Saved by Sin Episode Epilogue


In a well-furnished sitting room, a young man probably in his thirties could be seen talking to a young boy of about 17 years of age. The man was no other person than Gabriel who had now grown through the years, the 17 year old child should be his son and from the way they were seated, he was having a serious conversation with the boy.

At intervals a young, beautiful, tall, black woman would walk pass them to the kitchen from the room and from the kitchen to the room, she was obviously cooking, it was no other than Queen, his wife.

“So Michael, as you are leaving for school now, remember to make your books your priority like I did when I was in school, if you take your books as your priority, you will end up having a good job like men or even better than mine” He told his son,

“Yes Dad, can I go and play ball now?” Michael asked,

“Wait, one last advice, don’t ever think of joining a cult group, if you do, you will end up killing yourself. Look at me, all through my stay in the university, I never joined any cult group, I didn’t even know what a cult was, it was just from my house to school and then to church” Gabriel said, just then Queen made to walk to the kitchen again but she stopped and turned to him,

“You say what?” She asked him in shock, “Mr. Cultist” she shouted as Gabriel wink his eyes to signal to her to keep quiet for the sake of their son,

“Daddy, who is Mr. Cultist?” His son asked him,

“Hmm, that was a cultist back then during my days, he used to be very deadly and he disturbed the whole University. Now Son go play ball, I will tell you the Mr. Cultist story another day” Gabriel smiled

The End