Shades Of Romance- Episode 37


It really was a very scary adventure with high risk of ending badly. I threw caution to the wind and followed the kidnappers, ignoring pleas from Joe to stop and make a better plan.

The red Camry soon got to a junction some kilometers into Asaba and took a sharp turn, heading right with great speed. I followed without care, increasing my speed a bit and trying hard not to lose the escaping car which really was driven by a very skilled driver.

“my problem with you is that you find it hard to take any advice from me. How do you think we will follow them all the way from Benin without being noticed??. We are heading to an unknown territory. They might be leading us to a trap” Joe protested desperately, but i still was unmoved by his cries.

Unfortunately, he was right. I failed to realise that just as i was good with following the speeding Camry without much stress, the occupants of the car equally weren’t foolish not to notice a car following them all the way from Benin city.
In a couple of minutes we got to a very lonely road typical of most Nigerian villages. The Camry increased its speed forcing me to increase mine, but it was a very silly mistake that almost cost me everything.

Not being familiar with road, i failed to notice a sharp bend and bump ahead, which forced me to step on my brakes as i almost lost control of my car on getting to the spot with full speed.
Just that same moment, I saw the red Camry, turn and head towards us. I had no time to control my car, stop, reverse and flea. All i did was gasp desperately as the Camry car closed in on us.
The lonely road was very clear and empty, a very good place to commit a crime without being undetected.
I saw death before my very eyes.

“oh noooo” Joe screamed, opened the door by his side and dived into the nearby bush, surprisingly leaving me to my fate. I nervously tried to do a skillful maneuver but it yielded no positive result.
The Camry, quickly blocked me while its occupants jumped out with guns ready to shoot.

“get out” three voices screamed at me. I quickly switched off my car, climbed out and surrendered by raising up my hands, my heart pounding furiously.

“Welcome to your death, foolish man” one of the thugs said to me. I instantly felt hot water run down my trouser. I never knew when i urinated on myself.

Joe was nowhere to save my a-s. Of course he warned me and by the look of things wasn’t ready to die with a foolish man like me.

To be continued.