Shades Of Romance- Episode 7


“yea, anything that will help me get back Tony” she replied. I smiled and nodded.

“you have to pick up your phone, call Jenifer and apologise. Tell her you have left Tony and that she should carry on with him, since she’s very desperate to have him. Make your voice polite, strong, vindicative and innocent” i said quietly to her. She shook with surprise and stared at me with fire in her eyes.

“what??, what did you just say?” she screamed with displeasure.

“Relax my dear, i know what i’m doing. Jenifer is a very decent girl with conscience. I have already told her all about you and she knows you met Tony before her. So doing what i just asked you to do will hit her ego and conscience, forcing her to give up the fight and leave Tony without having a second thought. Trust me” i convinced Irene, who slowly nodded in agreement.

“remember, say nothing on how you got her number to anyone, for your own good” i added as i called out Jenifer’s phone number for her.

Surprisingly Irene was a much better actor than i expected. She brought down her voice to a very mild manner as she apologized to Jenifer.
The phone was on speak out, enabling me to listen easily.

“i’m a good Christian and i don’t believe in fighting my fellow woman for a man. I just did my confession this morning and apologized to God, so forgive me as well. Tony my fiancee is all yours. You can have him” she rounded up with those touching words,

“please wait a minute” we heard Jenifer suddenly beg.

“can we meet?” she asked Irene who instantly looked at me. I shook my head.

“no we can’t meet. I can’t bear seeing you” she answered.

“very well then, it’s cool but i advice you figure out things with your fiancee. He lied to me but it’s over now. I don’t have anything to do with him again. So try and fix things with him” she responded and hung up, leaving Irene beaming with Joy.

“yes!” she screamed happily.

“Jackpot! so easy!” i smiled,
“Jenifer is now mine” i breathed with satisfaction, closing my fist.

To be continued.