Shades Of Romance- Episode 14


I got to a nearby mini police station very close to my house, made a formal report and requested for police protection.

My request was however turned down by a police inspector who claimed that my request was highly unnecessary, that i had no justifiable cause to demand for police protection.
He simply asked me to go home and report back when my life gets threatened. A comment which totally annoyed and forced me to raise my voice on him.

“oga we can’t just assign a police officer to be babysitting you 24hours a day for who knows how long. We don’t have the manpower, we can only spare a man if you want him for a day or two which isn’t the case with you. I think you should go to our area command or state headquarters to make your request, moreover do know that it’s going to cost you a lot. One other thing i noticed is that you are not coming out clean with us. You claim your life is in danger yet you can’t provide anything or clue to back up your claims” the officer turned me down with his terrible English.

I bit my lips eyed him and left the station angrily. It was obvious he wasn’t ready to help and the last thing on my mind was telling him the whole reason i needed protection. Of course i couldn’t open my mouth and blab how i stole my friend’s girl to him.

As i headed to my car, I noticed a policeman running after me. I stopped and stared at him searchingly.
“oga i’m sorry for the little drama that happened between you and our boss” he apologized as he stopped before me, breathing with excitement, he gave me a piece of paper which had a phone number in it.

“just call the guy. He does this kind of odd jobs. Bodyguard, security, anything. His name is Joe, he’s ex-military” he informed me. I smiled, fetched a thousand Naira from my pocket and handed to him.

“thanks” i said with appreciation.
Driving out of the police station, I called the man who luckily was close by.

“drive over to ring road and call me. I’ll be waiting there” Joe said to my delight, but as i drove towards Ring road to meet him, i got a shocking phone call from my gas station manager.

“oga our tanker is on fire oooo. Some guys just came in, attacked us and lit up the tanker” he poured out, leaving me gasping for air with the revelation.

“what!!” i screamed, totally shocked and angry. I couldn’t believe that a tanker i bought some months back with Tony’s help was suddenly attacked and lit up. I needed no telling that my friend Tony was behind the dastardly act.

“Tony why?, why my Tanker?” i cried as i slowly realised that perhaps his revenge was to finish me off by leaving me totally broke, thereby rendering me incapable of sustaining Jenifer.

“oh no, now i get you bro” i sobbed.

To be continued.