Schooling Mr Bass-Episode 8


Once the room was filled with people, she recognizes some faces from other leading oil and gas companies in the country, in and  out. it was a meeting with people of wealth, affluence and connection. They meet  once in a year to talk, take decisions, partner up to build projects for the betterment of the country, private businesses and the likes.

As the greet, meet and introductions were made, the meeting commences …Ceo after Ceo, president after president showed their projects and plans for their upcoming project and what they think would be open for partners in their company.  Quite a number of people had spoken, it was now his turn, and he was introduced as one of the youngest in his field, a promising strong foundation to last a life time and a fine legacy  his father had left, something Mr Jake Bash had made even stronger over the years.
Taking the stand, with Samantha beside him, he spoke about Bass Industries home and abroad, he reviewed the company and showcased the projects pending ..he spoke well, eloquently and quite a number of people nodded to him, a few smiles, more expanding the faces of the ladies as their smiles stretched across their faces.

He commanded authority, making them understand why he seemed to be the best and rising fast with his company.

“we recently had a talk with the Chinese government for the Tsuki projects, the Reservoir for the locals, the mainstream and down streams drilling processes that is another pathway to finding more minerals and ore and then the refinery which would be located at the heart of the city, creating new jobs for citizens, and the project I and some partners would be working together as discussed is an engineering institute for oil and gas, this is the structure and location, this is what it would look like, pros and cons, and also I have it all researched, analyzed and laid out, working with experts and professionals, teams ready and trained on ground.  We have put all this together , and last night we did the finishing touches to the file and paperwork, covering all corners and edges, and it is a worthy presentation to the government for approval after the council of Elders gives it’s first bill passing..and once you take a look at it and its satisfactory,we would drop it with the departments for project xyz and proceed from there’’

Nodding in agreement, they inquire to take a look “Can we see it Mr Bass ?”

“Sure of course you can, Miss Samantha, please hand him the files for both the Tsuki and that for the Gulen Services” he nods to Samantha, who has picked up her bag, pulling out the files and hands it to him.

“She seems really handy” someone commends, Samantha smiles a ‘thank you’.

As he looks through the first two files and passes it along to the others, he picks up the last goes through it, flips pages and then frowns …

“Is there a problem Mr George” Mr Bass who had been talking and flipping through the monitor by pressing a key in his hands stops and asks him

“Yes Mr Bass, this isn’t the research files and analysis of what you just spoke to us about, this is the financial review of your company , and pet projects you intend to do in the near future, your financial statements…which is none of our business and not for our eyes Mr Bass,  and it also includes your legal private company properties..didn’t you check the files before you brought them along??’’

Mr Bass frowns “You must be mistaken sir, that is the file for it. “

“I am wearing glasses but I am not blind Mr Bass or  maybe someone should cross check  it too” he hands it to next person who flips through it and frowns , nodding

“Indeed, this isn’t it”

Samantha is confused , Mr Bass leaves the stand, crosses to their table before Samantha could leave her spot and takes the file, his jaw flexing , the frown distorting the fine features of his face as his eyes scans through the file..

“My apologies it must have been a mistake in packaging sir “

“You do understand Mr Bass that there are certain mistakes that shouldn’t be allowed, aside being the owner of a multi-billion company and doing well, you also do need us, as a synergy and link to the government to give you a go ahead for certain ventures you require to go into. Knowing this is an annual gathering of important industrial heads,Government parastatals and representatives, and oil and gas companies, we give companies like yours the chance to excel and go higher, and if you have come here to wow us with talks and not have laid down structures on paper so that we can go back and analysis this ourselves before allowing people take a step, will do more harm than good. At the end of the day, it is your company’s name that would go down the drain if anything goes south because you would be the one anchoring it yourself. We are greatly disappointed , and to think you are thorough is pitiful” the head of the council, Mr George states. He was known to be overbearingly strict and doesn’t back down to put one down especially when one errs.

“I am so sorry, it’s my mistake, I didn’t check the file, well I did because I was the one who composed it down on paper as he compiled and pulled thoughts together and I took it to the office, put it on the table and then I turned to answer a call and then I put it in my bag and..oh dear..maybe I must have mixed it up and I-‘’

“Be quiet Samantha” Jake Bass orders, anger visible as he manages to keep a straight face

“My apologies , we can go ahead and-“ Mr Bass began

“No Mr Jake Bass we cannot, not with you. Everyone other person took out time to be here and prepared, we won’t be listening to all talks without concrete show of work. Unless you can have that file here within the hour, I don’t see how we can continue with you. Let the next person please take a stand, perhaps next year Mr Bass’’ George says

Jake Bass nods his thank you, goes to his seat, Samantha not knowing what to do, gathers the other files on the table and goes to her seat, next to him as someone else begins to talk and attention was diverted from him.

“I am so sorry Mr Bass please I-‘’

“You are nothing but an incompetent fool. One more word Samantha one more word and you would regret ever stepping foot into my building. A simple task, one simple task you can’t handle, do you know what you have caused me, one whole year’s expectation gone just like that and you have the guts to speak to me…I knew it, you are nothing but a lousy excuse for a woman, all you all know is how to look pretty, dress good but all that is in your heads is makeup, money, and a life of stupidity. Lousy and incompetent, one more word Samantha and you would be sorry” he says , his eyes bloodshot, his fists clenched

“It was a honest mistake sir…how dare you?’’

He turns to her , grabbing her by her hand “I would slap you if I could right now. Shut up Samantha, you don’t want to test me.” he snaps, people turn. He gives them a fixed smile letting go of her,

She is speechless and shocked at his outburst.

“And once we land, I need your resignation letter”

She blinks


To be Cont.