Saved by Sin Episode 16


It was another week, beginning of a new and stressful week for the students. As usual, Gabriel was in class reading his notes, they were just done with lecturers. As he read, he would sometimes strain his neck in search for Queen but all to no avail. It was like she wasn’t going to come to school that day but he kept his hopes high. They were still to have about three lectures for the day so he had no need to rush, she might still come.

She has not called him since the last time they met, as a matter of fact, she had refused to pick up his calls and that had got him very worried. He had called her more than twenty times after the incident that had happened the last time they met but she didn’t pick up and she did not bother to call back. At a point, he had gotten angry and had promised not to call again but he still found himself picking up his phone to call her, LOVE.

He continued reading for about thirty minutes before he had urge to look up, something pushed him to look up and when he did, he sighted Queen just coming into the class, she was wearing a white trouser and a blue top, she was looking more beautiful than she normally would be and for the first time, she was holding a note book. 

Gabriel was sitting on the front sit in the hall, Queen saw him as she came in but pretended like she did not, she even passed where he was sitting but she didn’t even greet. 

 “I hope there is no problem?” He asked himself as she didn’t react to his wave. He couldn’t wait for classes to be over for the day, he really wanted to speak to Queen, she had been avoiding him like there was something wrong with him.

The moment the last lecturer left the class, he got up and arranged his things into his bag. He sprang up from his desk and went out of the hall to wait for Queen who was also coming towards the door.

“Queen” he called her the moment she came close enough to him. 

“Gabriel, how are you doing?” She asked and made to walk away but Gabriel blocked her path, 

“What is wrong, why have you been avoiding me since today?” He asked her but she gave no reply as she made to walk away again, this time Gabriel held her hand. “Queen, why are you doing this?” He asked her with a very calm voice, 

“Gabriel, i am not a good person for you, you don’t need me, I don’t deserve anyone and moreover, I don’t want to hurt you with my past” She said and freed herself and made to walk away. 

“Queen are you really walking away?” He asked her, 

“Gabi, I am sorry” She said and walked away while Gabriel remained staring at her.

“Fine then, if you want to leave, you can leave, I will also leave” He said to himself and turned towards the direction of the library.

As Queen walked back towards the hostel, tears which she tried to hide could be seen falling off her eyes, she couldn’t control it anymore and she finally broke down under a tree and wept,

“Am sorry Gabriel” she said as she cried, “I love you, I really do” She cried on. 

Gabriel on his side was in the library and obviously should be reading but he was not, he wasn’t reading, he was just staring at the book and thinking, he was lost in his thought and his mind wasn’t in the library any longer, he was with Queen. 

“Why can’t she just forget about her past, I am not holding it against her, I love her the way she is” He said to himself. 

“Is that in the book you are reading?” the librarian who was standing just in front of him asked, 

“No, it’s one of Shakespeare’s line am trying to remember” he lied with a smile and the librarian also smiled, 

“Trying to remember a Shakespeare’s line with a biochemistry text book” She laughed and walked away.

Nkechi came to visit the evening of the same day, she had promised to come visit him that evening, although he had agree to her to come but he didn’t really want it, he was tired of seeing her, it was like his problems started when she came back into his life. 

As usual she prepared something for him to eat but he didn’t even take a spoon from it, he had told her he wasn’t hungry even before she started cooking but she wouldn’t listen. 

“Why are you behaving this way?” She asked him while holding his hands but he didn’t reply her, he didn’t even look at her face.

“Nkechi” he finally called out and she turned to face him with a smile. 

“I want you to stop coming here” He told her and she shifted back in shock,

“Why?” She asked him, 

“Nothing, just stop coming so often” he told her and stood up from the bed to the reading table. 

“Fine, you are seeing another girl right?” She shouted but he gave no reply, “Let me make it known to you, if you are not mine then you are for no one else” She told him and he still didn’t answer her, “We shall see Gabriel Eugene” she shouted and walked out angrily. Gabriel breathed out in relief and stared at his phone, he wanted to pick it up and call Queen but he resisted the temptation.

He haven’t called her that day and she is d–n worried, even if she wasn’t going to pick his call, let him just call so that she will he assured that he still had her in mind. 

She, Queen laid on the bed thinking why Gabriel had not called her for that day, she was almost tempted to call him but she controlled herself. 

“Maybe he has forgotten about me” She thought and immediately bursted into silent tears, she slept off in tears.

The next day wasn’t as busy as the first, they were to have only two classes for the day and she was waiting for it to be over. She had sighted Gabriel in his normal front sit, he pretended like he had not seen her when she came in, he had ignored her like she ignored him the previous day and she wasn’t loving it. Immediately the last lecturer went out, Gabriel could be seen leaving the class and she immediately ran after him. 

“Gabriel” She called but he didn’t answer her. “Gabriel don’t do this, please wait” she begged as she continued to run, she soon caught up with him and stood in front of him, 

“What do you want?” He asked angrily, 

“Don’t give me that voice, I am sorry” She frowned, 

“Sorry for yourself” He said, 

“Gabi, I am really…..” She was cut short by a guy. 

“Bro that guy over there asked me to call you” the guy said to Gabriel and pointed at a guy who was standing by a car. 

“Why?” Gabriel asked,

“I don’t know” the guy said and bounced away. Gabriel passed Queen by and went towards the guy, 

“Good day” He greeted, 

“Bros I hail o” The guy smiled, 

“Let me go straight to the point, I am Alika” the guy said, “See that girl over there, she has been booked” he said pointing at Queen and smiling.