Serpent's Love Episode 9


“She is gone Elorm, you have succeeded in taking her away from me. Now you are happy right. Your is sister lying lifeless at the hospital now” She revealed. 
Elorm hang up the call and dropped the phone. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. Nana Ama on the other hand knew there was something wrong. 
“What is it Elorm” She asked looking very concerned and worried. 
Elorm thought perhaps his mother was right. Maybe he was the cause of his sister’s death too. But he also felt that, destroying the pot with the handkerchiefs was enough to make amends for whatever misfortune he had caused in the past.  He loved his sister so much that he vowed to take care of her through education and make her a responsible person in the society. 
The news of her sister’s death broke his heart entirely that he could barely think straight. He then wanted to be alone, away from the society, away from his friends and above all away from Nana Ama whom he thought had endangered her life.  
Without answering Nana Ama, he quickly left her apartment and drove off at top speed.  Destroying the pot alone was a violation of the pact that existed between them and the Baba. Baba whom Yaw introduced Phil and Elorm to had disappeared right after he made them rich. No one knew where he was or even if he existed at all.  
Elorm was driving at  top speed to see his mother. Maybe it was about time he came face to face with his mother and talk about issues. Who knows, his sister’s death might rather bring them closer as mother and son should be. 
In no time, Elorm arrived at his mother’s house. As usual, most of the family members were gathered around to sympathize with his mother’s loss. 
Upon his arrival, he noticed that most of the people gathered around were murmuring. He knew they were talking about him but was never bothered about it. He was not there for them anyway. He was there for his mother and sister. Elorm thought at the very sight of him, his mother will burst out and sack him from her presence but to his surprise, his mother never uttered a word. 
She was so much in sorrow that she couldn’t stop shedding tears. Elorm went closer to her and noticed the wounded leg. That was the first time he saw it with his own eyes. It was even worse than he could imagine, the wound just looked like a fresh one and was eating into the core of her body. 
“Mum, how are you? Elorm asked
His mother looked at him very carefully as if that was the first time he had met her son. At that moment, she just wanted to hug him and tell him how much she misses him.  Whatever wrong Elorm had done, he was still her son and there was nothing she could change about it. 
She still needed him anyway, even though she blamed him for everything, he needed him around. 
“How do you expect me to feel my son, there was nothing wrong with her. She was well and all of sudden she complained about headache, the next I heard, she was screaming on top of her voice and that was all. And you know what, she died with your name on her lips. She was calling your name out Elorm. What is going on, what have you gotten yourself into Elorm” His mother said. 
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Elorm was speechless, there was nothing he could do or say. He was feeling guilty more than he already did. The more he saw his mother cry the more he felt guilty  about his sister’s death. It was obvious that breaking the pot was never the solution. Maybe he could also talk Phil into it and see the best way out of this. Without saying a word he left his mother’s apartment and headed to Phil’s end. 
Nana Ama kept calling him on the phone yet Elorm never answered any of her calls. Not that he didn’t want to, but he felt he being around Nana Ama exposed  her to danger, and until he figured everything out, he could not be with her. Out of concern, Nana Ama began praying; somehow she also felt there was something wrong somewhere. She felt that her sister’s death did not just happen but it was someone’s doing. 
Just as he had lost her sister, he didn’t want to lose her new friend, Elorm. She took the bible and began praying for protection for Elorm and herself. Elorm on the other hand was driving at top speed to Phil’s end. He became more afraid when he thought of the misfortune around him and the fact that his mother blamed him for the death of her sister. This  made him more insecure. 
In no time he got to Phil’s end. To his surprise, his door was left ajar. Elorm called out his name several times yet no one responded. He then entered the living room and saw that the whole place was disorganized. The wall picture frames were lying carelessly on the floor, broken glasses everywhere. Elorm got worried, he called out Phil’s name yet he got no answer. He tried reaching him on  phone but noticed Phil’s phone was right there at the premises. He then heard a noise coming from the kitchen. He quickly rushed to the kitchen and there Phil was, sitting on the floor with his boxer shorts, chewing notes of 50GHC. He appeared to be mentally unstable. 
To Be Continued on Monday 
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