Shades Of Romance- Episode 38


I was expertly sent on my knees by a nasty kick from the thug who earlier called me a fool. I shivered and looked on, so scared to even breathe. It just looked as if i was facing a firing squad.

Another thug quickly came forward with something which looked like a perfume, spit on me and sprayed the chemical over my face. I quickly became unconscious, waking hours later to find myself inside a large room built with mud….

The mud house was exactly like the type seen in old native films or in some villages yet to move on with development. However it had good ventilation and cracks through which sunlight came in, making the place less scary. But the surprising part of it all was seeing Jenifer, Chief Manuel and Tony inside the same room as i slowly opened my eyes.
It all looked like a dream, i couldn’t believe myself.

“thank God you are awake” Jenifer murmured with excitement and quickly helped me sit up. I stared at Chief Manuel and Tony who sat together at the far end of the room as if they were ghosts

“how many of us are in this room?” i weakly asked Jenifer. She nervously smiled, throwing a look at them.

“your kidnapped uncle, Tony and I are in here with you” she answered softly. I quickly broke free from her, headed to the locked door and tried to break it with the little strength i had left.

“that’s a very silly thing to do. We are in the heart of a forest, probably near a creek. Don’t try using up your last strength, believe me you will need it. A guy is also outside watching us, he won’t hesitate sending you back to sleep with their nasty chemical. Better relax” Chief Manuel said to me, chilling my heart with the painful revelation. I swallowed hard, turned and stared at Jenifer who nodded with tears.

I threw another look at Tony, not knowing what to make of the things happening to all of us. I truly was astonished seeing him held in the same room, but couldn’t say anything to him since he felt like ignoring me.
I drew close and hugged Jenifer.

Have you ever been in a life threatening situation with the people you care about?. If yes, then you surely will understand how i felt that moment.

Who the hell kidnapped all of us???

To be continued