Shades Of Romance- Episode 13


“I have to go beg him. I have to apologize to Tony. I think it will go a long way in calming him” Jenifer sobbed.

“you are doing no such thing dear. Let me handle the situation. I know how to follow Tony” i assured her, even though i equally was lost on how to deal with the unexpected situation. I never bargained on Tony’s action which really left me disorganized.

As i left Jenifer’s apartment fifteen minutes later, I dialled Tony’s number.
“guy we need to talk” i said as soon as he answered.

“we got nothing to talk mate. You stabbed my back, now watch out your own back. I know how to stab much more than you” he hissed and hung up, leaving me totally scared. His voice was so different. Seriously he was a changed man.

I headed home, freshened up and drove out to take a little drink. I was very nervous and shaken.
I knew i had to come up with something very fast, but just couldn’t figure out anything because i was clueless of what Tony was planning for me.
I equally couldn’t concentrate on anything that day nor was i able to sleep at night. I kept tossing around On my bed, thinking and sweating.

“what’s he planning?” i kept wondering, while a dog from the next compound, made the night more frightening by barking all through.

Early the next day, Jenifer called me on phone,
“I can’t continue spending the night all alone in my apartment. I had a very miserable night. Please we have to come up with something, i’m very scared. Seems like i will be moving in to your place” she poured out, while i tried my best in calming her.

After the speaking with Jenifer, i dressed up and headed to a nearby police station. I sure needed police protection, because there wasn’t any doubt my life was at risk. I figured there wasn’t anything else Tony could do other than paying for my death and with that state of mind, i headed to the police station to make a formal report.

Under-estimating an enemy is a sure way of losing a fight. I wasn’t ready to take chances…

To be Continued