Shades Of Romance- Episode 12


“I knew my breakup with Jenifer wasn’t ordinary. I knew it right from the begining but i never imagined my bestfriend and brother was the person behind the mask.” Tony barked as he closed in on me. My heart throbbed furiously.
I had great urge to run, but couldn’t do anything than stand my ground because it was shameful and unmanly to run from a fellow man.

“I had Jenifer watched. Oh yes i had her watched with my hard earned money. What did i get?. My own friend, my brother s——g my woman. How long have you been doing it?” he asked as he grabbed my neck.

” I beg of you Tony, stop this madness or i will scream” Jenifer threatened, coming to my rescue but a backhand slap from Tony sent her diving to the floor.

“get out of my way you b—h. You are nothing but a scammer. A pretender. Hope you told your lover who paid for this apartment huh. Imbecile” he spat at Jenifer in a very rude manner.

“c’mon bro, stop this and listen to me” i pleaded weakly, but my words only earned me a super punch which turned my eyes in a very nasty manner, before i could recover from the blow, i saw his fist heading to my face again, coming with great force like Big show’s {WWE} knock out punch. I quickly dodged the killing fist and pushed him roughly. An action which infuriated him profusely.

“you still have the guts to push me huh?” he breathed furiously, pulled out a belt from his trouser and advanced on me, lashing out the whip with great strength. The blow hit my face, shoulder and neck, bringing great fire all over my body. I screamed and lunched forward as he raised his hand to deliver another blow, giving him a nose dive that caught him in the midsection.
We both fell heavily on the floor which gave me an upper hand to sit on his stomach before he could recover from the shock my dive gave him.

“you guys should stop this nonsense or i swear i will throw this bucket of water” Jenifer instantly screamed with a bucket full of water dangerously dangling towards us. Tony breathed deeply, pushed me out of his body and stood up with an evil grin.

“it’s not over yet. I will be your worst nightmare” he said to Jenifer, gave me a last look and left the apartment without another word.

“see what you have caused” Jenifer cried painfully. I drew close and hugged her.

“we have to stick together my love. I know Tony, and i know he meant every word. But don’t worry, you got me” i assured her weakly.