Silently Deep Episode 19



I noticed Natalie kept looking back, she would shout and look back as though she was giving someone a signal. I realized she had me sold out. There was no other way of explaining how Mwila and Theo suddenly showed up at our hiding place.

“Stop the car!” I shouted at the driver.

“But we are in the middle of the road and..”

“I said stop the car dammit! Must I repeat myself before you do as I say?” I yelled the more looking at the driver.

He pulled over with a screeching sound from the tires and I stepped out grabbing Natalie by the hand.

“Come here you irresponsible girl, your stupid behavior almost cost me a lot, how dare you tell them about me! Do you have an idea how much I have worked to come this far?” I shouted the more shaking her.

A small item planted at the back of her hair was revealed and I pulled it out. Placing it to the ground and smashed it into pieces.

“Let me see how he will find you fool!” I spanked her hard across the face and she held it in pain begging for me to let her go.

“Change of plan! I shouted towards the driver.

“Turn left” I added and he did as I commanded.

Now that I had Theo where I wanted, in love with Natalie, my plan was to take over her place. I didn’t want to kill her per say. But she just got me pissed with her behavior spilling the beans at the last minute. I was shaking my leg as the vehicle cruised through the busy road, I couldn’t hold myself. Time was ticking and I needed to act fast. I didn’t come all the way to fail at the last minute. Being with Theo was the last chance at my happiness. Initially I planned on taking someone’s face and make him fall in love with me. but when the first attempt to get Shila`s face failed, I found myself a bit stuck. Thankfully she died on me before the doctor could work on giving me her face. The plan was to lead Shila to be captured by Theo and then pretend to be her.

It all went sour when the girl died falling to survive a simple surgery, then It clicked, what better way of starting over with the man I had fallen in love with and who was after me than making him think I was dead.

So well, I schemed for a suicide and planted Shila`s body. The doctors helped me fake the DNA test results and it was all perfect.

Now that I was at the verge of succeeding, I could not hold my anger at Mercy who wanted to ruin it all. She was stupid enough to fall in love with him too.

“Well, she should have known better than falling in love with my man” I screamed in my head looking ahead the now stretched out road.

“Turn left and park the car” I instructed the driver yet again.

“Come on Natalie, out of the car!” I shouted as she cried begging for me to spare her life. It was so funny how much her face and mine looked the same.

“You see, my doctor is the best. He is worthy the millions I paid for this. Well who needs money now that am going to live the rest of my life with the man I love” I smiled at her sad face.

“You see, no one would tell us apart, just listen to my voice” I laughed out teasing her as she trembled.

“Yeah I have everything you have Mercy. Not to cry over this though it’s not your face after all. The only difference is that mine is permanent. I had thought of giving you back your face and life but this last act has cost you so much” I shook my head rubbing my hands.

I was in a pair of jeans and a soft plain t-shirt. The outfit I had planned to put-on that day so that I would fit in Natalie`s kind of swag.

“Please I beg you she knelt down crying.

“I have a son, he still needs me please I beg you” she went on making noise and I slapped her hard.

“Your son doesn’t even know you anymore, you saw him last year remember? He knows aunty Shila though” I laughed teasing her.

“Yeah. You are so done my friend I will…” I could not finish my sentence and the driver yelled to let me know he could see Theo`s car from down the hill since we parked at a hill side.

“What now?” he asked panicking.

“Don’t worry I got this!” I shouted moving to Natalie.


I was driving like a mad person, I didn`t really know what was driving me, either the hate I felt for Cleo or the fear of losing the woman who I had come to love so much.

I heard a few shouting and the listening device went squeaking then silent.

“Dammit!” I cursed knowing she had found it.

I drove forward now hoping they were nearby. After 5 minutes of driving, I found the smashed piece. A couple of minutes I stood there feeling lost, I didn’t know which way to take. Either the right or left turn since it was a T junction. Seeing a vehicle coming from the left turn I raised my badge in the air to stop the man.

“Excuse me sir, am a cop. Have you seen any vehicle driving at a great speed heading where you are coming from?” I asked him.

“Um, no Sir. There is only one car that went this way and it was not driving past 40 Ks” he responded.

“Right thank you!” I answered and ran back to the vehicle knowing she had gone the other way.

I could see the hill approaching ahead of me and I accelerated to get closer.

“Here you are!” I whispered to myself in my head approaching the car parked on the side.

“Cleo stop it now it’s over!” I shouted seeing her standing over Natalie who was panting and shouting to be let free.

“Drop the weapon!” I ordered matching to them slowly pointing my gun at her. She quickly dropped it her hand shaking.

“Theo! You came!” Natalie cried out coming to hug me.

“You alright?” I asked her and immediately Mwila and the other officers pulled over. They were following me.

“Yes, she is crazy. She was almost killing me!” she cried clinging to me so tight.

“You are safe now, it’s all over “I rubbed her gently and she leaned her head on my shoulders. I could feel her warm body and heartbeat.

“You are under rest Cleopatra Mubanga! For the murder of your husband, “I could hear the officer announcing some charges against Cleo. I wondered why she had not spoken a word though. Looking back I saw her face wet with tears.

Natalie was taken to give her own statement and at that moment I walked towards Cleo and stood straight on her. She sobbed softly looking down the ground her hands in cuffs. “You will rot in Jail for what you have made me go through and for the crimes you committed. I don’t believe you turned out this evil Cleopatra” I shook my head but she was silent.

“I don’t believe your fake tears” I added wanting her to shout and say whatever she was feeling inside but she remained silent until they lead her to the other vehicle.

“Can we go home now Theo, I have had a rough day you know, I need to rest” Natalie who was beside me all the time holding on to my hand spoke up.

“Of course, I will take you home and go to the station I need to give my statement.” I sighed. She leaned forward and kissed my lips.

“I love you” she whispered

“Well, Natalie, I don’t think now is the right time for that. Let me take you home then later on we can talk about us. So much has happened and I need to clear my head before deciding to go on with this marriage” I told her a as matter of fact.

“Yeah sure.” she sighed disappointed.

“I understand, whatever decision you will make after this I will accept it” she added and walked to the vehicle before me.

All the way as I drove her home, she was silent, she didn’t say a word and I assumed she was sad about my earlier statement. I dropped her home leaving immediately.

“You have to hurry back here” Mwila called me as soon as I drove out my yard.

“The boss needs you to give your full statement too” he added.

“Am on my way man, just a few minutes away” I sighed cutting the line.

Story continues…