Saved by Sin Episode 28


“Mr., you need to run, I promised you safety, run into the bush and don’t look back” Gabriel informed the taxi man who was shivering at the front,

“Oga, if I leave this car, I don die be that” The man answered him with clenching teeth.

“Okay, run, I will cover you” Gabriel said as he crossed the chair and sat beside the driver.

“At the count of 3, I will push you out, don’t get up immediately, just crawl into the bushes as I cover up for you” Gabriel told him, the man nodded although he was scared. “Don’t worry man, I promise you safety, take my words for it” Gabriel said and pushed him out of the car without even the count of three.

As the man fell off the car, Gabriel immediately took to firing at the pipeline van and the members of the night crawlers in the jeep also opened fire at the van. The driver immediately got up and made to run into the bush, just then a bullet hit his back. As he fell his last, he remembered Gabriel words of him not to get up, he should crawl into the bushes.

“Jesus Christ!!”Queen shouted as she saw the driver fall down dead,

“I told him not to get up” Gabriel said and hit the car’s steering in anger. The night crawlers continued to open fire on the pipeline van and the pipeline also tried to shoot back but the night crawlers were having the upper hand as the bullets were destroying their van. The driver of the van was already dead on the steering and further delay in the van will yield more dead pipeline guys, so to be on a safe side, the pipeline guys began to dive into the bushes.

On seeing this, the Night crawlers quickly alighted from their jeep and took cover behind the opened doors of the jeep. Israel and Rabbi were the ones in front, they took cover behind the front doors of the jeep, Mike, Carlos, Mathew and some other prominent member of the Night crawlers took cover behind the back door while Gabriel remained in the taxi with Queen.

“I will need to go there also” Gabriel turned to Queen,

“No, don’t dare, I don’t want you dead” Queen begged holding his hand tight.

“Sorry Queen, I have to go and fight with them, whatever happen out there, don’t move an inch from this car” Gabriel told her and made to alight from the car,

“Gabriel” Queen called him back from the car before he got down,

“I love you” She told him and immediately planted a kiss on his lips. He stared at her for a while, smiled and then went out of the car, he used the door to the front side of the cab as a cover to himself. No one was shooting yet, each still waiting for the other to start. Gabriel whistled to Mathew who was just in front of him, he turned to face Gabriel.

“You guys should cover for me, am going towards John” Gabriel told him and Mathew immediately alerted the rest. Gabriel took one last deep breath and like a sprinter ran towards the free space between the pipeline van and the night crawlers jeep. Gunshots could immediately be heard from different angles, the pipeline guys were shooting at Gabriel and the night crawlers were retaliating and making sure Gabriel was well covered.

As Gabriel got closer to their van, he turned left to look into the bushes and behold, a gun was pointed at him by one member of the pipeline guys, he knew well that if he run and the guy shots the gun, he is a dead man, so to make himself safe, he took a dangerous dive towards the bottom of the van so that the bullet mixed him. He rolled out of the van and looked towards John’s car which was still some distance from the van.

“Happy death day” He said as he aimed at John’s tinted windscreen, he believe John was still in the car as he did not see John run or come out of the car. He shot at the windscreen destroying it and behold, no one was in the car.

“I am smarter than that” he heard someone say from behind him, whosoever the person was, the person pointed a gun to his head. Gabriel turned his neck a little and saw John pointing a gun to his skull, he prayed silently.

“Now, just turn around slowly and follow me” john told him. He compiled and followed John to the open space, to the view of the night crawlers.

“Now drop your gun and surrender or I kill him” John shouted to the night crawlers who began to drop their gun slowly. Gabriel stared at the face of Israel, he was surprised to see Israel smiling. Suddenly, there was a gunshot from behind and John immediately fell down dropping his gun, someone had shot his leg. Gabriel immediately took possession of his Gun and pointed it at John as the person who had shot him came out of the bush. It was Kelvin, the informant of the night Crawlers among the Pipeline guys.

“Thank you Kelvin” Gabriel said while Kelvin smiled, just then another gunshot was heard from behind them and Kelvin drop down dead, he had also been shot by one of the pipeline guys in the bushes. Gabriel immediately rolled away from the scene so that he won’t also be shot, John took that opportunity and made to limb into the bush but he was unlucky as a bullet from Gabriel caught his other leg and once again he fell.

Obviously, the pipeline guys wouldn’t want their Capon dead so out of the bushes ran one of them with full speed and shooting randomly, he ran towards where John was, he might had not known that Gabriel was Just there hiding behind their van, before he could get John up, a bullet from Gabriel went directly into his head and he fell down dead.

John tried to crawl away again and this time he almost succeeded but he was shot dead by Gabriel, the capon of the Pipeline guys was shot dead by Gabriel.

