Schooling Mr Bass-Episode 9



They leave the hall  immediately after the meeting comes to an end. Jake Bass had spoken to a few people trying to salvage the mess already made but Mr George was proving difficult. There was no use, until another year, his window for the CEO’s company project for the Engineering Institute of oil and gas was gone.

He was furious, shaking hands and giving them a brief smile he carried his shoulders up, and taking his leave from the rest as they too began to enter into their cars, leaving. Samantha had been sitting in the car waiting for him..

She had spent all night working on those files, all of them..not a wink of sleep had she had, she had filed them up, arranged it and without as much as a close of the eyes she had rushed a bath, without eating had gone to the office, and placed those files on his desk, arranged them in his shelves and even tagged them. She remembered putting the files she needed on the table and gathered them into her bag as she was talking to Todd on the phone.  She did carry them so how come the most important file wasn’t there unless…unless she had mixed it up without knowing…


Now because of her he had lost an opportunity he had been working towards for a year, because of her he had been embarrassed by that pigged –faced Mr George who seems to be in charge of the elders council, and because of her carelessness he had shouted …okay, not shouted, but he had rudely, and annoyingly snapped at her, and then he had told her he was going to slap her.. after she had spent her days putting up with his arrogance, his annoying and pompous self, after cancelling her plans ..well she didn’t have any plans because she didn’t have a boyfriend, or a dog not even a cat to hang out with and she had been too busy being his PA since his bedmate ..erm PA betty had been on leave.. which was besides the point, even if she didn’t have a plan or plans or a supposed social life it still didn’t mean that he had the right to infringe on her non-social life and have her non-social  life be cancelled because  he is Mr Bass.

She had  literally worked her ass off, and it was a mistake an honest mistake, a mistake that she wasn’t even aware off.

“Stupid stupid stupid” she hits her forehead with her open palm.

But he didn’t have to talk to her like that, like  she was not even a reasonably person. It wasn’t as though she didn’t do her job, she did. Now it would look as though she didn’t even try. But she had, she had…and she did a darn good job, even Sophie was impressed. But all that hard work gone, because she didn’t check the files , like crosscheck the files again that she had left it on the table before putting them in her bag, she couldn’t understand anything.

She was angry.. he had no right. OK! Yes he was angry, yes he should be angry. It was understandable, what he had planned for months couldn’t be achieved because of her but she didn’t do it on purpose, if he wanted to get angry and scold her, she would have taken it..not well but she would have taken it. She always owned up to her faults and took responsibilities for her  mistakes but, the way he spoke to her with such disdain, even she was shocked and his choice of words were uncalled for.. she made a mistake but she wasn’t stupid and an unintelligent fool. She had gone to school and did come out with distinction, she had been amongst the youths pioneering educative stances in her department, she had indulged in intelligent discuss bordering on society, the government and politics. She was far from she wasn’t even close to being stupid…and he said all that’s inside her head was money, fun and whatnot?

Does he have any idea what she does for fun? Solve Maths, read an Encyclopedia, put her mind to good use solving puzzles, putting down possible solutions for upcoming brands and companies, even counseling and when she isn’t all about being serious she enjoys a time out with her best friend Jamie, and when there was a boyfriend? an occasional stroll to MacDonalds, the movies and skating ring doing the snow, karaoke bar…and no..she has never been a materialistic kind of girl, that was why her ex-boyfriend was content on living off her and not bothering to buy her something as small as a toothpick and she wonders why she ever fell in love with him in the first place

“It was his eyes, his dreamily eyes and mac-steamy body without his shirt, his rich voice and the fact that he was a great kisser and he was such good lay and he was smart and sweet and… loving and caring and he… he understood me” she remembers telling Jamie who rolled her eyes

“That bin there is where Boy Wonder should go in and remain” was what Jamie had told her as she cried over him that day after catching him red handed sleeping with his friends girl and he had the guts to tell her what they both had was fun but he didn’t even love her and that…in fact he had been having an open relationship with her for months, and she had cried and wailed because she loved him and was been exclusive with him..the asshole shrugged, he didn’t care, leaving there she had come home to find out that her credit cards bounced when she entered a supermarket to get somethings for the house that was long overdue.

