Saved by Sin Episode 17


“I don’t get you” Gabriel told him looking confused like he didn’t understand what the guy was talking about.

“I know you won’t get me” Alika smiled, “Now, I want you to get me, all I am saying is that you shouldn’t be seen near her again if you want to remain In this school” Alika smiled, it was amazing how he managed to maintain his smiling face. “Once again, I am Alika, nice meeting you. The next time we will meet again might be as nice as this” Alika concluded and entered into his car, he took one more look at Gabriel before finally driving off.

Gabriel stood still at the spot contemplating about what the unknown guy had told him, he had not even known Queen for up to two weeks and he was already having problems, he knew the guy that had just finished speaking with him is not a joker, he meant all he said and his threat weren’t empty.

“What happened?” Queen asked from behind him, she had come closer when she noticed the guy had left.

“Nothing serious” He said as he turned to face her, “Are we not meant to be fighting?” He asked her and began to walk away.

“Hey, see, am really sorry about yesterday, I am so sorry” Queen apologized as she followed him, he didn’t answer her and he didn’t turn back to look at her, at a point, she got tired and stopped following him, “I am sorry” she shouted for the last time before also turning away.

Thank God Israel was at home when he got home, he needed someone to talk to and sure Israel is the perfect person.

“You guys finished early today o” Israel said sitting up from the bed,

“Yes, we had few classes today” He said and sat on the reading chair.

“Hmm, you look moody, what is it?” Israel asked,

“A guy threatened me today” Gabriel told and immediately, Israel adjusted himself to show he was interested.

“What really happened?” Israel asked and Gabriel willingly narrated all to him, starting from the day he met Queen at the fresher’s night.

“I don’t know what to do bro, I am confused and scared but I also love the girl” Gabriel said and Israel smiled,

“Don’t mind him, he is just an ordinary guy also having something for the girl and he is trying to act tough, he can’t actually do anything” Israel said walking to the kitchen to get a glass of water,

“He told me his name is Alika” Gabriel said and Israel immediately poured out the little quantity of water already in his mouth.

“His name is what?” Israel asked in shock,

“Alika” Gabriel told him the second time and Israel dropped the glass cup he was holding.

“Alika, who doesn’t know Alika, he that kills you for the birds to feed on you, he is one of the major hit men for a dangerous cult group here, the pipeline guys” Israel told him and Gabriel got up from the chair immediately.

“He is a cultist?” Gabriel asked and Israel nodded slowly,

“A dangerous one” Israel added.

“But I love the girl” Gabriel told him,

“Guy, your life is more important than the girl, leave the girl” Israel patted him,

“NO, I can’t” Gabriel said,

“Then be ready to die” Israel said and made to leave the room.

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Anita barged into her medium size self-contain apartment, from the look of things she happen to be very angry, yes she was angry, her boyfriend, John Femi just broke up with her for no reason, no absolute reason. She was surprised when she got into the room and met her cousin also in tears, her cousin happen to be Nkechi Chris, the ex-girlfriend to Gabriel Eugene.

“What is Nkechi?” she asked her little cousin who was also her roommate,

“Nothing” Nkechi answered not willing to say anything.

“Nothing and you are crying?” Anita observed,

“My guy left me for another girl” Nkechi said and Anita let out a sigh, what a coincidence.

It has been a week now since Alika had warned him about Queen, he had not spoken with Queen ever since then not for the fear of Alika but for the fact that he was angry with her. She had been trying to call him all through the past week but he wouldn’t pick her calls, he avoided her in class even if she had tried to apologize to him lots of time. This time, she wasn’t going to allow him again, the issue must be resolved at all cost, he must talk to her today.

Immediately he left the class towards the library, she also got up and packed her books. She followed him behind and finally closed up on him. Without warning, she pulled his hand from behind and made him face her.

“What is the meaning of all these?” she asked angrily.

“All what?” he asked her back,

“All these your attitudes, what is wrong with you?” She asked again,

“Please, just let me be” He told her and made to walk away.

‘Is it because of who I am?” She asked him with tears in her eyes, “Is it because I am a s–t?” She asked again and she cried the more, he was moved to face her this time. “Okay I get it, you don’t want to be seen associating with me” She laughed in the middle of her tears.

“No Queen, it is not…” He was saying but she immediately landed him a slap.

“What is no? That is what you want…” her tears choked her,

“Queen, forgive me” he apologized trying to hold her hand but she beat him off.

“Leave me alone!!!” she shouted and pushed him away, just at that time, a car from nowhere parked in front of them. Three hefty men jumped down from the car and without warning first landed Gabriel a slap that pushed him to the ground, to him, that was all he could remember, he didn’t even hear what the three masked men were telling him,

“I think you have been warned to stay away from her?” one of the hefty men asked as he continued to beat the unconscious Gabriel,

“Please, I beg you, leave him alone, he is dying” Queen begged crying, She was trying to push the men away, Gabriel was bleeding from his head. Just then, the back door to the car they had come with flung open and John Femi alighted smiling.