Shades Of Romance- Episode 11


“you know my heart is deep into you that i can’t back out no matter the reason” i confessed as i joined Jenifer in the kitchen. She turned and stared into my eyes as if she was searching for some unknown answers.

“I love you and that’s all that matters to me” i continued.

“no Emmy. This isn’t right, remember your friend and I had a relationship. That alone spoils everything. You will never respect me” she murmured, turned and backed me. I drew close and held her shoulder.

“i know you had a relationship with my friend. I’m also aware that the relationship was never strong. I do know you never slept with Tony because he told me himself that you guys were saving it all up for marriage. So you are a princess my dear” i said sweetly. She turned and faced me again.

“my only problem with guys is that i don’t know when they are saying the truth. You sound very honest and convincing, but deep down i’m scared. Seriously scared” She poured out with deep emotion. I breathed deeply and hugged her.

“I swear with my life. I’m being very honest and all i say is from my heart” i assured her.

“please wait for me at the sitting room. You are distracting me again” she begged.


We ended up having a wonderful dinner which really was one of the most memorable ones i have ever had. The food was simply delicious, Jenifer’s smile wondrous and captivating. I really was so happy and fulfilled.
I was very certain she was finally mine even though she was yet to officially say yes to me.

After the meal, i followed her to the kitchen and watched her wash the plates. My action made her very nervous but i cared not.

“when are you leaving. It’s getting very late?” she asked nervously. I smiled and kept quiet, saying nothing until she finished the dishes.

We returned to the sitting room and faced each other. Our hearts throbbing furiously.
Suddenly, with a quick fierce movement we grabbed each other, our lips locked together with the same swift force.

We ended up in her bedroom where we took time devouring each other. I rode her like an elephant while she took me on like a WWE Diva. It was such a wonderful and exciting moment. Her a-s was just well shaped, sexy and smooth. Her bosoms super attractive and extremely appealing. Her body sleek and athletic.
My waist almost ripped off as i kept thrusting with great abandon.
Finally after about an hour, we felt apart, breathing heavily. I stared at her with appreciation.

“i will make you my wife as fast as i can. Marrying you is now my top priority” i said with all my heart. She blushed and hid her face.
I couldn’t return to my apartment that night and so we spent the rest of the night in each other arms. It was a dream come true for me. I slept very well, in fact we overslept that we only woke when a strange kind of knock sounded on her door very early in the morning. The knock was very strange because it was unusually loud
and annoying.
The person knocking refused saying a word, instead continued knocking rudely which really made us more angry than tensed.

Jenifer quickly dressed up and hurried to answer the door while i remained on the bed waiting for her to return. But suddenly i heard a familiar voice which made me jump out of the bed with fright.

“where is he?, you think i’m a fool right?” Tony’s voice echoed in the sitting room like an angry lion. Before i could get my act together he showed up in the bedroom. His eyes glaring with fire.

I couldn’t believe it was all happening. I had no idea what prompted his presence early that morning. I was just speechless and confused.

“how could you?” he asked, advancing towards me with great anger.

To be continued.