“Your capon is dead, we might give you eternal life if you choose to surrender now” Rabbi shouted with pride and happiness, just then out of the bushes, Alika came forth and began to shoot towards the night crawlers Jeep. The night crawlers immediately guided themselves again using the doors to their Jeep which took the bullets for them.

“Hold on guys, I will get him” Rabbi said as he crawled towards the back of the jeep, Alika couldn’t see him as the jeep covered him. Rabbi crawled towards the back of the jeep and then towards the cab which Queen was in. He looked across to Alika who was still shooting at their Jeep, he must have been so engrossed in the shooting that he didn’t see Rabbi run from the cab side into the bushes behind Alika.

Rabbi crawled slowly and silently in the bushes until he was just behind Alika. Without wasting time, he immediately shot two straight bullets to Alika’s back and the young man fell down dead. Rabbi with a smile got up and stared at Alika’s dead body.

“Two of your leaders are dead, give up now, you can be granted the chance of eternal life, for the book of James 4:6 makes us know that grace is giveth unto the humble” Rabbi shouted and immediately, the remaining members of the night crawlers roared the slang

“Ride on pastor!!”.

Gabriel who was not far from where Rabbi was standing smiled at how Rabbi used the scripture to emphasize his points. As he stared at Rabbi, his eyes caught something behind Rabbi in the bushes, a member of the Pipeline guy was in the bush and was about to shoot at Rabbi. On seeing this, Gabriel with all the speed he could mutter ran towards Rabbi,

“fall Rabbi” Gabriel shouted, Rabbi immediately fell down flat, he had gone on many missions with Gabriel and they had gotten to understand each other. As Rabbi fell, Gabriel did a dangerous dive and released a bullet to the guy, the guy also pulled his trigger and a bullet caught Gabriel’s leg. The guy was unfortunate as the bullet Gabriel had shot at him caught his chest and he fell his last.

“Gabriel” Rabbi called as he got up and stared at the injured Gabriel, he got up and dragged Gabriel away from the open area towards their jeep. “You guys should go, go and kill them all” Gabriel instructed the night crawlers. “Kelvin told me there were seven guys coming, 3 are down now, 4 to go” Israel informed his boys, “we are more than them, you guys should go into the bushes and kill them, I go with you” Israel told his boys. “Gabriel, use your gun to defend yourself and don’t leave here” Israel said and Gabriel nodded,

“Thank you for saving my life” Rabbi patted him, Gabriel smiled,

“You have saved mine a lot of times” Gabriel patted his back and he bounced away, if there is someone Gabriel have grown to be fond of among the Night crawlers, it should be Rabbi, the new generation pastor.

Queen still remained in the cab, she was frightened to come out, she had seen Gabriel being dragged to the Jeep side, she had wanted to come out and help but she remembered Gabriel warning of her not to come out no matter what so she stayed back. As she remained peeping at Gabriel, a guy from the bush crawled out with a gun and advanced towards Gabriel, he was advancing slowly and silently so that Gabriel won’t notice. Queen knew she shouldn’t remain in the cab any longer, she stretched her hand for the spanner that was lying just beside her leg and she slowly opened the door to the cab with shivering hands and advanced towards the guy who was about to pull the trigger, with all the strength she could mutter, she hit the guy’s head hard with the spanner and he immediately fell down unconscious.

Gabriel being attracted turned back and pointed the gun to whosoever, he found himself pointing the gun at Queen who was shivering, he stared at the floor and saw the guy who was bleeding from the head.

“You saved my life” Gabriel said, but Queen didn’t reply as she was too scared to talk. Gabriel tried to get up and limb towards her, just then the sound of gunshot filled the bushes.

“I think you should go back to the cab now” Gabriel said to her and she quickly hurried into the cab.
The gunshot continued for about ten minutes and after that, from the bushes, Israel, Rabbi and two more Night crawlers guys could be seen coming towards him, they had won the fight.

Gabriel smiled on seeing them approaching, they also smiled at him as they walked towards him. They were just getting close when the police siren was heard,

“Run” Israel ordered the two boys, “Rabbi, let’s get Gabriel out of here” Israel turned to Rabbi as the two guys ran away,

“Don’t worry about me, I have my way out, you guys should run” Gabriel told them,

“Are you sure?” Rabbi asked him,

“Rabbi, you should trust me that I always have a way” Gabriel smiled and Rabbi nodded,

“Let’s go capon” Rabbi said to Israel and they turned to run away. Silently, Gabriel cocked his gun and shot at their both legs, Rabbi and Israel’s leg, they both fell down in shock as they turned their neck slowly to stare at Gabriel, just then the police van closed up on them.

“It is the police, drop your weapons and put your hands where we can see them” The police ordered from their vans as some of them ran towards Israel and Rabbi, they drew them up and dragged them into the van, about two of them also ran towards Gabriel who made no attempt to escape.

“Just like the son of man, I have been betrayed” Rabbi smiled as he was led to the back of the van.