Sins Of My Parents Episode 15


Joe unfolded the note..


“Am so heartbroken and most of all disappointed with you and your first wife Rachael who turns out to be my mother. I know the whole truth now after seeing her photo and because of your sins, me and Nathan are the ones paying. You two have made us commit the unthinkable and most forbidden sin one would commit to his or her own family. How dare you? You have killed me. I don’t know how to live this life anymore. thanks to you and mom my life is over. Hope you tell your son the truth..

Nora.. ”

Joe’s face was wet with tears as he finished reading. ” It can’t be, oh my God what have we done?” He opened the next drawer and got some pills to calm him down. His Blood pressure was rising and he felt the numbness in his legs returning. he got his phone and dialed Nora’s line but it went unanswered, he tried several times but nothing.

” What do I do?” Joe struggled putting down his crutches and sitting in the chair panicking. his shirt was wet with sweat in minutes. ” Racheal, oh my God Racheal what have we done to our son and your daughter. ” he covered his face crying and weeping like a woman. he felt the weight of all he’s ever done wrong push in on him. He felt like the past had come to hunt him and had no idea how to escape the dungeon he was tied in.

He called Nathan “son Where are you?” he asked immediately he picked it.

“oh dad it’s a surprise for Nora. am waiting for someone in town and will be back soon.”

“please Nathan come back here now! ” He told him almost screaming.

“but Dad what’s wrong you sound awkward. is everything alright? Tell me what’s wrong are scaring me..” Nathan told him sounding really worried..

” listen to me son just leave whatever you are doing and come back immediately. it’s about Nora.”

“What? What happened to Nora dad please tell me already

” just come back please I beg you” Joe told his son tears and sweat running down his face..

“ok dad am coming now.”

He cut the line and as he speed off joining the main road he dialled Racheal’s line.

” am sorry mam something came up and I had to rush home. please just come to the address I text you directly. i will meet you there.”

“that’s ok my dear” Racheal answered in a calm voice..

Nathan accelerated immediately he cut the call..

Driving through the gate he banged the door and ran to the house.

” dad ! ” He called out, “where are you? Nora! ” He called again not knowing whether to check on his father first or Nora’s room.

he decided to ran to Nora’s room first and when he peeped saw there was no one, he dashed back to the father’s room.

“he’s in the study” the maid told him before he could open his father’s bedroom.

He took some quick steps and opened the door and saw his father seated silently and he was alone.

” dad what’s going on?” He asked moving slowly to him. ” where is Nora? ”

Joe wiped his face ” come here Nathan” he said indicating him to sit down.

Nathan reluctantly sat looking unease.

“Am here father please talk to me you look bad. what is it? please tell me my Nora is fine ” he said desperate..

“She’s gone Nathan I have no idea where. she left close to an hour ago.”

” what was that? ” Nathan asked his facial expression changing from curiosity to devastation.

” no she can’t leave me just like that. what happened? What did you do dad! ” he screamed standing up.

” calm down Nathan let me explain.” Joe tried to speak

” oh dad I swear to God if you hurt her I will not forgive you”

Joe shook his head, “sit down Nathan please I have to tell you something ” he begged in a low tone. not knowing where to begin from. The look on his son’s face was the same he had when Nancy died and it scared him. He knew what was coming will destroy his son’s life and he was not sure how he was to survive his own son rejecting and leaving him all alone again.

“Nathan Am sorry, truly sorry for what am about to tell you.” Joe told his son who was just looking at him waiting for him to spit it out already.

Joe got a letter Racheal wrote to him and handed it.

” what’s this?” Nathan asked surprised seeing his name written on the letter with an unfamiliar hand writing.

” read it son” Joe whispered, ” that letter changes everything

Nathan read the letter and repeated trying to make sense out of it ” dad who wrote this, my mother? Racheal? What’s this ? please say something ”

Joe sighed..” son listen to me, I didn’t plan or intend for any of this to happen and am sorry. That letter was written by your biological mother. Nancy your mom as you know, wasn’t your biological mother.” Joe went on explaining all the details about Racheal and how she left him as a baby.

Nathan shook his head. “so my mother left me? And you were the cause dad? What kind of people gave birth to me?” he frowned.

“As though having a drunk and womanizing father is not enough, my own mother dumped me like I was nothing.” he cried unable to control his anger. he felt his heart break and everything seemed like a dream.” No wonder” , he went on, “you treated my mother like she was nothing …”

“Son please forgive me” Joe cried “am so sorry you have to go through this. the worst part is now you cannot be with Nora.”

“now what dad? you are now going to take away the only person who keeps me going in this crazy life You brought me up? ” Nathan screamed at his father

“you know what dad? To hell with your bulls***, am out of here and am getting my woman too. ” he said walking to the door.

“I don’t care about you or that woman you call my mother. In fact if she’s alive tell her she’s not my mother. I burried my mother and it’s all your fault. ” he snapped.

“Stop Nathan!” Joe shouted. ” I said you can’t be with Nora and am serious. just listen to me.”

Nathan let a weak laugh tears still filled his eyes. ” why?” He asked looking at his father.

“Because Racheal is the mother to Nora and Nora found out the truth now she’s gone. I have no idea where to.” Joe told him extending the photo of Racheal to him.

Nathan remembered the pics in Nora’s phone and indeed it was the same woman. “she’s Nora ‘s mother Nathan and your mother too.” Joe said almost whispering

“Oh God! ” Nathan cried, ” no please tell me this isn’t true, please dad she can’t be my sister. oh my God what have I done to deserve this punishment ?” he cried sliding on the wall all the way till he sat on the floor..

“oh Please it can’t be. dad you have killed me ” he looked at his father his face full of tears and the most devastated look Joe had ever seen. he held his chair squeezing it tight, his son was suffering and it was all his fault.

“Forgive me son” he begged “please am so sorry I didnt mean to put you through so much agony. believe me am sorry.”

“Believe you dad? Believe you, how could you do this to me? how could you.. I …I ..can’t do this right now” he stammered standing up and heading out.

“come back Nathan!” Joe called him, but he went straight and locked himself in his bedroom.

he sat down leaning on the bed and cried bitterly ” no my God this is not happening he hit his head “come on wake up Nathan. it’s all a bad dream ” he told himself.

After crying for some time he got his phone and dialled Nora’s line. the first went unanswered and he redialled it , it almost cutting before he heard a very low voice of Nora on the other side.

” babe, where are you ? Please come back here. where are you i come pick you up, tell me please.”

” am sorry Nathan but I can’t am going far away from here. have you talked to your father? ” She asked him.

“Yeah I have but babe, this cant be true. You know i love you there must be a mistake somewhere. please come we talk about this I need you Nora please come back my love.”

“Stop calling me that ” Nora cried “we are siblings don’t you understand ? it’s an abomination. what we have done is not only immoral it’s a curse. please forget you ever knew me Nathan I won’t come back.”

“No no. .listen Nora you can’t do this to us please. come on we love each other. it doesnt matter what anyone thinks just listen to me.” Nathan pleaded

“Oh Nathan stop it now, just listen to your self. what you are asking is impossible. forget it” she said cutting the line.

“oh Please dont cut.. ” Nathan cried, he tried to call back but Nora switched off her phone.

“please please Nora don’t leave me now please….!” He screamed crying.

To be continued…