Sexually Assaulted – My Ordeal Part 2


Hey Ann why are you sleeping in my class?’ Mrs busayo asked while she wrapped her hands on my shoulders mildly. ‘ uhm’ i tried to explain but it failed suddenly i covered my mouth and ran out of the class to the school toilet and i vomitted on the bath tub then after i washed my mouth and i made my way back to the class with pains all over my joints.
‘Ann are you okay?’ Mrs.Busayo questioned my arrival back to the class
‘Yes Ma its just a slight fever’ i replied her.
‘See me after this class’ Mrs.Busayo demanded
i went to my seat and sat down relaxing my head ontop of my desk and continued sleeping.
The school bell ranged and i waked up meaning i’ve been sleeping while three subjects were taught, health was the first subject followed by three other subjects before break.
I left the class to Mrs.Busayo’s office.
‘Good aff- Good morning Ma’ my voice stammered
‘Ehen Ann you’re here. Sit down’ Mrs.Busayo permitted while she dropped her pen to give full attention to my presense, i drew the chair that was under he table and i sat down.
‘Ann you know i was once a girl like you now tell me are you? . .’ Mrs.Busayo asked while she made a sign language with her hands
‘Ma me? no oh.’ I stated out of fear
‘well give me your mother’s phone number’ Mrs.Busayo ordered.
I gave her the phone number and she excused me for the day. after school hours i went home and acted like everything was normal, the next morning i was set to go to school when my Mom anounced i’ll be going for medical check up after, the anouncement was made my heartbeat changed totally, at this stage i was not aware of what my Mom and Mrs.Busayo discussed on phone, many thoughts passed through my mind while boarding my Mom’s toyota camry. We arrived at the hospital about 7:45 am and we waited for the doctor’s arrival.
The doctor arrived the hospital about 8:15 am that morning.
Series of tests were conducted on me since my mom was running late for work and me also late for school we couldn’t wait for the results of the test, my Mom exchanged phone numbers with the doctor and pleaded with the doctor to send the results to her as text message when it’s ready, my Mom drove off the hospital giving me money to board a taxi to school since we were not going the same way, i arrived at my school and the day’s activities went normal when the bell for clossing was ranged sudden fear overtook me knowing my Mom was going to skin me alive when i get home.
When i was at a far range to my house my heart was about falling as the beat rate of my heart increased, when it remained a foot to the gate i said to my self ‘since my Step father is behind everything no need to fear’ i smilled and opened the gate and i walked through the compound and then to the main house, i opened the door and the first person i saw was my Mum
‘Good afternoon ma’ i greeted my mom she did’nt utter any word so i decided to walk towards my room.
‘hey where do you think you are going to?’ my mom disrupted my movenent ‘so all this while you’ve been coming back from school late telling me you were reading were all tales abi? you are a snake, Ann you are a snake’ my mom lamented with shame all over her face
‘now tell me who is the father of the baby’ my mom demanded i gazed gently at my step father that maintained mute while my mom was busy talking i pointed at him bending my face towards the floor.
My mom looked at my step father trying to ask him. ‘Honey i don’t know whats she’s saying oh i’m not responible for anything oh’ my step father rushed his words
‘now tell me who is responsible for pregnancy’ my mom said as she turned her head to me, i insisted it was him and he kept on denying my mom stood up from the couch to where i was standing and gave me a slap on my face and she called me all sorts of names i entered my room and locked up my self. i fell to my face ontop of my mattress and cried i was helpless the only thing i was thinking was commiting sucide. i cried until I slept off .
The sound of my alarm waked me then the time was 6. am i setted my alarm to 6: am so i could finish my house chores on time before going to school. i wake up by this time, i was stil on my school uniform, i took my bagpack and left the house tip toeing so my mom will not question me, i went to school very early that day and the main  gate in our school was locked, the official time for school is 8:am so i decided to stroll round the neighbourhood before 8:am.
At 8:15 am i arrived at the school and lessons commenced not until 10:am when a junior student came to my class and told the teacher in our class that the principal instructed him to call me. i quickly jumped on my feet with my heart beating fast.
‘why will the principal send for me’ i said to myself while walking towards the principal’s office.
I finally arrived at the principal’s office, i stood there for a few seconds and adjusted my baret and i knocked the door before opening. The first person my eyes captured was my mom, the principal orderd me to kneel down and he continued talking with my mom.
Tears streamed down my eyes and rolling to my cheeks and falling to my shirt, i was so carried away, i didn’t pay any attention to what they were saying.
‘Ann . .’ The principal’s voice feared me and i fell down with my butt0ckz. ‘Who is the father of the baby you’re carrying?’ the principal asked while he moved his hands to a cane that was lying on the table. i didn’t utter any word, the principal stood up walks towards me with his cane, i quickly stood up to my feet and i took countless steps backward until the wall grabbed my back, the cane landed at my back several times and i began to scream. ‘I said who is the father of the baby?’ the principal repeatedly asked for the tenth time without a reply from me, i heard my mom’s voice saying ‘sir beat her very well’. soon after the principal stopped and i began to cry furiously. the principal stood up and went back to his seet.
‘Ma’m we cant keep your daughter in this school any more, she must be expelled’ the principal explained to my mom
‘please sir keep her when its time for her to deliver the baby she’ll go and when the baby is strong she’ll resume’ my mom pleaded with her knees on the floor
‘Ma’m its against the school’s rules and regulations and again the test results here shows she is an HIV carrier, she cant stay in the midst of other students’ the principal said stressing the word ‘HIV’.
In hearing HIV i was shocked and i moved backwards covering my mouth and tears rushing from its store i opened the door gently without the notice of the principal. i exited the office and i saw tolu ,nifemi and rose the three of them are my classmates and big time gossips i wondered how long they were there listening to the drama.
‘H.I.V’ Tolu said and the three of them departed laughing as they were running towards the classroom tears rushed from my eyes and i cleaned my face gently with my baret. when i entered the class the whole class shouted ‘HIV’ and they all departed through the backdoor and some of them jumping through the window leaving me alone in the class, i couldn’t hold it i bursted into tears and i cried loud. i ran out of the class and i was crying on the go, i reached the gate and the gateman quickly rushed to block the gate so i will not pass. i engaged in a struggle with the gateman and i managed to push him away and i left the school, that will be the first time i’ll leave school before closing hour in my life.