Shades Of Romance- Episode 36


Yea I know Jenifer’s abduction looks like an exaggeration to boost up the story. In fact to me it equally sounded very strange and unbelievable when i got the news as well. Now let’s go back to how it all happened.

On that fateful day, i left my house by 6:00am in order to supervise a delivery which arrived very late the previous night in one of my gas stations. However i first headed to Joe’s house with the intention of picking him up to accompany me, because i was still scared of the unknown.
But as Joe got into my car on getting to his house, i got a very shocking phone call from a friendly neighbour.

“Oga Emeka i saw you drive out minutes ago, please stay low where ever you are. Some hoodlums just got to your compound five minutes ago and they are shooting sporadically. Please stay away. I’m seeing everything from my house” he informed me nervously while i gasped. My mind instantly ran to Jenifer.

“oh God” i breathed.
“please can you see their car, please i need more information” i begged desperately.

“yea they came with a red tinted Camry car. I don’t know how many of them are in the car or in your compound” he answered.

“s–t” i screamed, hung up and dialled D.S.P Maku’s phone number, equally reversing my car at the same time as if i was James Bond, while Joe stared at me curiously.

I told officer Maku of the latest development, and he assured me that his men will be at my house within minutes. I hung up and drove furiously, heading to my house as if i had nine lives.

“where are we going?, not your house of course” Joe asked with fear after listening to my conversation with Maku.

“yes and don’t try to stop me” i replied seriously.

“this is madness, you aren’t thinking straight. Your house is the last place you should be right now” he begged, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. My mind was only on Jenifer’s safety.

However as we got to the junction leading to my street. I got another phone call from one of the guys guarding my house.

“madam oo, madam oo. They took madam” he cried over the Phone, confirming my fears.

Just instantly, a red tinted Camry which fitted the description of the hoodlums car, came up at the junction and headed towards the opposite direction with eye catching speed. I quickly followed them without any care for my safety, though i kept a safe distance behind. The light morning traffic equally worsened the situation by giving the hoodlums enough space to speed dangerously.
In no time we got to Delta/Onitsha highway, without encountering a single police check point.

“i don’t understand what you are trying to do” Joe protested seriously.

“we have a good chance of finding their hideout and solving all these mysteries once and for all by following them. This is the time to prove yourself to me” i grinned coldly.

“we also have a good chance of losing our lives in the process. This is madness” he lamented bitterly. I scoffed and drove on without another word.

The speeding Camry definitely held the answers i badly needed. I couldn’t afford losing it. A ver