Do you rock high heels? You might be the moodiest person ever


– High heels are usually the epitome of a lady’s closet, and no sexy look is official without a pair of stylish stilletos

– Men are however repelled by high-heel wearing ladies for some reason

– Scientists have finally figured out what is behind this tendency

To many women today, high heels are more than just a shoe to them. More of a collectors item. Ladies who brag to having hundreds of shoes most likely have high heels consisting 50 % of the pack. This, as it turns out, brings shivers to men.

Why is this so? Scientists attempted to unmask the mystery behind the sour nature of perfectly beautiful ladies with nice-looking heels to match. Turns out the length of a girl’s heels is directly connected to her moods.

When a lady’s feet slip forward in high heels, she will naturally claw her toes to try to stay into place. The pressure and friction that comes with trying to adjust her feet to the most comfortable position leads to an increase in temperature in the girl’s feet, inevitably leading to callous, which is science for having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others.

This would explain why some ladies loathe going to work, or are so sour towards men at the club. It could be that they are longing for that moment they will get home and finally relieve themselves of the blemishes that came with looking good.

If a lady says her shoes are killing her, should we call it shoe-icide?