Silently Deep Episode 29


5 weeks later.

I was at my parents house after signing adoption papers for the boy Natalie brought me. I loved him like my own son and even though I had felt bad knowing he was just stolen. I still needed him as my own.

His real mother whom I came to learn was doing some small jobs and was apparently not doing so well, begged me that day to help her take care of her child.

“I need your help sir, this child barely knows me and he can now talk and walk. I cannot give him the life he is used to” she cried out.

“I didn’t know my son was in good hands, I know I cannot force you to do anything to help but I … ”

“I got you, it’s alright, I already take him as a son and am not going to abandon him. Come through for any kind of help you need. I will help him till he is old enough” I cut her.

She was so happy and kept thanking me for the offer and we concluded the issue on a good note with me signing papers to adopt him as my son. He was still young though, so I asked her to keep her till the boy was old enough to come live with me.

“So what now that this is all over?” My mother patted my hand. I signed deeply looking at her.

“I don’t know mom, maybe now it’s time to concentrate on my work. I feel I have been stuck on the same issue of Cleo the past years and now that she is in jail, I wish to continue working normally and look at other issues too.” I chuckled

“You are not a small boy my son, you need to settle down and start a family. I mean, a real family” She spoke with concern.

“I don’t know mother, I have been through quite a lot with issues of women in a short period am scared of ending up hurt again.” I told her as a matter of fact.

She tried to talk me into considering the issue but I was not giving her any false hope.

Like to save me from my mother, my phone rung and I excused myself walking aside.

“Hey” I answered

“Hey Theo, still at your parent’s?” Mwila asked.

“Yes, what’s going on?”

“You need to come back here, something to do with Cleo” he informed me and I stood silent not wanting to hear the bad news.

“Am joking man, come on!” He shouted laughing.

“If you were nearby I could have hit you in the face for this , seriously?” I snapped

“Yeah I know how that woman got to your head. Anyway, are you coming for the farewell party for our boss? ” he quickly changed the subject.

“Oh it’s today? I completely forgot. Right am starting off soon” I told him and quickly said my good byes to my parents and drove away.

The party was taking place in the night and I had to go with a partner as Mwila insisted I go with someone and even though he didn’t say it direct he wanted me to go with Tacy.

Some fear of being hurt or disappointed again I had tried to push my feelings for her away and even though she kept popping in my mind, I tried to ignore her.

That night I called to ask her to accompany me to the party and she gladly accepted.

I was standing in front of her house waiting for her to come out and she came dresed in a long night gown that outlined her body. Her weave properly tied up with the latest fashion of the women’s hair extensions, one would think it was her hair. Her looks struck me I was motionless as she approached me. She had to chose red of all colours.

It brought out her sweet beaming face and her make up was admirable. Not that which would irritate me, but perfect and in order. .”shall We?” She asked waving her finger at me and i laughed knowing she caught me staring.

“Can I kiss You?” Was all I could manage to ask her and she smiled nodding her head.

“What took you so long?” She asked moving closer to me and I took the chance and enjoy my lucky night.

There was this sweetness on her lips that made me hold on to her and right in front of her house, we held each other and kissed like people that had been starved for years.

Well, I was starved cause at the moment I could feel i had never felt that good and connected to someone.

“I love You” I whispered to her and she smiled her small gap in the teeth making me want more of her kisses.

“Can we now go?” She shyly asked.

“Well sure your highness” I teased bowing down and giving her my hand and she lifted her dress a little bit stepping forward.

I looked at her as she sat in the car and I realised why I was attracted to her, she had features of Cleopatra. There was some similarities in her and I stood there wondering if she was the right person for me.

“What now?” She pulled my hand startling me.

“Am sorry, I just thought of something, I… forget it” I cut myself and walked around to drive us.

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At the party I kept looking at her to see if at all I could see anything Cleo about her.

“What do you see in Her?” I asked Mwila who came to stand with me as his wife talked with Tacy a few meters away.

“What?” He looked at them questioning

“She looks a bit like Cleo. Am I mistaken man, have I been attracted to her because of her niece?”

“Yeah it could be” he laughed aloud making me hit his shoulder

“Come on, am being serious.. I cannot afford another Cleo drama man. Am beginning to doubt If what I feel is not connected to her.”

“You are insane to compare that woman to Cleo man. Take a good look at her. She is so calm, so innocent and talks much sense. She is no Cleo my man forget it. That woman is locked up and she will never come out of that hell hole”

As we talked I saw a figure walk through the clouds holding a glass of wine the same way Cleo would hold it. Her face was not so clear as the shadows from where she stood covered my clear view.

“Wait, am coming back” I handed him my glass and followed the woman who was now heading out the door.

“It cannot be” I whispered to myself and didn’t notice Mwila had followed me.

“Who is it?” He asked as we approached the entrance of the banquet hall and the lady got into the car driving away.

“Do you have the number for anyone at the prisons?” I looked at Mwila

“Yes, What is it now?” He asked wondering.

“Ask if Cleo is in there. Am going after that woman..” I spoke walking on to the car park.

“Theo what is going on?” He shouted standing in one place watching me.

“Make sure you keep Tacy in sight man. Don’t loose her!” I shouted and started the car engine quickly going after the car that just went out.

I saw Mwila shaking his head as I drove past him but I ignored him. I knew he was thinking I was being paranoid again. It was the second time I was following someone i thought looked like Cleo and the first attempt turned out wrong. But I had a different feeling this time. My heart kept racing as the other car came into full view.

“Who are You?” I asked myself.

Story continues…