Shades Of Romance- Episode 8


“now listen to me and listen good. Go home and wait for my orders. Don’t dare act on your own if you are serious about getting back Tony” I seriously said to Irene who nodded in agreement.

“fine, i can assure you that Tony will be fully yours when i’m done with my plans” I promised the young Lady, who smiled in appreciation.

Early the next day, i headed over to Jenifer’s house to check on her. Of course my grand plan was going as i wanted which made me very relaxed and happy.

Jenifer welcomed me into her apartment with a simple smile on her face, softening my heart with the simple gesture of acceptance. She hardly welcomed me with a smile and so seeing the welcoming smile on her face that morning brought up my hopes to an amazing level.

“I hope you are fine?” i asked innocently. She shrugged, saying nothing.

“I know we got off in a very unpleasant manner but i beg you to forget about it all. Let’s focus on your happiness, I know i’m the last person you expect to trust. But please trust me” I appealed calmly.

“It’s okay Emeka. I see you as a good person, at least i do owe you a lot for opening my eyes to Tony’s deception. Plus the advice you have been giving free of charge. I do appreciate and i value you a lot” she replied to my surprise.

“I asked Tony to be here by 7pm. I will be giving him my decision by that time. I will like you to be present as well” she announced, surprising me further with her words.

“yea i will make my decision today. You will be the witness” she concluded, while i speechlessly stared at her….

I couldn’t concentrate on anything, after leaving Jenifer’s apartment that fateful morning. I couldn’t wait to know the decision she was going to make. My hopes were up so were my fears. It was a fifty-fifty chance.

By 6pm i dragged myself to Tony’s house. He was glad and pleased to see me, wasting no time in pouring out his feelings to me.

“Jenifer asked me to show up at her apartment by 7pm with you. I don’t know why she’s trying to judge me without listening to my defence. It isn’t fair, she’s really taking things too far” he complained unhappily.

“you got a point bro, but i know her to be a level headed girl. I believe she’s inviting you to hear your views, moreover you do know i have been talking to her” i said convincingly.

“I do pray so, because i can’t stand another surprise. I just can’t” he broke down sadly.

“but what if she chooses to be unreasonable, will you keep fighting for her?” I asked,

“of course not!. Yes i do love Jenifer but i won’t continue fooling myself like a school boy if she insists on being unreasonable. I simply will marry Irene and say goodbye to bachelorhood. Believe me, i will do it” he poured out seriously, while i smiled with satisfaction.

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