Most people cheat because they pay attention to what they are missing rather than what they have. – Anonymous

This week we received a letter from Eric, a young gentleman who resides in the city of Accra. In his letter, he expressed his disappointment about how his girlfriend of six (6) years left him to pursue and establish her faith and relationship with Jesus Christ… this is a really serious issue at hand.

He wrote “I met her when I was in my third year in high school and we were both nineteen (19). We did almost everything and became the talk of the school with our enviable relationship. We mostly took part in stage performances during entertainment; I would rap and sing and she would dance for me whenever we went upstage.

Frimponmaa’s love for me was beyond measure and so was mine. We applied to the same college and studied together and helped each other in order to gain admission into the nation’s premier university, The University of Ghana.

It was indeed a fact that we both paid no heed to religion though we were both from Christian homes. We only went to church on 31st night of every December; call me crazy but it was fun. We were both always happy; we had sex almost every day and barely argued… I had indeed found my soul mate.

College was no different; we studied and went to class from Monday to Friday and partied on Saturday and Sunday. Frimps was an amazing dancer with sexy moves that can be likened to that of stripper.

With her amazing figure and perfect facial bone structure, she always did turn heads whenever she rocked her bikini at the beach… it even got pretty obvious on our last trip to Sao Tome.

Everything changed when a Christian group visited our campus in our final year at the University. Just when everything was getting better and better between me and my girl, they came in and wrecked it all up! I don’t know how they managed to convince Frimpomaa; she started going for some long scripture union meetings and started behaving really weird with me.

She ruled out sex and only agreed to do it only after marriage. Ah! How does that even make sense? I literally felt like the devil. She began quoting scriptures in our arguments to buttress almost every point she made.

She told me how she has found happiness, security and peace in Christ Jesus which makes me feel like I did nothing for her at all. With all the family riches available to me, I even wanted to buy her a car to see if the nonsense would stop but to my utter dismay, she rejected the idea.

I had no idea she wasn’t happy with me. I feel cheated. How can she possibly feel so content and fulfilled with someone she’s never seen? How is she even sure this is no myth to distract her from a really good life with the one who’s crazy about her?

My girlfriend left me for Jesus and it is not fair! I need help Naya, I’m confused.”

Okay Eric… first of all, you should feel excited that your partner “left you for Jesus.” Be happy that she didn’t follow the trend of the 21st century by dumping you for a much better guy than you. If she has taken the bold step to give her life to Christ and you are not ready to do same, I’d advice that you give her the space to do so freely.

Secondly, this is an opportunity for you to put this “Jesus” to the test to find out who He really is. Get to know Him too and serve him together with Frimpomaa and you’d be amazed at how your relationship would turn out.

By: Nana Yaa Asabea.