The Complete Woman Episode 1


Meeting Israel was the best thing that happened to my life, I have never known anyone so gentle and perfect.
Every woman prays for a Godfearing, gentle and calm man, that was also my prayer and God gave me the best of all. Infact, God added other qualities in him like nice, loving, caring, everything good is what you can use to describe Israel.

I remember the first day we met. It was on a Sunday. I had just finished my youth service and I came home after one year. Isreal was not a member of the church before I travelled and so when the choir was called and he stood up I was surprised to see a new face.

I am a member of the choir, but not very active because according to them I have a manly voice and whenever I sing they end up laughing and so I just sit and sing at the back of the choir. But my man voice made me well known in the choir.

It was Israel and sister Marvis that took the solo that day. As they sang, I felt like I was in heaven, the whole church was carried away by the holyspirit as there was speaking of tongues all over the church.

At the end of the service, pastor George welcomed me back from service and many of the members came to congratulate me and shake my hands. The choir members also came one after the other to shake hands with me. Isaiah also came with them.

Isaiah: congratulations ma, and welcome back from service.

Me: Thank you so much. It was a good song you did with sister Marvis and your voice was also very wonderful.

Isaiah: (bowing down to show appreciation) Thank you so much ma’am. I also heard you are a member of the choir.

Me: yes I am

Isaiah: That’s good. It means we will be seeing you on Wednesday during rehearsals.

Me: By the grace of God.

Just then sister Marvis rushed unto us and held unto Isaiah as if he were her husband.

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Marvis: Here you are, I’ve been looking around for you. (Then she turned and looked at me) I can see you have met sister Daniella.

Isaiah: (to me) so that is your name. Daniella!

Me: yes!that’s me.

Isaiah: Lovely name you’ve got. I am Isaiah (he stretched his hand for a hand shake,/but sister Marvis was quick to disengage them and separate their hands.)

Marvis: That’s OK, Daniella welcome back. Isaiah let’s go.

Isaiah: Go where? Are we going same direction?

The look on Marvis’s face showed anger, I was quick to understand so I quickly stepped forward.

Me: Its okay. You can go, I am going anyway.

Isaiah: its alright, hope I’d be seeing you during rehearsals

Me: Hopefully sir (I said smiling), bye Marvis

Marvis: Bye Dani.

After I left I saw Marvis talking with Isaiah. I could tell she was scolding him for embarrassing her like that in front of me. But I didnt care, I just smiled and walked away. There was a lot of things on my mind and that was were my focus was.