Saved by Sin Episode 6


“Don’t be bothered, I know I am not your girlfriend, I know what we do is just for the fun and for the money, you don’t need to keep reminding me” queen told him, he nodded his head in affirmation and slowly walked away.

Queen made sure he was out of sight before bringing out the money he had given her earlier, she counted it.

“15 thousand naira” she almost shouted, “This guy is d–n rich” she smiled as she walked towards the part of the club where all the activities were taking place.

Meeting Queen for the first time, you might think she is a girl in her early twenties, but no, She is actually 17 years and about 8 months old, she was rather exposed to the bad side of life at a very young age, the reason wasn’t farfetched, she grew up in the ghetto and without the strict hands of a father.

Her mom had contributed a lot to her character, she never had time for her daughter, her only daughter. Her mom Mrs. Nwok had only been forced to give Queen the primary and secondary education because she thought it was necessary, she had also given Queen the money for her first Jamb form which Queen had failed the exam. She had promised herself not to have anything to do with Queen schooling anymore, to her, she had done her best.

The DJ wasn’t relenting, he continued to give them hits songs as they danced around the club that night, each girl dancing with a guy or two. Queen wasn’t left out, she was enjoying every bit of her life as she gave the guy she was dancing with a lap dance, the guy on his part seem to be enjoying every bit of it, he danced on like a mad dog.

They didn’t waste time, Gabriel and Israel hurried to the nearest cyber café to print out their Jamb result. The café was just two buildings from Gabriel’s residence so it didn’t take them time to get there.

“We want to print o” Israel shouted from the outside of the Café. An attendant, a young beautiful girl probably in her teens approached them to attend to them.

“What do you want to print?” she asked politely with a bright smile on her lips,

“This your smile will kill somebody o” Israel smiled back diverting from the subject matter, the girl blushed, “Don’t remove the smile o, just keep the smile on your lips, it makes you more beautiful” he added and this time the girl laughed.

“Sorry, we came to pri………” Gabriel was saying but Israel cut him short,

“Print what? You and who came here to print?” Israel asked him using a harsh tone, he was shocked and stared at Israel in disbelief, and his mouth, slightly opened.

“Sister don’t mind him o, I only came here to see your bright face and your smile” Israel turned to the girl again.

“See, my madam is around, maybe we can talk some other time” The girl told him as she stole a glance around the shop.

“No problem then, we can talk some other time only if you give me your phone number” Israel smiled, the young lady looked round the shop again and quickly called out some numbers to him.

“Thank you, now we are here to print” Israel said while Gabriel smiled, his friend is doomed.

It was around 5am in the morning, Queen walked haphazardly down her street, it was obvious she was drunk and her movement confirmed it. She would sometimes fall to the ground but all those times, she always got up. How she was able to locate her house, only God knows, but she soon stopped in front of her gate and pushed it open. She walked towards their main door and banged it like she had come as a thief.

“Who is that?” her mom shouted from inside,

“Come and open the door for your only daughter” Queen said still staggering, her voice that moment was like that of an abnormal person.

Her mom opened the door from the inside and stared at her daughter, she wasn’t surprise, this wasn’t the first neither was it the second or third time Queen would be coming home this way.

“Mama the mama” Queen hailed as she staggered into the house, her mother didn’t reply her. “This one you are not saying anything, hmm mama, I suspect you” Queen continued to talk as she staggered into her room.

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The café attendant inputted Israel’s log in details into the computer system and waited for it to load, it took about 5 minutes for the page to load due to the slow network.

“Wow, you are smart o, 299 in jamb, congratulations o” the girl congratulated him, Israel only smiled. The girl printed out his result and handed it over to him, he collected it and held tight to her hands.

“Thank you” he appreciated looking directly into her eyes and smiling,

“You are welcome “she smiled back as he stood up from the chair, it was Gabriel’s turn. Gabriel sat and immediately gave the girl his login details, the network was a bit fast this time and in less than two minutes, his result came up.

“Wow, 320, unbelievable” the girl shouted,

“Hey, keep your voice down, you will draw attention to us” Gabriel told her while she covered her mouth with her both hands,

“How did you do it?” The girl asked him,

“dedication and hard work” he smiled.

“Hmm, scholar” she patted him, she made to click on the print icon when a notification suddenly came up on the monitor,

“You are unable to print your result because you were found to be involved in examination malpractice” the girl read it out to the hearing of both Gabriel and Israel, Gabriel turned to the screen immediately,

“That isn’t for me” he stammered turning to Israel,

“So na even expo you take pass” the girl let out a long, loud hiss

to be continued