Saved by Sin Episode 5


Queen walked out of the house into the night, she put on her sandals which she had been holding from inside the house and adjusted her dress as she stood just by her door step. She was putting on a bomber short, more like a pant, and it was complemented by a tiny white shirt. She walked briskly out of her compound, she let out a silent hiss as she walked away completely into the dark.

“Royale club house” as they call it is one of the well-known club house for teens, it is situated somewhere in Delta, it was always buzzing day and night most especially on Fridays. It is here you meet all kind of immoralities, girls get wasted and used up, and boys get to show their talents as they waste girls, some of the decent girls who refuse to get wasted would rather show off their talents on the dance floor with their seductive dance steps, the decent girls.

Lot of mercury lights could be seen inside the club, on the stage is a girl wearing something similar to a catapult as pant, she was dancing seductively with an iron rod which stood straight on the round platform that served as the stage floor. She had no shirt on, just a thin pink bra to match the thin, pink rope she was putting on as pant.

At a corner of the hall is a young muscular guy with well-trimmed beards and well-built chest, he had a red tight shirt on, a blue jeans trouser was to match. Surrounding him were about five girls, their dress code wasn’t far different from that of the stripper displaying on the stage. He would sometimes kiss some of the girls and smooch them, but nothing more than that.

The dance floor was being occupied by teens displaying their dance steps in rugged manners, some were drinking as they danced while some took pleasure in smoking as they received lap dance from the decent girls.
No one noticed queen come in, who would notice her amongst the crowd?

She stared at the stripper displaying on the dance floor and smiled. She stopped to watch her for some seconds, she then smiled again and made her way through the crowd to the corner of the hall where the young muscular guy was.

“Baby” the young guy hugged her as she approached him, “what took you so long?” he asked her,

“don’t mind my old woman, she wanted to stop me from coming” Queen smiled so also did the young man.

“What are you doing with them?” she asked him pointing at the five girls,

“You were taking long so I decided to keep myself busy, moreover you are not my girlfriend so you shouldn’t be bothered about me with them” he smiled as he pressed his big hands on Queen’s buttocks,

“I am not bothered, I am just asking” Queen laughed.

“No time to waste dear, let’s catch fun” he told her as he led her to the dance floor, his name as they call him is John Femi.

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It was two days after the graduation party, Gabriel was in his small room keeping himself busy with some sort of magazine, he would occasionally drop the magazine to think about Nkechi, he had tried calling her since the day before yesterday, she had picked just once and that once, battered him with insults of different kinds. He had ceased calling her when he called up to thirty times without her picking, he tried reaching her on Facebook, but her latest update read “found a new guy, he is caring and loving”. He would pick up the magazine again and pretend to be reading, truth be told, he wasn’t reading.

“Gabriel!!!” Israel’s shout interrupted his thought, he stood up immediately and rushed to the sitting room where Israel was shouting his name.

“Israel, how far?’ he asked coldly,

“Never been so fine, guess what” Israel tapped him,

“you got a new girl” Gabriel said falling into a couch.

“No, something better” Israel said, Gabriel opened his eyes wide and stared at Israel, there has never been anything better for Israel than getting a new girl.

“I can’t guess again” Gabriel smiled.

“Okay, I just checked my jamb result and guess what bro, I got 299” Israel shouted moving his body to an imaginary music.

“Wow, good news, please help me check mine, I don’t have data” Gabriel begged, he has taken off his mind from the jamb exam he wrote some days before their graduation party.

“take, check yourself” Israel passed his phone to Gabriel, Gabriel collected the phone and took a deep breath before putting in his login details, he then closed his eyes and waited for some minutes before opening them to stare at the phone again. “320!!!!” he shouted as he jumped on Israel out of joy, he knew he would pass but he never knew he would pass this well.

“Gabriel na you o, even for jamb?” Israel laughed happily, at last they would continue their friendship at the University of Benin when they finally end up as roommate.


In a dark corner outside the Royale club, a boy stood very close to a girl, it was clear what they were doing, they were having a quick one.

“More usual, you are always sweet” the guy said to the girl, it was John Femi and the girl is no other than Queen.

“You don’t need to tell me that” queen laughed pulling up her bomber shot to cover her black buttocks,

“I just thought I should let you know once again” john Femi said as he counted some money and gave them to Queen, Queen smiled.

“I won’t be able to come next week Friday, I have exams on that day and you should know of UNIBEN exams, they will weak you for the whole day” he said laughing,

“That shouldn’t be a problem, I will just come around to catch fun with any random guy” she told him and he nodded as he made to go, he would be travelling back to Benin the next day, that was how he do visit every Friday just to have a quick one with Queen, he would come all the way from Benin to Delta just for a quick one. He had taken some steps away from Queen when he suddenly turned back like he had remembered something, he walked back to her.

“ Remember Queen, you are not my girlfriend” he told her while Queen bursted into laughter,

“I Know” she said still laughing.