Silently Deep Final Episode 30



I looked at the environment around me breathing in the fresh air and breathing out deeply, it was so good feeling. I loved the feel of fresh air again. It had been 4 hours after I managed to pull out an escape from Prison.

Money can buy anything indeed, well probably except from life. It just got me my freedom back.

I figured no one would want to check on me to discover I was no longer in prison, my family clearly hated me for killing my mother and my husband, none of them wanted anything to do with me. Well, sounds bad enough but I used it to my advantage.

I used the money my Doctor had left hidden since he never wanted to put it in the bank due to his fugitive status.

Lucky me I got to know where he hid the money and I intended to use it for a complete start over.

“Its a beautiful day” I stretched myself making a strong stance on my heels my short dress moving up my thighs I pulled it back a little bit and paced around.

“What now?” My right hand man asked me.

“Well did you follow him the past days?” I asked him instead.

“Yeah I did as you asked, he has some kind of party tonight” The guy informed me

“Good am going there” I shrugged casually.

“What?, Cleo come on that is too dangerous, You don’t have to do that, let’s just go to the airport and fly out so we both can start over, you cannot risk it at the moment.” He pleaded

“Well, If I just go he will never know how much of a failure he is now, will he?” I laughed looking at him.

He was nice. He was one of the people that I came to like cause he could produce results. Unlike his other friends who were killed the day I was caught, him was part of the brains behind my actions and I felt a bit drawn to him. His ability to come up with clever ideas and execute them successfully turned me on.

“I don’t understand why you are so obsessed by that dull cop. Forget him !” He shouted jealously.

“You are right love. I don’t need to, look at me” I moved closer to him seductively.

“I like you a lot and you are so damn hot. You and me could have a better life away from all this mess. I know you are the only one that has loved me for who I am and now it’s time I paid you back for your hard work and royalty.” I smiled and I saw his face beam with Joy.

“You knew what I felt for you all along?” His deep sexy voice whispered

“Yeah silly. I know you are still here today because you fall in love with me. I could see how you hated the doctor cause I was sleeping with him but you still loved me, so yeah, even though I cannot say the same about my feelings towards you, I know I can learn to love you” I smiled and before i could say any more he pulled me to himself planting a passionate kiss on my lips he left me breathless by the time he was done.

My plan was put on halt as he lifted me to the bed and made love to me. To say he was a beast in bed is an understatement. He drove me wild at the end of 3 rounds he was still hard I smiled amazed.

“You are the man” I rubbed his torsos and he smiled proudly

“I will make you happy baby girl. You are so beautiful and am the man for You” he kissed my forehead and I looked up his face.

“You are not so bad yourself.” I pulled myself off bed and walked to take a quick bath.

“Come back we still have 3 hours before our flight” he came to hold me from my back but I pushed him away.

“Let me just do this please, I need to somehow say bye to him. I promise I won’t comprise our going. Today, come what may, we will leave this country” i kissed his lips and he stood there watching me bath.

Later that evening I was at the party watching as people drunk and danced around. My eyes were set on Theo as he held Tacy dancing. They looked perfect and even though I had to wipe my tears and try to calm myself, I felt happy for him . The fact that he was with my young aunty got me feel a bit safe for him. He was in good hands. Well, I knew Tacy was a good person and she was so full of love too.

“Well, my Theo, I have to let go now. Maybe will see you again in the near future.” i whispered to myself and went to the other end of the room getting a glass of wine and holding it out looking at him. I wanted him to have the last look of my face and I made sure he saw me and I walked out quickly.

I saw him following me and made a quick call, turning to a corner.

“He is coming out. Move on now!” I told the other person on the other end and she stepped out just as Theo was emerging from the hall and walked to the car driving off. I smiled seeing how easily he fall for the bait. He talked to his friend and quickly drove out making me smile as I watched him disappear and his friend muttering to himself am sure he thought Theo was going nuts.

“Good bye my love!” I whispered to myself and walked to the car in the back where Dan was waiting for me.

“Done, can we go now?” I smiled at him and he shook his head in disbelief.

“You are so unbelievable and I love you still” he remarked turning on the ignition key.

“I know” I chuckled and we moved away. I learned back satisfied and 40 minutes later we were taking off from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

I looked down and smiled.

“Good bye” I whispered inside and leaned my head on Dan who wrapped me around himself I hoped that was the beginning of a happy life I so much wanted with Theo. I did what I could cause of my bitter experience in my marriage and desire to be with the man I loved and regretted less for most of my crimes. For me that was my way of getting what I wanted and well it didn’t work out but I was certain Theo would live to remember me for sure. I was a big part of his memory and he would probably live to tell my story.

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I followed the car till it came to stop in front of a yard. The lady came out and I rushed out shouting


She slowly turned looking at me and i was shocked seeing it was a different person.

“No, it can’t be” I whispered getting closer to her. Then it clicked, She had created a diversion.

I knew she was no longer in Prison. earlier Mwila called me and told me Cleo was no longer in prison. But there was no record of how she escaped.

“Put your hands where I can see them!” I shouted at the lady who simply obeyed.

“Where is She” I shouted closing in to her.

She smiled shaking her head.

“I don’t know but I was just called to wear these clothes and come to the party. She told me she has left and wanted to prove to you her words that you would never lock her up. You lost! ” She smiled like it was a good thing she was telling me.

Well it was evident Cleo had disappeared and this time i knew she had just pulled the last move on me and I would never get her.

Trying to follow up the matter, I discovered she had paid a bribe to the warder and fleed out of the country with an unknown guy.

Time past and it was silent with no clue where she was and I decided to rest the case. Natalie’s mother and son were safe and i could help them once in a while. Everything seemed normal and I started telling myself I needed to move on.

“Just move on, get married to Tacy since you seem to love her and forget about Cleo” Mwila told me one afternoon.

“Look” he smiled pointing behind me.

I turned to look and there was Tacy waving at me.

Deep inside my head I knew there was still a silent voice that told me I still loved Cleo. I felt I would miss the chase as it kept me somehow closer to her. I was glad I found someone closer to her and was glad she loved me more, I silently wished her love was enough for both of us.

“Hey!” She beamed when i was closer to her.

“Hey, You ready?” I smiled holding her closer to me.

“Yeah, guess so. I hope your parent’s will like me” She giggled.

“I can assure you, you are the kind of daughter in law they always wished for. They will love you” I assured her and I was not joking about that. I knew my mother was going to love her more than I did and that was enough for me to make her my wife.

I looked back at Mwila who waved at me with a smile. I waved back and looked in front joining the main road.

……… The end…………

Story By Tisa Phiri