Serpent's Love Episode 7


“She is my late sister” Nana Ama revealed.
Elorm got stunned with Nana Ama’s revelation. He couldn’t believe that the lady he actually slept with was Nana Ama’s sister. 
“How did she die” Elorm asked her. 
“She had an accident; a car knocked her down just four days ago. She was actually on my errand.” Nana Ama broke in tears. 
From what she was saying, Elorm gathered that it was right after she had droped her off that the incident happened. He had grown so much into Nana Ama that he didn’t want to hurt her or anyone close to her. He only hoped that Hetty’s death had nothing to do with him. He therefore became very suspicious. 
“I’m very sorry Nana Ama… “Elorm said trying to sympathize with Nana Ama’s loss. 
“I have to go” She said and  left Elorm in his car.  As much as Elorm was happy about the day, the news of Hetty’s death came as a really big shock to him.  
It wasn’t something he expected, little did he know that he was actually the cause of everything.  Elorm quickly drove to Yaw’s end; he wasn’t pleased about what was going on.  He knew it won’t be just coincidental  for Hetty to die just after dropping her off. He somehow felt he was responsible for what had happen and needed answers. 
He got to Yaw’s place and met him lying recklessly on his sofa with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. Nothing really seemed to be his problem. So far as he was earning the money that he wanted, all other things did not matter to him.  
Elorm barged in on him looking very worried and somehow scared. 
“Yaw, get up and sit down, we need to talk” Elorm said. 
“Why don’t you just allow me to have my good time. What is it Elorm, what is it this time around? Yaw said. Elorm couldn’t take the fact he was smelling  of alcohol and was looking very disgusting but what option did he have, he just had to get along with it and clear everything up. 
“There is something going on that I don’t get, what happens to the ladies if we renew our commitment with the handkerchief? Elorm asked. 
“why do you care so much, that should not be our problem” He said. 
Elorm was getting irritated with his answer. Yaw was not taking him serious as Elorm wanted. 
“You were the one, who introduced us to Baba in the first place, just answer my question before it gets out of hand” Elorm angrily said. 
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Yaw took the bottle of wine, stood up and walked around the room. He could hardly stay on his feet as he was very tipsy. 
“I’m surprised you are asking this question, you needed money and you have it. Yours is to just use the handkerchief on them, who cares about what happens to them anyway, they are just random girls” Yaw said. 
Elorm was looking for answers – he was not getting that from Yaw. Right from there, he knew there was something more to it. He knew Yaw was hiding something away from him and the only way he could  make him talk was to push him to the wall literally  to get everything out of him. 
Elorm rushed in on him, grabbed the bottle of whiskey from him and smashed it on the floor. Yaw had never seen such rage in his eyes before. 
“You better start talking before I smash your face just like the bottle” Elorm threatened him.  Yaw became fed up with Elorm’s attitude, he thought he was overreacting and needed to put him in his place. The only way to do that was to tell him the whole truth behind their wealth. 
“Elorm why do you even need answers now, when the answers are all around you. Look at your mother, have you ever wondered why her wounded leg never heals? And to talk of the girls, nothing comes without a price.” Yaw revealed.
“How does my mum end up in this Yaw, She’s  got nothing to do with this, leave her out” Elorm said. 
Yaw mocked him with his funny annoying laughter. “why are you acting like a kid, it is clear Elorm, I never got your mother involved in this, you did, we all had a price to pay and you know what, all those girls we use the handkerchief on never live to see the next day. Elorm, they are all gone” Yaw said. 
Elorm couldn’t believe what Yaw said, he felt this wasn’t real.  He broke down as Yaw revealed all this to him. Then all the memories began coming back to him. The numerous ladies he had slept with and even his mother’s condition was as a result of his doing. 
This was too much for him, he thought, all he had to do was just to use the handkerchief on them and that was it. As he was lost in thought, a phone call came through. 
To his surprise, the call came from Nana Ama. Without wasting anytime, he picked up the phone call. 
“Hi Nana” He said. 
“Can you come over to my place, I really need your company” She said.  
Nana Ama was weeping over her sister’s death that she couldn’t take it alone. The only person she could think off was Elorm. 
To be Continued. 
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