“Boy problem?” the lady at the counter had looked at her and her wet eyes and deduced, she had cried even harder, “Ssssh its okay, chocolates and ice-cream works magic for broken hearts, trust me I know” she had patted her hands, but when her card bounced, she had to ask her “you don’t have any money girl?’’.. it wasn’t possible, she had money, enough, not Bill Clinton stacked money in the bank but it was enough to last her for a couple of months. She had been on a contract job and they had just recently finished a project, she was an event manager, and they only contact her for when they needed her, she did two other jobs on contracts too and the pay was good, that was why she could afford a nice apartment and a car, which he took for his..and the house which he practically lived in with her.

And when she called the bank to demand what was up, they told her she had just withdrawn all her savings within the hour, ..

“I always told you not to be stupid. Your money is your money girl and his money is for you both”

“But he didn’t have any money, he was looking for a job” she remembered saying

“Yeah, the pity party materializes into a $3xy man and you fell in love with him and while you slept the pity party took away your mansion and kicked you out of your own home Samantha… didn’t I warn you?”

“But I love him” Samantha wailed, drooling into her hanky, her eyes red and puffy, she was still wearing his shirt.

“I swear if you say that again I would literally slap you with this spatula and I mean it, then I would apologize and slap you again till you forget his name and your stupid love ..he was a leach, a pest and a blood sucker “

Samantha had wailed… breaking out of her reverie she sighs as she watched as he walked towards the car.

He had no right to talk to her like that, and he had no right to sack her like that without giving her  a chance to explain, or to apologize or even to find a solution…okay she couldn’t solve it but still he didn’t have to talk to her like that.

Her eyes stings with tears, she wipes it away immediately as he enters into the car, his anger could be felt and even seen as his veins were threatening to pop out.

Taking a deep breath she made to try again

“Sir Bass, I am so sorry about what happened in there I swear it wasn’t on purpose I swear it and –“

“Shut up Samantha, you do not want me to unleash my anger on you, just shut up. You don’t realize how bad this is do you? you think your calm soothing voice can abate my anger, you think that crocodile watery eyes would save you? And back at the office you don’t waste time to let go of the sharp retorts on your tongue always trying to prove something you are not, I left you from the beginning because you were pitiful, a girl who thinks she could stand up to her boss and get away with it, but I knew you were nothing but a very malfunctioned girl, and I felt why not allow her believe she has the ability to change the world but in retrospect I was taking pity on you because no one would have tolerated your nonsense , I could have easily thrown you out of my company but I let you, hoping you would have the sense one day when you have been tamed, and now, amongst other things, you did utter rubbish , mixed up a file, common file a child would have handled, how stupid can you be Samantha? how senselessly careless.. I have worked with Betty and Sophie for a long time and even they..which their IQ is low by the way still better than yours. You are a liability to me and my company and because I would not want this to ever repeat itself you shall immediately tender your resignation, your working package for the month would be sent to you via the accountant; take your stupid unintelligent self away from my company.  I know you also didn’t work on those files you took home, God knows maybe you went out partying and clubbing , draped over  a man’s arms all night and forgot to do something simple as filing , editing and compiling and this morning your waltz in thinking about first class ticket in a plane you have never been in, thinking of five star restaurants and all this with a billionaire you forgot to get your head out of your ass. I know your type Samantha, stupid, unintelligent, money conscious and a luxury magnet attaché, that is why you are totally useless to me, much like a dumb blonde, no, at least they are sophisticated dumb, you are just pitiful, and a pitiful person with a sharp mouth is an eyesore” he spat looking at her as Samantha blinks back tears

“I am sorry sir..but, surely it wasn’t on purpose ..I am not a dog that needs to be tamed and I am a person, not perfect and we do make mistakes but I assure you that I am not stupid, and your choice of words are degrading and I refuse to be spoken to that way sir, I will not–”