Saved by Sin Episode 29


The police men who were running towards Gabriel got to him and instead of dragging him up roughly, saluted him and raised him gently.

“Are you alright?” They asked as they helped him up,

“Just my bleeding leg” Gabriel said.

“You will be fine, you are the hero of this generation” One of them said and Gabriel smiled,

“Please, my girlfriend is in the car, help me get her” Gabriel said and a policeman immediately opened the car and brought out Queen who was looking confused as at why they had not dragged Gabriel roughly into the van.

“Don’t worry dear, it is a short story” Gabriel smiled staring lovingly into her eyes.


On that particular night Gabriel had been initiated into the night crawlers cult group, he had first gone to see Queen and then he had left her angrily and went away to nowhere in particular. He had stopped under an Almond tree to cry, he cried for about thirty minutes before he suddenly sprang and walk in the darkness of the night to the nearest police station he could find. The police men were surprised to see a young guy staggering to the station and at the same time crying.

“What is it young man?” One of the policemen on duty asked him,

“I want to see the DPO” Gabriel said without any form of greeting,

“How can you just come in here and request to see the DPO? Do you have any appointment with him?” Another policeman asked angrily,

“It is very urgent, my life is in danger” Gabriel said as he hit the counter,

“The DPO has gone home for the day, come back tomorrow” They had told him,

“I can’t go home, let me sleep here, I might die before tomorrow, just put me somewhere let me sleep” Gabriel pleaded, the policemen had initially disagreed but after much pleading, they had considered and allowed him sleep in one of the free cells.

As the DPO resumed the following morning, Gabriel was the first person brought to him,

“I heard you wanted to see me young man, what for?” The DPO asked,

“I am a cultist sir” Gabriel started and the policemen standing by him immediately brought out their guns and took position. “I was initiated last night out of my own will” Gabriel told him and then narrated the story of all that had happened the previous night to him.

“I don’t know why but I find myself believing you” The DPO said after Gabriel’s narration, “So what should we do to help you out of these mess?” The DPO asked him,

“You guys can’t help me out, I want us to work hand in hand and get them, I will pretend to be among them, I am going to go on missions with them, even missions that involve killings. I will also partake in the killing but I promise to kill only fellow cult members, the bad guys. I won’t ever bring down any innocent being. At the end, I am going to make the two most deadly cult group of the University clash and that is when you guys come in. I will call you guys just before the clash and keep you guys updated, I will try to make things easy for you guys by bringing them to your hands and if I die in the process, then you guys should try get them on your own. This will take a very long time, please you guys shouldn’t arrest me after everything, it wasn’t my intention to be a cultist, I am not yet to deceive you, I want to help you bring them down” Gabriel said and pulled his cloth to show the DPO the injuries he sustained due to the beating he received when he was being initiated. “Please sir believe me” Gabriel pleaded staring at the DPO, the DPO also stared at him for a while before he finally nodded.

“I believe you, are you sure you can do this?” The man asked and Gabriel nodded,

“Then we will work hand in hand, I will give you all the contacts of my boys, call anyone when the time is right” The DPO said and shook hands with Gabriel.

As Gabriel left the station that morning, the first thing he did was to bring out his memory card from his phone, he had recorded the conversation he had with the DPO, he kept the memory card safe for future reference, you can’t trust Nigeria police.


Queen smiled as Gabriel narrated all the story to her, she couldn’t believe his wisdom, he had been playing them all along.

“Hmm, Mr. Cultist” Queen said as they sat in the police van which drove them to the station that day.

“Don’t call me that before these policemen will change their minds and arrest me” Gabriel said and Queen smiled, the police man who was driving the van also smiled.

“I love you” Queen told him,

“Hey, you don’t love here” the police driver said and they all bursted into laughter.


Exactly two months later, people could be seen gathered in a field, they were all in sorrowful mood as some could be seen crying, among these people were Gabriel’s parent, Israel’s parent and Rabbi’s relation. Gabriel’s mom tried her best to console Israel mother who wouldn’t stop crying as she stared at her son who was tied to a pole ready to die by a firing squad, Rabbi was also by him. Gabriel was on all white, as the soldiers were getting ready, he walked silently over to where Israel was tied,

“I am sorry friend” he said to Israel who as staring up in regret, they were both crying.

“Gabriel my best friend of all time” Israel smiled at him, Gabriel cried the more, he wish he could have reversed all that happened. “You see I was just remembering those time in secondary school when I would boast that I want to be an engineer and I want you to be a doctor, how I would often tell people that we will wed on the same day and how my family and yours will be very close, how my children will come over to your house just to play with your kids, how I would joke that ii would help you sleep with you wife if you can’t impregnate her” Israel said and bursted into laughter, Gabriel was still crying.

“Gabi, don’t cry, you did the right thing, I brought this upon myself, I deserve this” Israel as he opened his palm for Gabriel to hold him. “Now, I can’t even behold my parent, I had promised them that I will be a good engineer and give them a better life but look at me now. Anyways, I am still hopeful of them having a better life because I trust my friend Gabriel won’t allow my parent suffer” Israel cried this time and Gabriel nodded,

“I love you bro” Gabriel said in tears,

“I know that, I love you too, remember to help me ask God for forgiveness. Go now, the soldiers are ready to take us on the journey back home” Israel said and released his palm from Gabriel’s. Gabriel couldn’t move, he only stood by the pole and cried,

“Gabriel, go now, the soldiers are coming to drag you away” Israel told him as some soldiers approached and drew Gabriel away.

“Into your hands oh lord I commit my spirit, father accept me today in paradise” Rabbi prayed at the other pole as he raised his head facing the sky,

“Israel brother” He shouted to Israel who turned his neck to face him,

“Don’t think too much bro, forget all and cast thy bundle unto the lord the book of psalm 55:22 has said” Rabbi told him and Israel smiled,

“How I wish you knew it will end this way, you should have saved a lot of souls by becoming a new generation pastor” Israel said to himself.

“Scope!!” The soldiers command from the commander came and all the soldiers took position,

“Ready” Came the second command and the soldiers cocked their guns,

“FIRE!!!!” The last command came and gunshots filled the air until there was no bullet to shot again. As the firing ceased, the body of Israel and Rabbi could be seen hanging dead on the pole, blood could be seen dripping from all part of their body.

Israel’s mom was uncontrollable, she wept as she ran to the body of her son, her husband followed her so also did Gabriel’s parent.

Gabriel couldn’t stop crying, Queen tried her best to console him but all to no avail.

“That guy lying down there is my best friend, he had gone hungry a lot of times for me in secondary school, he had always defended me no m….” Gabriel was saying but ended up in tears.