Saved by Sin Episode 3


She was laughing happily with Pascal, she acted as if what was ongoing was none of her business, all her attention was on Pascal. Gabriel collected his prize and walked down the stage accompanied by those who had followed him up earlier, his countenance was not the same as it were when he was being called upon initially, he was now angry and jealous and he was trying everything possible to hide it.

At around 5pm, the party came to an end and the students except those graduating began to leave for their abodes. The graduating students are meant to hang out with themselves for the last time, who knows, they might not meet again. Some juniors who still wanted to catch fun also remained in school, some were with the graduating students disturbing them to at least have one selfie with them.

Kate, an sss 2 student was present there that day, she is of average height and one of the most beautiful girls in the school. Rumors has it that she had dated all the male teachers in the school, don’t be surprised, those rumors were from those who had never had the opportunity to talk to her before.

“Senior Gabriel” she called as she swayed her waist towards where Gabriel was, he was drinking from a bottle. She was putting on a pink gown which did the perfect job of revealing her curves, one of the deadliest the school has.

“Yes” Gabriel turned to her smiling, she was holding an android phone, an intimidating one.

“Please senior, if you don’t mind, can you take a selfie with me?” she asked with pleading eyes, this is actually the first time she is coming this close to Gabriel talk more of talking to him.

“Sure” Gabriel smiled, the smile that formed on her small lips showed she was happy. She drew closer to him and placed her hands around his waist,

“I don’t mind if you hold me the same way” she told him and he slowly placed his hand around her waist making sure to hold the vibrating hand from slipping down.

“Thank you” she appreciated with a smile,

Gabriel nodded cleaning the bead of sweat that have started to form on his forehead, she then ran off afterwards. Like they had been waiting for someone to go first, his class mates, the females started to rush to him for a selfie, they never believed he was so cool, they were scared of his straight face.

Gabriel on his part saw it as fun, he never believed he could be this free with girls, holding their waist, putting his hands across their shoulders, standing chest to chest with them and the likes. He tried to imagine what he had been missing all these while, he never saw hanging out with females as this fun, for once he forgot Israel existed. It was the best moment of his life, talking and laughing with his female mate, all thanks to the sss 2 girl who had given them the courage.

“I never knew you could laugh this long” Seyi, the class most brilliant girl told him,

“You know, I actually use to think you were the one with a straight face” Gabriel laughed,

“ look at you, so you are even this handsome? You know, I have never been this close to you” she said,

“You can still come closer” he said and they both busted into laughter, wow, she couldn’t believe it.

Nkechi had taken pictures with almost all the guys in her class but she acted she didn’t see Gabriel all along. Her mind was made up, she was done with him, she can’t continue with the kind of boring relationship he wants. At intervals, she would steal glances at him just to see him laughing with other girls,

“So he has been pretending all these while, or is he doing all these to get me Jealous? “She asked herself and answered with a hiss. “Am so done with you Gabriel” she murmured as she walked into a free corner.

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Queen Nwok is the only daughter of Mrs. Nwok, she lives in Delta state with her mom. She is a tall beautiful girl in her teens, she keeps a low cut a bit higher than the normal low cut. Her complexion wouldn’t have been better with another if not her dark complexion, she is a dark beauty.

This particular evening, she sat down outside her mother’s compound separating beans from its dirt, taking a good look at her, you will easily deduce that she was bothered as it seems she was thinking about something, who wouldn’t be bothered when you have 205 as your jamb result and you want to go for medicine in a university like the University of Benin, who wouldn’t?

Gabriel didn’t want it to end, he was having a hell of fun, he now thinks girls are actually funny that guys, now he thinks Israel is the most boring person he has ever met.

“Hey Gabi, let’s take a quick one with your award” Seyi told him holding him by his hands, she had refused to let him go, if today is the only day she got, let her spend it with the guy she had always had an eye for right from when they were in sss 1. She had always eyed him secretly but never approached him due to fear of what people might say, it might destroy her reputation as the class most brilliant girl.

“That’s not a problem” Gabriel said unwrapping the award, it was made of fine transparent glass, his name was boldly written on it and a small drawing of his smiling face was also on it, how the school got the picture he has no idea.

“I think we should take this as a real picture, not a phone picture” he suggested signaling a cameraman to come, the man rushed to him with all the speed he could gather. Seyi posed with her hand around his waist and her left leg across his right, her other hand was holding the award which was also heard by one of Gabriel’s hand.

“Sweet” the cameraman commended as he flashed the light on their faces,

“Take another one” Seyi said, “Don’t worry I will pay” she added taking a quick glance at Gabriel, that was the moment Nkechi decided to show up. Nkechi drew Gabriel away without any permission, she drew him to a free corner.

“Gabriel, I am not interested in this relationship anymore” she said standing arm akimbo,

“why?” Gabriel asked confused.

“Nothing, am just tired of your f—–g life” she said and made to walk away,

“wait” Gabriel trued drawing her back, and then the unexpected happened, she slapped him, not on one cheek but on the both cheeks. As she slapped him, the glass made award he was holding fell off his hands and broke into pieces, Nkechi stared at it, hissed and turned to walk away, no she can’t, he drew her back and landed her a resounding slap, that was the first time he touched a girl.

to be continued