speed.

“I would want to know for instance about women.”

“What?” Nora laughed her voice reaching to the heart of Nathan. he held on to the voice like the sweet music he could live listening to his entire life. everything about her amused him..

He smiled before answering.. “how to know and read a woman’s thoughts” he explained.

Nora looked at him. ” and who told you you should read a woman’s mind?” She asked stil giggling.

“well I would want to know for instance what Nora thinks about me” he quickly mentioned not knowing how she would take that from him.

Surprisingly she smiled her eyes looking ahead.

” why won’t Nathan just ask me then?” She said in a low tone.

He was quite for seconds shouting“yes!” In his mind, he couldn’t help feel great she had noticed him.

“mmmn let me see he sighed, Tell me now how you feel about me: he said seriously.

Afraid of where the conversation was going, Nora just said,” not today my dear. I have only known you for 4 weeks and I cannot easily determine the exact you” she smiled. ” by the way” , Nora continued “what happened to ‘only staying for a week or so’..”

she asked him mimicking his exact words.

Nathan chuckled as he drove the vehicle to a parking lot at a shopping mall.

“I love being around you” he said looking straight at her face, though he couldn’t see her eyes direct since she had dropped them slightly.

“Shall we? ” Nora interrupted avoiding his gaze as much as possible.

Now here he stood by the door and looked at his father drooling over the woman he had feelings for. he knew his father had a weakness for women and that somehow if it wasn’t for his paralysed legs he could have gone for Nora already.

Clearing his throat bringing Nora who was busy doing her job to his attention and his father looked at him..

“hey!” he called out.

” hey Son” The father answered.“didn’t see you coming” Joe told him.

” yeah I noticed” Nathan answered plainly. “so are you ready for the visit to the hospital? I want to drive you there.”

“I am.” Joe responded looking at Nora who had stood aside watching father and son talk.

” Am ready too” she confirmed.

“Okay then let me get the car keys” Nathan told them as he left the room.

Nora got the wheel chair and helped Joe on it as she sat him down. he held her shoulders his eyes set on hers.

” thank you” he said with a sincere voice. Nora smiled at him. ” don’t mention it sir remember am just doing my Job.”

” I know ” he added Still holding her not letting her stand straight. He rubbed her shoulder gently.” You are my light Nora” he whispered. “I don’t know how I could have survived without you, your presence here gives me hope. I know you do all you could to help me heal and feel good about myself.”

Nora looked at Joe and her eyes met his, “you are welcome Sir ” she told him as he smiled his eyes brightening

“call me Joe please” he told her.

Nathan walked in at that point and Joe quickly dropped his hand.

” well I guess it’s time” he announced.

“yeah!” Nora answered feeling uncomfortable.

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Later that evening Nora sat in her room after pushing Joe on his wheel chair from the TV room to his room. she switched the bulb off after saying her good night to him. she sat on her bed in her room holding a pillow and was feeling bad about the tension that had clouded the TV room. That night instead of talking and laughing as Nathan always did he was quite. She wondered what was wrong with him,all the way to and from the review at the hospital Nathan was dead silent.

She and Joe where the only ones talking and Nathan only nodded or answered a question with one word. He eat dinner in silence and when they got to watch TV he was sternly looking at the TV but one could tell his mind was somewhere else.

Joe had asked if everything was okay with him and he just answered..” am fine dad” and went to his room..

After thinking through it, Nora decided to approach Nathan the following day and find out what was wrong with him .

In the morning as she went to check on Joe, he told her Nathan had gone out and would only be back after some days. he said he had some urgent matter to attend to Joe explained to her..

” oh I see,” Nora responded. “By the way I want to go out this weekend I have to go and see my parents in Lusaka. I have not seen them since I came here.” She explained calmly.

Joe felt bad she was leaving but he knew she was right, she had barely gone out since she came.

“It’s okey” he finally told her.” I will miss you Nora” he went on. ” I mean who will be checking on me and taking care of me?”

“am sure Dr Nathan will help” she smiled..” I will be back before you know it.”


In Lusaka Racheal and her husband were happy their daughter was home. They spent time chatting and catching up. she was told her brother was in the campus studying. “I was offered a job here by a certain company” Her father told her. ” I was almost getting fade up with staying in the shop the whole day.” Thabo added

“am happy for you guys” Nora told her parents.” and mom?” she asked Racheal. “does it mean you will be the one taking over the businesses here?”

” Am sure: Racheal agreed. “am also bored here at home.”

Later that evening Racheal walked in Nora’s bedroom.. “Nora !” she called her, ” I have noticed you don’t look so happy.. is there a problem?”

Nora shook her head “it’s nothing mom am okey.”

“no way.” Racheal demanded. “tell me now am your mother, who knows I might help you.”

Nora cleared her throat. “You won’t back down will you? ” she laughed

“No” . Racheal answered seriously.

“okay mom.” She sighed.. “the thing is am confused. There are two men, one is older and the younger one they are father and son.” She paused.

” yes go ahead ” Racheal encouraged . “mom i dont know what to do, i mean this man is handsome and he’s been so sweet to me and the emotions in his eyes just draw me closer to him, on the other hand, his son is handsome too with a very attractive character. his charm is unresistable and he seems interested in me but he’s not really said anything. I dont know mom. it seems I have feelings for both father and son. what am I going to do..? I cannot cause any trouble for both of them. I care so much for them but i feel am betraying them.”

Racheal was quite for some time and shook her head, ” Nora I know you have grown and are independent, but am your mother and above everything your happiness comes first. you have to chose wisely. It’s not every man that turns out to be what they display, be careful in your choices. if you had to sit down and think through this, your heart can never lie. it will guide you, don’t think with your head when it involves love.

And the other thing” she continued.

” take your time to know the man before you open your heart to him. you cannot afford leaving a life of regrets, trust me its not a good thing, the pain and hurt of regretting will haunt you for life. have it in mind that if you are not careful you will end up destroying that family. I don’t know them but coming between them isn’t a wise thing to do. decide fast before you all get hurt.

Be wise Nora, be wise” Racheal concluded and she walked out closing the door as Nora watched her in silence.

To be continued…