Silently Deep Episode 18



Tracking Natalie’s movements proved futile. Everytime I thought I was catching up on her she turned things in such a way that found myself a step backwards.

“I don’t understand why you keep on torelarating her. She is behaved like a lunatic for a while but I still dont get why you would let her make a fool out of you” Mwila remarked shaking his head at me after hours of us waiting at Natalie’s old house trying to see what goes on.

“What do you expect me to do man? I married her, she is my wife. There is no way I would react without getting to the roots of whatever is causing her to behave this way” I argued

“Well, suit yourself. After all in the first place I didn’t like the way that woman came into your life.” He added.

That evening like others before it, we drove away without anything.

I got home after 21 hours and as I walked towards the door I saw her standing by the door staring in my direction.

“We need to talk but not here” she spoke before I could say anything to her.

“Am not in the mood to play your silly games Natalie. I so much wanted this marriage to work but for some reason not so sure what, you seem to be out to torture me. All I have done is love you and our son, I do everything for you in this house. Am faithful to you but am being punished still” I complained in response to her.

“Am serious this time Theo. I really have to talk to you and I hope you understand me and try help me out”she responded calmly her voice a bit broken it seemed she wanted to cry.

“Okay am all ears” I told her without moving from where I stood.

“Not here, she is listening” she responded and walked me to my car.

“Can we drive out? Please” she sighed when she saw how reluctant I was to follow her lead.

I hesitated a bit but on second thought I walked around the car and drove us away from the house. We drove around for almost 10 minutes without her saying a thing.

I was just about to ask why she wanted us out of the house when she opened her mouth to speak.

“Am not Natalie, my name is Mercy. Cleo is alive. The person you burried as Cleo is my best friend Shila. I don’t know what she is up to now, she has been plotting and scheeming for some time. I am not aware what she is onto for now but that woman is dangerous, am not even sure what she is going to do to me if she knew am telling you this” Natalie rushed through her statement leaving me speechless.

I was hoping she was playing some kind of joke on me but her facial expression told me she was being serious.

“What are you telling me?” I calmly spoke when she paused.

“Am sorry Theo, I was forced to do this but I see everything has gone to the extremes am so sick and tired of everything. I want my poor life back and even though i cannot pull back the hands of time to make things right, I hope one day you will learn to forgive me.

That baby at home is not yours either. I was never pregnant. She arranged for everything making me wear a bump for months and faking to have labour. The doctor and everything else about that period was fake. My parents, my name ….” she went on explaining everything like she was reading some kind of story written in some book for me.

By the time she was done i was shaking. Not sure what it was, Rage, disappointment, anguish or whatever it was made me so sweaty my forehead was dripping like i was socked in some water.

I looked at her not knowing what I was going to do with her.

“Oh God is this some kind of a dream?” I asked myself looking out the window the night breeze soothing my face.

“I don’t know how long I have left to live but I want you to know that even though i came in your life as an imposter and did bad things to you on the command of that woman. I have fallen in love with you. It’s the more reason am telling you all this now. I can’t continue seeing you this sad and tormented, believe it or not I love you. I know I have no right to any of your kindness and love you showed me the past months we have been married so I will not blame you if you locked me up in prison, but please protect my son and my mother. You are working with the Police and I need you to do anything in your powers to help them please. They are all I have in this world. ” She cried holding my hand tears falling on it.

I looked at her and away.

“You have no idea how happy I was that I finally manage to find the woman I loved. Cleo was the reason I failed to get married for a long time and I was honestly happy she was not alive as I felt free. To hear she is out there and scheeming against me is.. I don’t know how to put it in words .” I paused my heart aching.

” I will find her, I can assure you of that fact and this time around she will not fool me like she did last time.” I told her and I was being so serious. I knew at that moment what I felt for Cleo was hate.

