Serpent's Love Episode 8


Nana Ama was weeping over her sister’s death that she couldn’t take it alone. The only person she can think of was Elorm. 
On a normal day, Elorm would have been pleased to hear such an invitation from Nana Ama. He has been longing for that all this while. Now he knew Nana Ama wasn’t safe around him. He enjoyed every bit of life after getting the money he had always wanted. And now, it seems to be the greatest regret in his entire life. 
Putting his mother in such pain and sacrificing innocent people’s life. The lives of Yaya, Hetty and other ladies he barely remembers. Elorm wanted to make amends. Perhaps, change his way of living. He thought he already had the money and the only clean way to maintain his riches was to make a clean investment. 
No more using the white handkerchief, no more sleeping with random girls. He wanted to live a pure life and make clean money. Elorm quickly left Yaw’s apartment after Nana Ama’s phone call.
Before he attends to Nana Ama, there was something he needed to take care of. 
He rushed straight into his apartment then headed to a secret room that had only black pot lying at the center of the room.  In this pot were all the white handkerchiefs he used on the ladies. 
He then smashed it with a baseball bat, breaking the pot into pieces and later burnt all the handkerchiefs. He had had enough of it and couldn’t take it anymore. He took a quick shower and headed to Nana Ama’s house. 
Breaking the pot was not a good idea, Elorm had handled this in physical realm, little did he know that he had just dug his own grave. 
Upon arriving at Nana Ama’s apartment, he noticed she had been crying all day just by the look in her eyes. She held Hetty’s picture in her arms as she wept. The frame was all covered with her tears. Elorm felt guilty for putting Nana
 Ama through such pain and agony. He wanted to come out clean and confess. 
He only have to do that if he want Nana Ama to hate him for the rest of her life. Before he could open his mouth to talk or even comfort her, Nana Ama broke the silent. 
“Ever since our parents died, I have been the one taking care of her. She is so innocent and dear. She has all the look of mother and just last month, she graduated from the tertiary institute with a first class degree. Her life had just began Elorm. She didn’t even want to go on the errand but I insisted. And the last words she even said to me was I get on her nerves, that’s the last thing she said to me. It’s all my fault. I …I ..” Nana Ama cried the more, she couldn’t hold back her tears. 
“It’s not your fault” Elorm said. He almost blew his cover but was interrupted when Nana Ama asked him to come closer to her. 
Elorm went and sat beside her and to his surprise Nana Ama rested her head on his chest with her tears dripping on his shirt.  Elorm felt the warm of her skin as she laid her head on him, that moment he wanted to stroke his fingers on her face. But this is a girl who is depressed and in agony over her sister’s death, he dare not try that. 
“I don’t understand why bad things happen to good people” she said.  
Elorm was quiet even when she said that, he was lost in thought. If only Nana Ama knew who Elorm is, he would be the last person she would even think of inviting him to her house. 
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“Do you pray, Elorm” Nana Ama just popped up with that question. 
Elorm was surprised with that question, it came out unexpected.  Nana Ama however asked him over again. 
“Do you take time to pray to God, I do see you at church and I must say, you are very well known but I don’t see you to be prayerful,  that’s why I am asking” Nana Ama said. 
That was actually the first time that anyone from his church said anything negative about him. No one could even see his bad side because they were all blinded by the donations and money Elorm gave in the church. 
“Prayer? Do I even deserve to pray to God? Elorm said.  
“Why do you say that? Nana Ama asked him. She was eager to hear what he have to say. 
“I have done some bad things in the past, that I don’t see myself wealthy to come before the Lord until i make amends of what I did. The lives that are lost….” He said. 
“What, Elorm did you kill someone? Nana Ama asked.  
Elorm didn’t realize that he was speaking too much; he almost said it all without even realizing it. Just when Nana Ama asked him, a phone call came through.  To Elorm’s surprise it was from his mother. His mother never spoke to him when he became rich overnight. He quickly picked up the call without wasting anytime only to hear her mother screaming and crying on top of her voice. 
“Elorm you did it, why didn’t you take me instead? Elorm why, why? She lamented over the phone. 
“Mom, what are you talking about, what is going on? Elorm asked.
“Are you asking me Elorm, why didn’t you take me instead, what else do I have to live for. Tell me” She said. 
“Mum what is it? What are you saying? Elorm desperately asked. 
“Don’t ask me anything, may God forgive you Elorm, may God forgive you and I pray your sister will also find peace in heaven.” She said. 
“Mum what are you saying, where is Bene” Elorm asked. 
“She is gone Elorm, you have succeeded in taking her away from me. Now you are happy right. Your sister lying lifeless at the hospital now” She revealed. 
To Be Continued. 
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