Say NO To Drugs – Joke


A guy got so high on weed, that he was searching for his phone with the torchlight of the same phone he was looking for. He got so worried about the phone and was almost in tears even his roommate, who was also high, decided to join him in the search.
After 45 minutes of searching, his phone rang, he picked the call and quickly replied the caller “I’ll call you back, I’m looking for my phone ” and he angrily ended the call and continued in the search for the phone he just answered a call with.
After a while, he then decided to use the same phone to call his line and when he got the busy tone, he turned to his roommate and said “guy, forget, that phone don loss, the person wey thief am, just dey busy am as I call am now”.
Say NO to drugs!! Lovely day people
MrPobs ✌🏼