Sins Of My Parents Episode 16


Rachael and Thabo had just arrived in Livingstone. It was getting dark, “where do we go ?” Thabo asked his wife.

“Do you think it’s okey for us to go and spend time where Nora is working? I am not sure about this honey” Thabo told his wife.

“Maybe we should lodge somewhere here in town and just go there tomorrow morning, since her boyfriend isn’t here to pick us up.”

“okay honey” Rachael responded; ” let me just call Nora’s boyfriend and tell him we won’t go there. Tomorrow would be a good time to go since it’s the actual birthday for our daughter..”


Nathan sat quietly with a broken heart in his bed. he took his phone and watched the photos they took from the falls. she was smiling with her hands lifted up..

He passed his finger on the screen touching her face. for some reason he didn’t want to believe that Nora was his sister coz being with her just felt right.

It wasn’t the love or connection of blood he felt for her his heart had an extraordinary love and deep connection.

” this is beyond any sibling love” Nathan thought.

” I have to find her.” closing the phone, he quickly grabbed his car keys and went out..


Joe was still in the study. He had not moved from the chair he sat in. everything was wrong and he could not think beyond his pain. he sat akimbo his eyes fixed on Racheal’s photo.. ” We have destroyed our children’s lives my lovely Racheal. I only wish we had time to work on our marriage.” he whispered to himself.

he was startled by the screeching car tires outside, he moved to the window and opened the curtain. Nathan’s car went out at a great speed leaving marks of the tires on the concrete outside. Joe shook his head, “I hope he will be fine” he said to himself..


Nathan’s mind was focused on thinking of places Nora could have gone to. his phone rang and he answered so fast thinking it could be Nora.

“helo!” he answered using the car speaker.

“helo!” Racheal responded ” it’s me my dear I wanted to let you know that we have arrived but we won’t come to your place. since we can’t call Nora we thought of informing you that we will come tomorrow.”

Nathan listened quietly, he felt the urge to shout and scream at the voice on the phone but he decided to play calm.

” okay that’s okey mam” he said. ” you will find us, am sure Nora will be glad to see you.” He sighed.


Nora sat on the seat close to the window the breeze of the night hitting her face making her long natural hair raise up covering part of her face. she looked at her wrist watch. The bus to Kazungula she had boarded would start off any minute, it was 20 hours exactly.

she got her phone which she had put on flight mode, switched the mode off and immediately some texts started coming. she opened the first one, it was Nathan..

“Tell me where you are I come we talk please.”

The second one was from Joe,

“Am so sorry Nora please forgive me. I didn’t mean to hurt you and Nathan. Find it in your heart to forgive me. I beg you.. ”

She sighed tears forming again in her eyes. she couldn’t even think of talking to her mother. She was deep in thoughts when her phone rang, a strange number. she picked it..

“Helo, this is Doctor Ragid. I need to see you now the hospital needs you.”

Nora sat up in her seat. ” but Doctor I can’t am not home right now.” She responded

“Listen Nora there is an emergency meeting with the board and it can’t wait. you have to attend without fail. am sending a driver to Mr Miyoba’s residence now prepare yourself.” Nora was quite for a while.

“okey” Nora responded, ” am in town now at the station. Let him come over here.” she had no gut to face Nathan and she knew staying meant he would find her. But her job was important too. May be the best is to shift and find another house to rent she thought to herself.

Quickly before the bus could start off she carried her bag and rushed out. the driver looked at her and told her to sit back coz they would start off that minute.

“no i have to go She told him. there’s an emergency at work.”

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Nathan sighed.. “thank you For this Doctor. i owe you one.”

” no problem ” Ragid told him.

” I hope you will sort things out with your girlfriend.”

“yeah man, thanx again ” Nathan shook his hand. he had called his friend from the hospital Nora worked from. They met up and he asked him to help find where Nora was.

he knew she wouldn’t pick his calls so the only way was to use work.

He drove to the station to go and get her. Though he knew she wouldn’t be happy knowing he used her work place to find her, but it was a risk he was willing to take if he had to see her.

As he drove through the entrance of the station his eyes searched around and he finally saw her standing near a shelter her bag placed on the wooden long stool next to her. He packed the car a few steps away and walked to her, with each step his heart raced.

just hours ago the woman standing ahead of him was his sweet lover, the woman he loved with all his passion and now he had to look at her as a sister “how awkward is that! ‘ he thought to himself.

‘Hey !” he called out as he stood behind her. Nora turned to look at him and she was puzzled..

“you? What are you doing here Nathan? ” She asked looking around trying to see if the driver doctor Ragid said was going to pick her was any where near.

“No one is coming ” Nora he told her without answering her original question.

“I am the one who asked Doctor Ragid to call you. there’s no meeting ” he explained.

“oh no don’t tell me you did this!.” Nora shouted.

“what do you want from me Nathan? I thought I was clear when I said I want nothing to do with you. please leave me alone I don’t want to see you.”

“No Nora we need to talk.” he pleaded extending his hands to hold hers but she quickly withdrew.

“What about Nathan?” She asked seriously .

“Come with me please not here. you can go after we are done I just want to have this last chance to talk to you please.”

Nora looked at him, the Bright light from the pole shinning in her face making it difficulty for her to directly look at his face. she knew he wasn’t going to leave her alone until she did what he asked of her..

She followed him to the car silently as he carried her bag. They drove silently. she noticed he headed to her flat but still stayed quite. The tension between them was growing each minute that passed. He parked his car in the parking slot and walked to the other side and opened the door for her.

silently they walked to the flat, she took the keys from her hand bag and opened the door, turning the light on she went and sat on the couch.. “so what is this about now?” she asked him.

Nathan didn’t sit down instead he stood by the wall looking at her.

The pain he saw in her eyes made him want to hold her and tell her it will be okay. All he wanted was to place her head on his chest and help her feel comforted but how was he going to ignore the fact of the only person he had ever now being his sister. he fought every instinct to be close to her.

“Nora am sorry we have to go through this I really am and i don’t even know how am going to live my life from now on.” He started.

“It’s not your fault Nathan we are just victims of our parent’s decisions.” she said crying.” I dont know how to live through this honestly, I wish i could just die Nathan. I dont know how you have managed to stay sane the past hours but am not strong enough. ”

Nathan looked at her cry his own face in tears . he couldn’t bare seeing her that hurt. He rashes to her and hugged her tightly as he lifted her from the couch. she cried loudly..

” shshshshs.. it’s okey,” Nathan comforted her. Trying to control his own tears.

After minutes of crying in his arms, Nora calm down. He moved back a bit and looked her, her face so close to him.

” we gonna be okey.” he whispered not even sure of his own words.

To be continued…