Saved by Sin Episode 4


“Jesus Christ, I am sorry” he apologized staring at her in disbelief, he tried reaching for her hand but she beat it off,

“It is over!!!” she shouted as she walked away angrily, he opened his mouth to say something but the words didn’t come out. He looked down at his broken glass award and tears escaped his eyes, no, not for the award, but for the girl he had lost, for Nkechi. He looked around, there was no one in sight, he then wiped off his tears and left the school premises through the back gate.

As he walked home that evening, a lot of thoughts ran through his mind, it was his fault, if he haven’t lived a boring lifestyle, Nkechi wouldn’t have left him, if he had been proud of her and proud to make her known to the world, then maybe he might still be with Nkechi.

“This is the first time, I have learned from this” he smiled as he pushed open the gate to his house, he was the only one left outside so he locked the gate as he came in.

“My smart prince” his mom went forward to hug him as he entered the house, he simply pushed her aside taking all who were in the sitting room by surprise.

“What was the meaning of that?” his dad who was relaxing on a couch asked him,

“It is the fault of the both of you” he shouted staring from his dad to his mom and then to his sisters.

“What are you talking about?” his mom asked him,

“You guys made me who I am today, a failure!!!” he shouted, Sandra his eldest sister who was sitting on a couch close to where he was drew back in fear.

“Young man, what has come over you, what are you talking about?’ his dad asked,

“Look at me, a total failure” he said gesticulating with his hands, “A full grown boy like me, I don’t know how to love a girl, that is the kind of lifestyle you have embedded in me” he shouted hitting his leg against the Centre wooden table, “Ouch!” he cried out in pain.

“Just look at, as big as I am, I don’t know how to love, as big as I am, I am scared of girls” he said and this time Sandra bursted into a loud, long laughter.

“Is that what all this is about? A girl? “His mom asked,

“Gabriel, I have told you times without number, all those who start to love at this age end up as failures” his mom said, he stared at her for some seconds and then clapped his hands like he was applauding her.

“Look at Israel, he has dated about five girls in the last two semesters, you yourself gave him the award of the best sportsman today, Israel is the set second most intelligent boy, now tell me, is Israel a failure?” he asked his mom staring directly into her eyes,

“Don’t stare at me like that, we are not mate” she told him as she took a deep breath and fell into a couch.

“Gabriel my boy” his dad started, “Not all those who date at this age are failure, but remember, what works for Mr. A might not work for Mr. B” his dad said hoping to sound convincing,

“I am not Mr. A neither am I Mr. B” he told his dad and walked away from the sitting room angrily,

“Tell me he is not my son” Mr. Jason turned to his wife who has her hand placed on her forehead,

“I am not in the mood for Jokes” she told him without turning to look at him.

Queen brought out her sandals from her artificial wardrobe, she held them in her hands and slowly made to sneak out of her room. The time was 9pm of a good Friday night, it wasn’t the first time she would be doing that, she always sneaked out of the house every Friday night to the club some street away, the club where she had fun with her friends and some street guys, they would first start with all kind of immoral dances, from lab dance to others.

She had successfully sneaked out of her room and was heading to the sitting room when her mother voice stopped her,

“where the hell are you going to by this time of the night?” her mom asked with a raised tone,

“I want to go and urinate outside” Queen Lied.

“You want to go and urinate outside with your shoes in your hands, what happened to the toilet inside the house” her mom asked folding her hands arms across her breast,

“please mummy leave me alone, it is my life and it is none of your business” she shouted at her mom, the old woman shook her head in pity as she stared at her only daughter,

“Take a look at your life, some of your mates will be entering the University very soon, but look at you, you failed woefully and you call this thing you’re living a life” her mom clapped her hands like a local gossiper, queen let out a mocking laugh.

“Mom, if you had passed Jamb, why did your education stop at the sss 3 class?” Queen asked shocking the old woman, the old woman stared at her daughter speechless. “Talk now, why didn’t you complete your education?” queen asked again and thereafter hissed and walked out of the presence of her mother. The old woman stared at her daughter as she walked away, truly she had not completed her education because she had also failed Jamb, not once but seven times.

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It was another Sunday morning in the University of Benin, boys and girls, men and women, husbands and wives could be seen trooping into the main gate in their best attires. Amongst these people was Cynthia, she was wearing a tight gown which brought out her body curves and shapes. She wore a blue high heel to match the blue gown she was wearing. You might mistake her to be going to a night club based on her dress code, her nipples could be visibly standing inside her cloth, she wasn’t putting on any bra.

The rosary she was holding will leave you with the confirmation that she was going to the popular Saint Albert Catholic Church. She got to the church quiet early today, at least, the parish priest was just approaching the altar.

She took her sit in a chair about four rows from the front seat, she crossed her leg in a way that her pink panties could be visibly seen by those at the front seat, you just need to turn your neck a little to have a clear view. The parish priest was still approaching the altar, he was already about halfway to the altar when a loud gunshot was heard outside the church. The choir stopped singing immediately and the parish to be on a safe side of not being hit by a bullet ran to the alter leaving the altar boys to themselves.

From the main entrance, about five guys in all white bounced into the church, who doesn’t know the night crawlers cult group? They bounced to the altar and one of them, probably a hit man came forward and stared at the parish priest. The congregation couldn’t run, the whole entrance has been blocked by members of the night crawlers.

“Peace be unto you” the guy said to the parish priest using a microphone,

“And also with your spirit” the priest replied him,

“I have come just as my boss as sent me, I promise not to kill anyone other than who I had come for” the cult guy said, his name as they call him is Rabbi.

The priest nodded his head in fear and the guy immediately turned to face the congregation, his eyes caught Cynthia on the fourth row and he walked to her smiling.

“I do not of my own will but that of he who sent me” Rabbi started,

“please don’t kill me, I promise, I will agree to his proposal, I will date Raphael” Cynthia begged,

“it is too late to do that now” Rabbi said to her as he cocked his gun, she wanted to say something but it was too late, Rabbi shot her head off and she fell heavily to the ground, her short gown rolled up a bit to reveal the pink G string pant she was putting on. Rabbi smiled and turned to the parish priest,

“psalm 96:9 says and I quote, oh worship the lord in the beauty of holiness” Rabbi said, “Teach your congregations to dress properly” he concluded and walked towards the exit.