Sexually Assaulted – My Ordeal Part 1


The story is about a young girl that was sexually assaulted by her step father not only that , she was also impregenated and strucked with HIV, read the story and see what lies the fate of this wicked man
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Written by Momoh Hakeem (keemtales)
It was that sunny midday on thursday while I was taking a nap in my room i began to feel some one’s hand on my butt0ckz i quickly waked up to my suprise it was my step father (Mr. Iyke), i jumped up to my feet on top of my mattress
“sir what are doing” i questioned my step father with fear as my blood was pumping faster than i ever imagined,
“Uhm please let me do just small please i will do it gently” my step father said with a staggering voice before I could think of any thing he grabbed my waist and landed me ontop of my small mattress then he started struggling with his belt while he was on the middle of my left leg and my right leg i tried to push him but my efforts seemed to be invane
“Any one at home” my mom’s voice came to my hearing my step father jumped up and he made his way out of my room.
It was 2am in the night he came to my room again he waked me up gently hitting me on my leg I woked up
“are you here to rape me again?” I quickly questioned him.
“dont you have an atom of respect 4 me” my step father said
“all the respect i had for you died when you tried to rape me” I concluded ….
Tears rolled from my step father’s eyes i was thoughtless.
“Please forgive me and please dont mention it to any one my rape attempt please” My stepfather pleaded,
“is like you are back to yoursenses”, I almost said.
I never wanted to forgive him my plan was to tell my mum about his attempt and there fore he’ll be thrown out of the house
Mr. Iyke is a jobless Man all he do is to watch football and order for food i wonder what my mom saw in him, is like he charmed my mom who knows.
Since my Pastor’s favourite topic was about forgiveness, i didnt know how my lips forced itself to say ‘I’ve forgiven you already’
Ever since the event took place he shouts at me in my Mum’s presence but teased me at her back.
Am just a young girl of 16 years am in ss3 in ‘Crowter High College Ikeja’ i was well known as ‘sister mary’ in school i barely talk to people in school, i have no freind right from my jss1 in Crowter High College, i was seriously engaged with my studies, and church services was what i’ve never missed. it was friday morning when my mom anounced she’ll be travelling to the village over the weekend for her freind’s wedding.
i helped her packed her cloth and folded it neatly into her small bag pack. and i escorted her to the motor park and waved her off.
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On reaching the bathroom i pulled off the gown i was wearing most of my teen church members commented on the gown as anancient gown which i never cared about it.I took few steps to the shower and i laid my hands on the handle and started the shower few minutes later i heard some one knocking the door
“who is that?’ i reluctantly asked
“its me Ann”
come on open the door’‘ehen my step father don come with him wahala’ i said to myself in pigdeon english. i quickly wrapped myself up with a towel that could barely cover my laps and made my way for the door, i opened the door and the first thing i saw was a bottle of ‘gulder’ that was held firm in my step father’s hand and i scrolled upto his face with my eyes he was heavily drunk.
He entered the house and i was locking the door while he bounced his butt0ckz on the couch. After locking the door i turned around and the towel that was wrapped from my chest to my laps fell from my body and landed to the floor and i was completely unclad in front of my step father who tried to take me, the first thought that flashed through my memory was his first sexual attempt that failed and now me being unclad in his presence was like i was calling him to my body
I quickly reached out for the towel and picked it. My step father quickly dropped the bottle of the gulder and moved closer to me and i took like five steps backward until my back was touching the door, i was totally confused and i gave him a slap before realising it was my step father i slapped, he bent his face to his left hand side and he swallowed spit, he turned his face back to me and smashed me hard on my face and the doors that has been locked to prevent tears from my eyes were opened.
I began to shiver before i could think of anything my step father pushed me to the floor and my head hitted the hard concrete floor that was covered with a rug causing me alot of pain, my head began to pound as if my brain will fall off. He pulled of the trouser he was wearing and inserted something into my pubic region and i shouted with the last energy i had but his hands quickly covered my mouth to prevent any sound that will attract the attention of the neighbours. He removed his manhood and inserted it back to my v*gina quickly all my energy was drained and i was helpless on the floor. He was gasping while he kept on inserting and removing, at some point off time it was like my v*gina was set ablazed and my vision became blurred, my eyes closed gently. I was is in a new world that looks like heaven and i finally met Jesus that i’ve been giving praises and worships to over the years.
I saw people beneath where i was standing waiting for an angel to attend to me, shouting and scratching their body were the people in hell and i smilled knowing fully that i’ll make it to heaven, i was number 52 on the queue, when it was my turn to be judged i heard a bell and i woke up, that must be the bell of the celestral church members that go about preaching every morning.
All my bones were so weak and my head was still pounding with the brain shaking my K!ttyC@t was full of dried blood all over it, i reached out for the bathroom and freshened up, i searched every where around the house for the criminal that assaulted me and he was no where to be found. My Mum was always busy with work and she don’t have the time to sit me and rub minds on mother to daughter discussion, she didnt care to know the type of man he left me with. one issue that has been disturbing my mind is who my biological father was
In the locality where i grew up some people used to say my mum is a prostitute and she dont even know my real father, this issue was a big problem to me while growing up and anytime i asked my mum all she says was ‘you’ll know him one day’.
I took some pain tablets and i was alone through out the weekend ever since my step father disapeared, that weekend and school mid-term break has been the most horrorful break i ever embarked on.
Since then i was lost in school as i just overhear the lectures of the teachers i hardly go to church ever since then, all the faith i had disapearead since jesus did’nt saved me from being raped.
After a while my step father returned back home with the excuse of him going to the village for his mother’s funeral services. My mom did’nt notice any changes in me neighter my strange attitude towards my step father. three weeks later in school i was sleeping in class which was strange and i feeled horribled with slight head ache and my tummy revolving,  the Health science teacher (Mrs.Busayo) was the teacher in class, she is a very cruel woman and she sees faults on students before any other teacher she was called ‘The goddess’ by students.
To Be Continued