I had all the reasons to hate Natalie but I found myself feeling pity for her. She was suffering too and I could hear her cry in her sleep that night. This time I planned to find a better way of catching Cleo. I asked Natalie to act like she was still on her side for a while till I was able to capture her.

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A few days later, as per plan I asked Natalie who had told me she was supposed to meet up with her as she told her to, to go ahead and act normal.

Without informing anyone, not even Mwila, I got in my car following her to where ever they would meet. I planted a listening device on Natalie so that I could hear whatever they were going to be discussing.

“Why did you take so long to reach here” I heard some voice shouting.

“Am sorry, I had to find a way to escape him. He was home today” came Natalie’s voice.

“Well, this thing has gone on for so long. It’s high time i put this history in the closed book and move forward.” The first voice spoke again and I could hear her clearly and loudly I assumed she had moved closer to Natalie.

“What have you done to your face?” A worried and panicking voice of Natalie(ofcourse as I assumed it was cause from what I could hear the voices sounded the same.

“Am taking over your life Natalie. You have acted on my behalf for a long time.”

“What do you mean Cleo, i have done all you wanted me to. Why in God’s name are you doing this?” She cried.

“Listen to me you good for nothing woman, you do not fit in any of my future plans. And if you know so much am not going to let you live” I heard a scream as the voice spoke.

“Please stop now am not going to tell anyone about you, I beg you cleo” the scream went on and I increased the accelerator to catch up with them.

I knew they were a few meters away so I cruised to make sure I get there before Natalie could get hurt.

“Stop now! Put your hands where I can see them!” Suddenly a male voice i immediately recognized shouted.

“Mwila what the hell!” I whispered and parked the vehicle outside the guest house running out to the rooms without locking the door to the car.

A loud gun shot sounded in the same room I was approaching and I startled and stopped for a second wondering what was going on.

“Dammit!” I screamed running through the hallway towards room 5 as told by Natalie, was their meeting place.

Before I could get there Two men came my way shooting at me.

I didn’t expect that kind of action but thankfully I had my gun on me.

I pulled out the gun and shot back at the two guys. For a good 5 minutes we exchanged shots and before I could realise they were creating a deviation, I heard Natalie’s screams as they pushed her into a car behind me.

I looked back and the car drove away. The two shooters ran back. For a second I debated whether to go inside and check on my friend or go after Natalie. The Police silens where blaring from some distance.

Shaking my head I rushed inside just to find Mwila in a pool of blood. He was screaming in pain shot in his shoulder.

“Go after her !” He shouted pointing out.

“You are hurt Mwila, I can’t leave you like this. What the hell are you even doing here?” I asked as I tied him to stop blood from coming out.

“I was folllowing your wife on my own. I notice everytime we went after her together she disappeared. I then realised she had you under surveillance but not me. ” he winced trying to sit up.

“Cleo is still alive man, Natalie told me everything” I looked at him.

“What?”Mwila Held his hand trying to stand.

“That explains a lot of things Theo. I saw two women here and you know what was absurd? I thought they looked the same” he added

“What do you mean they looked the same?” I asked him looking around for any clues.

“Yeah their faces..”

He could not finish his sentence and I walked closer to him

“Ofcourse, that’s it!” I let a scream holding my head.

“What is?” Mwila asked

“Come on we have to go now!” I shouted walking to the door.

“Call in some ambulance and please tell the boss everything. Inform him Cleo is alive but wait till I get back before I give him the entire story” I shouted as I rushed to my car.

“Wait! What do you mean that’s it? What is going on?” Mwila lifted his hand to stop me.

“She is going to kill her and take her place in my house” I responded stopping for a couple of seconds.

“She..” he almost asked but I ran to my car. I had to get to her before it was too late.

“Where are you taking me you psycho!” I could hear Natalie shouting and crying and I was glad the listening device was still on her.

“Please God don’t let her kill her. Keep her safe till I get there” I said a little prayer as I followed the direction of the tracker.

Story continues…