"Broken Chain Reloaded" Episode 12 Final


Out of curiosity, he took the pictures up and to his surprise, there his wife was. Adoley with Christopher getting intimately involved. They were the exact pictures Fafa took that morning.
Christopher Bobby Johnson was the same Bob who employed Adoley and eventually slept with her. Nana held onto the pictures not knowing what to do. His own brother had eventually slept with his own wife he loved so dearly. How far would this situation get to?
Christopher came back with his phone and came to meet Nana starring at that pictures.
“Oh dear brother, you were not suppose to see that, have been enjoying my stay in Ghana ever since I came and I tell you that lady over there  is just one of a kind. Left to me alone, I would have married her but unfortunately am late, She belongs to someone else already” Christopher said having no clue that he was actually talking to Adoley’s husband who happens to be his brother as well.
Before he could notice what was actually going on, out of anger Nana jumped on him and began punching him on the face senselessly. Christopher could hardly move, Nana kept punching him till his face began to bleed from the nose and mouth.
“How dare you sleep with my wife, so all this while you were the boss she was talking about. You have no decency that you sleep around with people’s wife. You’re just like dad.” He said and punched him again for the last time in his face.  Christopher’s face was not as handsome as Nana first met him. He had really beaten the hell out of him.
“Brother, I didn’t know about this” He said while spitting blood out of his mouth.
“This whole thing wasn’t my idea either, please forgive me” He said.
“It wasn’t your idea you say, you have no conscience, I’m sure you are going to say it’s the devil” Nana said. He was so mad and full of rage.
“No, you see, if you would just calm down, we can talk this through” Christopher said.
Nana couldn’t control himself any longer, he just wanted to strangle his brother to death.  He rushed on him but unfortunately Christopher took a gun and pointed it at him. Nana stopped immediately as he feared for his life.
“Now listen, I have no idea she was your wife, I was just doing my girlfriend a favor. She planned all this, I don’t know what your wife did to her but she really hated her and wanted to destroy your marriage, we were about posting this pictures on social media just to shame her” Christopher said.
“What’s the name of this girlfriend of yours? Nana asked.
“She is Fafa, I don’t know what you guys did to her, but she really hates you very much. I have never seen such hatred in  a person like this.” Christopher said.
“She outplayed us. I should have seen this coming. Oh my God” Nana said
“Listen man, I’m really sorry for all this, if there Is anything I can do just to make things right just tell me” Christopher said and placed the gun down.
“Go back to where you came from, there is nothing here for you. Pretend this never happened. Just go back and never return” Nana said and began to walk away.
“Brother” Christopher called him out.
“It’s was a delight meeting you. I will go back by the end of the week but I would also ask for a favor” Christopher said.
“She might have cheated on you but she’s  always loved you. Consider that, she only fell because she is human not a saint from above” he continued.
“You are in no position to tell me what to do” Nana said and walked away. It was about time that he made things right and put Fafa in her rightful place.
Fafa had played her cards well and almost succeeded in breaking the chain that existed between Nana and Adoley and their children. This showed how smart and determined she was. She was like a shadow, you won’t see her coming, yet she will hurt you when you least expect.
Nana got back home and found Fafa still hanging around with Adoley consoling her.
“You are still here, you devil, are you happy now. This is what you wanted all this while right” Nana shouted at her on top of his voice. No one had seen that rage in his eyes before.
Adoley stood there, still in tears not knowing what was going on.  She just watched on.
“What are you still doing here, is your mission not accomplished.” Nana said.
“What is wrong Nana, is everything alright” Fafa said.
“She is still pretending. Well guess what, I met your boyfriend Christopher Bobby Johnson and he told me everything. He told me absolutely everything, your plans against my family and I. I can’t believe I was just fooled by you again. You devil” Nana said.
“What else did you want me to do, leave you alone just like that, you and wife destroyed my life and made it miserable and you expected me to leave you alone? I’m no coward Nana and you think this is over, well I just started” She took a knife that was lying by and got hold of Adoley holding the knife to her throat.
“If you dare come any closer, I’m going to slit her throat” She threatened  
Nana backed away and went on his knees.
“Fafa, you are not a killer, let her go please” Nana pleaded.
All along Adjoa was watching what was going on from her room, she hurriedly called the police as soon as she saw Fafa holding the knife towards Adoley throat .
The police didn’t delay at all, they quietly surrounded the whole house without anyone noticing.  Fafa told Nana to back off, She kept holding the knife to Adoley’s throat, slowly she walked with her towards the door using her as leverage. Before she knew it, the police rushed in on her from behind, got hold of the knife and handcuffed her immediately.
  Without wasting much time, they sent her away.  Nana hugged his wife, he almost lost her in the hands of Fafa again.
Adoley kept apologizing for what she had done.
“Baby please forgive me. I’m sorry, I need you more than ever” She said.
Nana looked into her eyes and said.
“No, you don’t need me, we need Jesus in this marriage” Nana said.
Nana never told Adoley about his relationship with Bob, eventually they were able to burry everything and moved on as a family should, in love, strength, honesty and transparency. Christopher Bob Johnson kept his promise and moved back to the states leaving Adoley and his brother alone.
Fafa on the other hand was charged with attempted murder and was given a high sentence of 60 years in prison. She never saw freedom for the rest of her life.
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