Saved by Sin Episode 27


He wasn’t bothered, he only smiled as he sat in the taxi and watched them zoom off leaving the hall 2 car park.

“Follow that car, I will pay you well” he told the taxi driver who nodded his head and also zoomed off following John’s car. The taxi was just leaving the car park when Gabriel picked his phone and placed a call to Rabbi.

“Rabbi Man, the new generation prophet” Gabriel hailed over the phone, “I want you to do me a favor Rabbi” Gabriel started, “That capon of the pipeline guys is driving somewhere with my girl, we are approaching June 12, arrange the boys, let us make his death a memorable one” Gabriel said.

“At last, you have finally agree to have us kill this guy, I will arrange the boys and even make the capon follow us, the death of the capon of the pipeline guys should be an indeed memorable one” Rabbi said over the phone, from the way he talked, it was obvious he was happy with the news.

“You guys should make it quick before he leaves here, I will try keep you guys in track of where we are at intervals” Gabriel said and with that, ended the call.

Now the taxi driver was sweating profusely, he wasn’t a fool and he sure understood what was going on. The car he was trailing happen to belong to the capon of the famous pipeline guys, and this guy in his car is planning to bring him down, he hope he doesn’t get involved in the mess, he is a family man.

Seeing the fear on the face of the taxi man, Gabriel bursted into laughter, not that there was anything to laugh about.

“Don’t worry man, I promise I won’t hurt you if you don’t try to make any smart move” Gabriel said and patted him,

“Okay sir, I won’t be smart sir, as a matter of fact, I am not a smart man” the man stammered and Gabriel busted into another round of laughter, this time, much louder.

John Femi had been noticing the cab that had been following him ever since he drove off the hall 2 car park, he initially thought it was just an ordinary cab man going about his daily duties but his perspective changed when he took a turn into a corner and the cab followed him. It would have been normal if the cab had followed him into a reasonable corner, but the corner he took was an area out of bound from student and no student was allowed there. He had taken the corner to confirm if the cab was following him or not and he had indeed gotten his confirmation.

“Where are we going to?” Queen asked him, she knew where they were was a dangerous area not meant for students.

“Change of plans, we go shopping another day” John told her as he picked up his phone and place a call to someone.

“Alika the tortoise” John hailed as the receiver picked up his phone,

“Capon, you rarely call except there is a problem, put your mind at rest, for the scripture says what: His grace is sufficient for us” Alika said from the other end.

“Alika, there is a cab following me, I don’t know the inhabitant, but whosoever it is, I am in trouble, assemble the boys, follow the bush path and come to that area out of bound from students.” John said as fast as he could, this time Queen peeped out of the window to confirm her doubts, there was not only a cab, but also a jeep behind them, the jeep of the night crawlers.

What had happened was that when John was busy taking notice of the cab following him even before he called Alika, Gabriel had called to inform his boys about the change in direction and luckily for them, that restricted area was very close to the base of the “Night crawlers” just a stone throw.

“John, there are two cars after us” Queen told John, she was now sweating and stammering.

“Shut up if you don’t want me to push you out of my car” John shouted and then an idea came into him. Those after him might possibly be the night crawlers. They might be following him because he has Queen, pushing Queen out of the car will distract them and make them stop to pick her, with that, he can gain some distance on them. What about if they are not the night crawlers? Then they will have her killed, anyways, his own safety first.

“Sorry Queen, we will continue our love life in our next life” John said and immediately kicked her through the door which he had unlocked, she fell to the smooth, fine sand of the road, she obviously got injured.

“Stop!!” Gabriel ordered the taxi man and the man immediately came to a halt. Gabriel jumped down of the cab and signaled to the night crawlers jeep behind them to continue moving, they must not let John get away.

He had seen Queen fall and he immediately ran towards her. It is no longer a news that the night crawlers is the most dreaded cult group in the university. The secret behind their success isn’t farfetched, the night crawlers unknown to other cult groups have spies in all other cult group in the university and the pipeline guys cult is not just an exception. They have an informant in the group and he is only useful whenever the two cult are to have a clash.

The moment Alika informed them about the situation, the informant had immediately put a call to his members to inform them of the pipeline plans.

“Queen, are you alright?” Gabriel asked queen as he bent beside her, she was in pain but was still very much conscious. She smiled on sighting Gabriel, so he had come back for her?

“Gabriel” she called him slowly as her hands reached for his head.

“Yes, are you alright?” he asked her again, this time he made to help her up. She nodded her head as she rested her head on his chest, it was then he remembered there was an ongoing mission. “We need to get out of here, there is a mission that need to be accomplished” Gabriel told her as he helped her into the taxi. It would have been good if this had happened apart from now, there is danger looming around the corner this period.

“Gabriel, I am sorry” Queen apologized as they got into the taxi,

“Not the best time to apologize, we would do that proper if we ever live through this day” He told her and then brought out his phone to put a call to someone,

“Who are you calling?” She asked him,

“The police” He answered and she immediately beat the phone off his ear,

“Do you realize that if you call the police, you are also in danger because you are also a cultist and one of them, Let just turn back, leave them alone to kill themselves and let us escape to somewhere” Queen said,

“It is not as easy as it seems, if I leave them there, then I have betrayed them and if the night crawlers survive this clash, then they will come back to kill us. Let me call the police so that they will keep you safe, at least, if they get me, then it is what I brought upon myself, I joined the cult by myself and I should face the consequences. I don’t want you harmed, you have nothing in this. And if I die after today, always remember I love you and always care for you” Gabriel said and the taxi immediately came to an halt, in front of them was the jeep of the night crawlers, the inhabitants were still in it and opposite the jeep was the van of the pipeline guys and John’s car, each waiting for who to lunch the first attack. As the taxi came to a halt, Gabriel dialed the number he had wanted to call ever since.

“Hello, any problem, is there an emergency?” came the voice from the receiver end, Gabriel stared at Queen and smiled, he then pulled out his gun which had been hidden in his belt all this while, he shot sporadically into the air,

“Yes, this is from the university of Benin, there is a clash between two cult groups here, I will text you the address soonest” Gabriel answered as Queen shivered.